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(Fourth Rev ised and Enlarged Edition )




G.S. Agarwal. lAS (Retd.)
JyotishaVisharada, Jyotish Kovid,
Jyotish Vachaspati and Jyotish Bhoosbana,
Jyothish Visharat (K.P. Stellar)
Vice Chairman oflCAS Chapter Chandigarh.

Saga r Publications
72~Janpath, Ved Mansion,

New Dclhi-I10001
Ph.: 23320648

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Chapter Page No. Chapte r Page No.

Introduction 30. Eight 11 2
Casting the Horoscopes 3 1.~ine 11 5
PLANHS 32.Ten 1\8
1 Sun 5 33.Elc\en 12\
2. Moon 10 34.T\\eh e 124
3. Mars \4 GENERAL
4. Mercury \8 35.Predictive Principles \27
5. Jupiter 22 36.Judginga Horoscope 13 1
6. Venus 26 137
7. Saturn 30 38.Longevity: Marakas : Death 146
8. Nodes 35 39.Marriage & Married Life 162
9. Rahu 39 40,Children 172
IO.Ketu 43 4 1. Sex & Astrology 180
SIGNS 42.Female Horoscopes 189
II .Aries 46 43.Mcdica lAst~o'ogy & Importent 197
12.Taurus 49 combinations
I3 .Gemini 52 44.Profession 24\
l ot .Cancer 55 45.Kartakas 250
15.Lco 58 46.D-Charts, Shodasvargas 253
16.Virgo 6\ 47.Dasa Judgement 258
1?Libra 64 48.Transits 264
IS .Scorpio 67 49.Foriegn Travels 272
19.Sagittarius 70 50. ~1atch ing ofHoroscopes, Manglik 276
20. Capricorn 73 5 1.Miscel lany : Retrogression, 287
21.Aquarius 76 ruju, combustion, vargottama,
22.Pisces 79 critical. degrees, indu lagna,
HOUSES rasmib ulla. kulanasanamsa,

23.0ne 82 planetary war, parallel.
24.Two 88 atmakaraka, avastha of planets.

25.Three 92 52. Muhuna 294
26.Four 96 53. Calendars 33\
27.Five \00 5ot .HoraryAstrology 335
28.Six \03 55.Charts for easy reference 370
29.Se\cn 109 56.Index 389

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196 Practical Vedic Astro logy

Jupiter in an angle or trine remove many doshas (afflic tions) and such women bring credit and
honour to husband and family:
Venus in 9'hin a fe male chart without affliction provides luxurious life to her.

I hTRIMSAMSA' EfD. ects m a ema c OTOSCOPe.

(which ever is.

f unrighteous cond- Chaste,virtuous, p eceitful, cunning, dunerous of daub ervant.dependent,

ARIES uct.will have sex rei- modest.dignified, depraved,tful chast ty.addict- mcn ial.s l vc.danc-
SCORPIO tion before marriage respectful, worthy. ed to paramour, ing girl.

ill-behaved. wicked.

Untruthful, cunning, Virtuous, graceful, ' inuous, graceful, Passionate, libidin- Frigid,hermaphro-
GEMI!\ I ishcnest, will have chaste, devoted to virile.famous.hand ous. commits adul- dite nature.doesn ' t
VIRGO sons. husband, worships some, possessed 0 tery, conspicuous like sex.impotent,

husband like God. sharp intelligence. of her elegance in lacks feminine
dresses ere. grace,childless.

lnrighteous bent of virtuous.noble.gcn ond of all arts, well 'irtuous, graceful, emames after se-
TAURUS mind, vicious, quart- ercus. chaste,moth versed in an & mu learned, fond of paration from bus-
LIBRA elsome, wicked, bad erof many childre sic both vocal and wise men, liked in band, hard life.

character. all good qualities. instrumental, social circle, favou
rite ofhus~~,~tr-

Very independent, Very virtuous adm Skilled in arts and Unchaste, immoral tortures or kills
free adultrous life, irable qualities, sciences. lustful. husband, cruel.

CANCER uncontrolled, self endowed with all.
willed has physical good qualities,
strength, paramours.

Talkative. manly very virtuous, bclo masculine in temp- adulterous, accepts unchaste, unhappy,
LEO temperament, mase- ved of a royal husb rament.rnanly hah undeserving man, sorrowful,disgrace.

uilinc disposition. and & endowed wi its, vicious. attached to unwor- the family.rejected
th all good qualitle thy husband, intrig by own family.


Virtues of all kinds, Very virtuous and Virtuous & highly Chaste, possesses Frigid, very little
SAGIH ARIUS famous, many good rich, blessed with respected.well ver- good children clo- sex desire,indigent,

PISCES qualities, has a follo- II good qualities, sed in arts, proflci- thes ornaments ric- she docs not indu-
wing, renowned, fin chaste, abundance mcy in worldly hes, very talkative. Ige much in scx ,
cook. of wealth clothes knowledge scicmi- poor.

ornaments. fie bent of mind.

Sorrowful.maid serv 'haste.loving faith- unrighteous bent 0 Barren, childless, lacking in beauty,
CAPRICORN nt.dances to the tunc ful wife devoted to mind, knows all profligate. grace, fond oflow
AQUARIUS of others, distressed, husband, strictly hings but unchaste class undeserving

misery, sorrow. adheres to customs wicked. men, udultress.dis
& usage of family, liked by husband,
orthodox. disused genitals.

• For odd signs, Mars rules-DOto 5°, Saturn-S" to 10°, Jupiter-l Ovto 18°, Mercury-18° to 25° and
Venus-25° to 30°. For even signs, this order is reversed.

Page 199

Medical astrology and important combinations
For a nat ive to have sound constituti on and robust health the lagna and its lord sho uld be

strong and the lord of 6th shou ld be weak. Sun is a natural atamkaraka and gives hea lth and-
energy. li e shou ld be stro ng and free from malefic influence (espec ially of the Saturn or Rahu) to
give good hea lth. Moon the planet of mind should also be frees from afflict ion for a clear and
sound thinking.

Readers arc aware that 6th. 81h and 12th houses are dusthanas. Malefics in these places arc
not good for health . 6th house is of disea ses and the 6th lord does give ill-hea lth during its·dasal
bhukt i. In any chart look to the planet in the sixth from lagna an d Moon, lords of 6th and the sig n
con ta ining 6th house. T hese a ll combined together wil l give a c lue about the disease and the part
of the body affecte d by that d isease . Beside s these three trik houses, even the other houses if badly
afflicted and conta ining planets bad ly afflicted give spec ific diseases gove rned by those houses!
signs and the plan ets conta ined in them. Such diseases arc normally experienced during dasa!
bhukt i of the affl icting planct(s) having sambandha with such a planet. The gocharaofan afflicte d
planet is causative of a disease s ince a disease is ca used when a planet is in all unfavourable
position in gochara and its dasalbhukti is running, for example, an affli ction to first house ill a
chart and Aries impa irs the bra in and nervous system causing various diseases from headache to
insanity and acc idents involving the head and brain. An affliction to s ign Cance r and the 4th house
will cause mental diseases like lunacy, retard at ion, dullness and also emotiona l diseases like fits.
ep ilepsy, phob ias and coma etc. An affli cti on to 5th hou se res ult s in abe rration of mind,
schizophrenia. paranoia and perversion etc.

If the tagnesh is in erh, the 81h or the 12th, espec ia lly the 6th, it is an indication that the
nat ive \..ill be s ickly. The matter becomes worse if lagnesh is aspected by a male fic whereas the
aspect of a benefic gives a boost for good healt h. Maleflcs in dusthanas are not good for health.
The dasa of a planet in the 2nd or the 7th (maraka houses) from lagna or chandralagna can a lso
bring ill health . J upiter in the 6th or aspccting the 6th gives good health . J upiter with Moon or in
the 5th or aspecting the Moon or the 5th is good for menta l health. Sage saryacharaya says that if
the lord of 9th aspects the 6th and the Sth. there wi ll be good health.

Moon with Saturn causes a weak physique, a worried mind , poverty and liab ility to false
charges unless Saturn is the lord of tagna or is well aspcctcd by Jupiter. Moon with Rahu or Kethu,
espec ia lly the Rahu, is not goo d for general hea lth or mental balance. New Moon, being a malefic ,
is good in J rd. 6th and the 11th.

6th house represent s the house of diseases. Saturn or Rahu in this house though good for
prosper ity, ca uses illnesses. If the 6th house is Virgo, d isease is of the stomach or bad digestive
power on acco unt of poor secretion of gastric juices or diarrhoea or dysentery . I may add that 6th
house denotes diseases. 8th house denotes long illness that may be fatal in charac ter, whe reas , 12th
house ind icates confi nemen t in a hospital. Venus in 6th (except, perhaps, when in Libra or in an
adhi yoga co nfiguration) is bad to cau se venereal disea ses especially if it is afflicted by Satu rn or
Mars or any node. Moo n is a watery planet and ifconjoined wit h or aspected by fiery Mars, it may
cau se instabi lity of mind and may make the nat ive violent in mind, furious, abusive, malicious and
treacherous. Saturn 's affliction to Moon makes one gloo my and melan chol ic and native becomes
dull, impertinent and obstina te . Mercury governs one 's intelligence an d thinking. Ifit is afflicted,
espec ially by its enem y, Mars. his thinking is badly affected and the native is like ly to fly in fury
occasionally and use incoherent language.

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398 Practical Vedic Astrology

SUN, planet. its characteristics, its signification, its placement in houses and in signs, combinations
with other planets, its effects for different ascendants, some special observations.S

Superior planets see chapter on INTRODUCTION
Swayam Siddha Muhurta 32 1

Taraba la 300
Tara koala 277
Tattwa (in marriage matching) 279
TAUR US, sign -as ascenda nt - ap pearance and looks, positive traits , negative t raits, its

characteristics, body parts ru led, poss ible diseases, profession & trades, dhanayoga~
when this sign is lagna, constellations in this sign, some speci al observations. 49

TENTH house - its significators, its effect in var ious signs, its lord in oth er houses, other lords in
this house, mutua l exchange of th is lord with other lords, some spec ial observati ons.I 18

Testic les diseases 217
THIRD house - its signiflcators, its effect in vario us signs, its lord in othe r house s, other lords in

th is house, mutual exchange ofthis lord with other lords, some spec ial observations.92
Throat problems, combinations of235
Trans its 264 Travels -

Ayan 325
Chandra Ghaat 3 19
Chandra nivas 319
Chaugharia 320. 325
Digdwar lagna 320
Dik (dig) shoola 318
Kaa la-pasha nivas 3 19
Nakshatra shoola 3 18
Yogini shoola 318

lrimshamsha, effects in female horoscopy 196
Troubled by debts, combinat ions of 123
Tubercu los is, combinations of 222
Tumours, combinations of 231
TWELFTH house - its significators, its effect in various signs, its lord in other houses, other lords

in this ho use , mutual ex ch ange of th is lo rd wit h othe r lords, so me spe c ia l
observations .125

Tyajaya kaa l 321
Tyajaya lagna 312

Ulcers. Combinations of231
Upa pada, role of 171
Upayes 381
Upgraha 380
Urinary complaints, combinations of2 14
Uttarayana 306

Page 396

Index 399

Vahanyogas 143
Vamsacheda yogas 140
Varga koala 279
Vargottama 289
Varna koala 276
Va.I'hya koala 276
Vala (wind) 201
Vedha- in transit 265

-Koota 279
Venerea l d iseases, co mbinations of217
VENUS, planet-its characteristics, its signification, its placement in houscs and in s igns, combination

with other planets, its eff ects for di fferent ascen dants, some special observations. 26
Vidya yoga. 99
Vikram era 331
Vipreet Raj a yoga 138
VIRGO , sign -as ascendant - appearance and looks. posit ive traits, negat ive tra its, its characteristics,

body parts ru led. possible diseases, profession & trades, dhana yogas when this sign
is tagna. constellations in this sign, some spec ial obscrvations.61

Visha ghatis 324
Visha Kanya 194

Widowhood, co mbinations of 192
Wou nds & ulcers, combinations of231 , 232


Yogada 256
Yoga.~ 137
Yogas in Muhu rta ~

Adal , Vida l 305
Dw ipushkara 305
Kula, Akula. Kulak ula 304
Mrityu 302
Rav i 303
Sarvart ha siddha 302
Tr ipushkar 305

Yoni koala 277

Zodiac see ch apter on INTROD UCT ION

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