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Table of Contents
Eco-friendly Management of Phytonematodes in Pulses
Nematode Problems in Vegetable Crops
Management of Cereal Cyst Nematode, Heterodera avenae in Cereals
Root-knot Nematodes of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and Their Eco-friendly Cost Effective Management
Nematode Management through Cropping Systems - A Conceptual Analysis
Nemic Problems in Maize and Their Management Strategies
Economic Management of Phyto-Nematodes in Pulse Crops
Plant Parasitic Nematodes : A Limiting Factor to the Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and their Management Strategies
Eco-friendly Management of Cotton Nematodes
Management of Nematodes in Sugarcane
Management of Potato Nematodes
Role of Nematodes in Agro-ecosystem Management
Fungi for the Eco-friendly Management of Phytonematodes on Agricultural Crops and Its Future Perspectives
Bio-intensive Integrated Pest Management Modules for Nematode Management
Nematode Pests of Bast Fibre Crops and Their Management
Strategies of Phytonematode Management in Cereal-Wheat - A Report

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