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Page 1 Business Plan


This business plan includes the fundamental for the introduction of childcare service via

online as well as the strategies that been outlined in order to attract clientele in Malaysia. The

analysis of competitive environment and opportunity as well as strength and weakness of the

industry and the company enable the management team to propose dynamic and constructive

strategies for childcare services product to be introduced in the market as well as to fulfil

company’s objectives and strategic mission. will be the pioneer company

that provide babysitter services information database via online in the childcare sector.

Moreover, the business plan also includes information on the analysis of the market and the trend

that aid the company to select the targeted clientele and devise plans to attract and penetrate the

market more tactically and well planned. The business plan also outlines the product description

and competitive advantage that the company posses for them to penetrate the childcare service

sectors. Other than that, the management team expecting productive revenue from the business.



Page 2 Business Plan

1.1.1.Providing comprehensive and competitive range of babysitter and nannies services

to the clients.

1.1.2.To ensure and assist our customers to find exceptional domestic personnel with

peace of mind and true value.

1.1.3. To customize the babysitter services according to the client’s needs preference and


1.1.4.To ensure that the entire process of acquiring babysitter services via online is safe

and professional.

1.1.5.To ensure that every client is provided with professional babysitters or nannies that

been thoroughly screened and personally hand-picked by our professionals and ease

parent’s mind on the safety and care of their children.


1.2.1.To become the pioneer in providing childcare service via online

1.2.2.To establish as the market leader in childcare service sector form can be a trendsetting firm in providing childcare service

in Malaysia.

1.3.Key to Success

Other than that, the accomplishment and prosperity development of our company is

dependent on our ability to:-

1.3.1.To identity the fine details of client requirements in acquiring babysitter services

such as special skills, experiences with children, background of the babysitter and

others in order for them to select the right babysitter for their children.

1.3.2.To ensure that the babysitter’s database is on par and been updated with all the

required information about the babysitter and nannies that available and the process

of choosing the help that the parents need is

1.3.3.To indentify the market and profiling the type of client that needs babysitter




Page 32 Business Plan


2.3. Break-even Analysis

We have included direct labour cost, rent and depreciation cost as fixed cost. The

variable expenses cost includes 3.02% for direct material, 1.31% for utilities and 0.68%


Page 63 Business Plan



Page 64 Business Plan


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