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A Primer on KP FoundationsA Primer on KP Foundations

02 MAY 2010, NSF Bldg. Bashir Bagh, Hyderabad

Presentation by : Rajendra Narendra Nimje, IAS
President, KP Astrology Forum , India

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Presentation Sequence
• Astrology – Art or Science?
• Role and Relevance of Astrology
• Different Systems
• Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti and KP
• Salient Features of KP
• KP Principles
• Significators
• How to Predict through KP
• Timing of Events
• Transit
• KP Horary
• Ruling Planets
• Innovations and New Theories
• Roadmap

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Rahu & Ketu Special Signification

• Rahu & Ketu plays a predominant role in KP

• They gives the result of Conjoined planets first
• Then they represent the aspecting planet
• They give results of its constellation lord and
• Lastly they represent the Rasi lord where they

are posited

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How to Predict? – Standard Rule

• For Natal Chart :
• If the sublord of Main house under consideration is

signifying either main house or allied house then the
matter is going to fructify and the answer is

• If it sublord of main house is also connected to
opposing houses then the matter still fructify with
the opposition indicated by them

• E.g. If 7th House sublord is significator of either 7th
or 2nd or 11 th then the marriage is promised.

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Development of Astroscience
• Use High Speed Networking and the Internet

facilities to quickly get the study material and
researches done across the globe

• Running quality sites on Internet to provide
Astro-services to consultants on any subject
with the use of KP Horary system

• Setting up KP Astrology Forums in all major
cities of India

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