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Title01 the Translation Process Lesson
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The Translation Process

Translation Fundamentals

Illustrations by Alex Mathers

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Which statement best describes
your approach to translation?

I consciously follow a process
that I learned or read about

I subconsciously follow a process
that I developed through

I translate intuitively — without
following any particular process
— and tailor my approach to
each job.

Which of the following state-
ments do you most agree with?

Most translation problems are
large misinterpretations of

Most translation problems are
small errors that could have
been picked up if the translator
was more careful.

There’s no way for translators
to produce translations without

Which method of translation do
you use?

Literal translation — I translate
texts word-for-word and main-
tain a neutral style.

Idiomatic translation — I try to
produce translations that repre-
sent the meaning or sense of the
source text but sound natural in
the target language.

It depends on the text and what
the customer’s asking for. After
reading the text and instructions,
I select the most appropriate

Pre-Lesson Warm Up

Page 6

Before transloperating, carry out a thorough
examination of the text and instructions. Even
the very fine print.

Then, look up terms that you don’t understand
and ask the customer questions to clarify direc-
tions or meaning.

Pre-Surgery Analysis

1. Diagnosis

Do you understand the whole text?

Do you have the knowledge and skills to
translate it adequately within the time frame?

Do you have all the information you need to
meet the customer’s expectations?

What is the style and tone of the source text?

What kind of translation does the customer
want (literal/figurative, cultural/linguistic,
final/draft/gist, etc.)

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2. Operation

Translate the text.

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Everyone makes mistakes. We’re human after
all. Read the translation and check for

A basic checklist for operations was shown to
reduce the average patient death rate by more
than 40 percent.

Use this simple checklist to inspect and perfect
your translation.

3. Post-Operation

Check to perfect

Page 12

Are you ready to put the transloperation process
into practice? We’ll walk you through the steps

as you transloperate on a live patient!

To talk about the lesson or ask questions,
join our discussion in the Translator Forums.

Practice what you’ve learned

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