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kértisthänapatau: tenth lord, lord of fame house; vilagnabhavane: placed in the Lagna bhäva, placed in vilagna

bhäva; jätaù: the person born; svayaà: self, themselves; kértimän: praiseworthy, famous, well known;

vittasthe: placed in second house, in the house of money, wealth, good; tu: do, now, then; viçeña: special,

specific; kérti: fame, praise; sahitaù: experienced, accompanied; svoccädivargänvite: endowed with exalted etc.


Translation: 10th lord placed in Lagna will give fame to person; whilst if the same planet is placed in

2nd house and in exalted, etc, vargas, he will have remarkable celebrityi.

Whilst this is the main definition of yoga, it is believed that the 2nd lord in 10th house can produce very

similar results. Also, given variations do make difference in effects, and it will be dealt later on

together with examples.

I. Having this in mind, let us go back to the definition of the yoga. Lord of 10th house placed in

Lagna or 2nd house cause Simhasana yoga or high position in community. Placement of

10th lord is crucial here and by his placement in Ascendant it brings the power and high

status to the person through karakas for the 10th house, or in other words, person himself

will enjoy fruits of the same.

Example 1:

In the given chart we can recognize Simhasana yoga with presence of 10th lord on Lagna, Jupiter. This

yoga is promising a high status and leadership in person’s community. Being that the 10th lord is in

the same time lagna lord Jupiter forming Hamsa Mahapurusha yoga and with full dig bala, this

person is a founder, teacher and head of an organization which teaches Vedic knowledge. The fact

that 10th lord is on lagna this person himself is a founder and head of organization and his fame and

status is self made.

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