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quickly fit the flask vertically with the biggest condenser you have. The
reaction should get warm. If not heat it a little until it does. This
reaction is VERY exothermic (gives off heat). As soon as the mixture
starts to bubble and get warm get ready to put the flask in an ice bath to
keep it under control. Let the reaction run its course until it starts to
cool then heat it for another hour or so. Cool the reaction, filter the
mixture with a buchner funnel under vacuum to remove the solid by-product.
Place the clear filtered liquid in a flask set up for distillation and
distill off the alcohol (under vacuum preferably). You will know when the
alcohol is gone when the mixture becomes cloudy. Let the mixture sit and
it will separate into two layers. The bottom layer is water (etc) and the
top layer is Methamphetamine. Separate the top layer in a separatory
funnel and (steam distill it first for the best results) mix it with 10%
hydrochloric acid until the Ph of the mixture is 8.0. Evaporate the
mixture on a steam bath ( Or a pyrex plate placed on top of a pot of
boiling water) and it will crystallize into the final product.

The whole key here is the purity of your starting ingredients. Pure
material equals a pure product.

Again this is for information only. To put this into practice is illegal
and can result in fines and/or imprisonment.

ephedrine is impractical to make. p-2-p can be made in many ways. It is
NOT available otherwise . It can be made by reacting phenylacetic acid and
lead acetate. Or better yet phenylacetic acid, acetic anhydride and sodium
acetate. There are many other ways to make p-2-p (Thorium catalyst
reduction of phenylacetic and acetic acids, The Bader and Nightingale
aceto aceto nitrile reaction etc. Go to a college library.

(Anonymous) wrote:

>1. Theoretically if one can to consense the product of methylamine and
>phenylacetone into methamphetamine (rather simple really) then what
>happens if you substitute methylamine.hcl in the reaction. Does the hcl
>interfere with the rection?? If it makes methAmphetamine.hcl then this
>would take ALOT of heat to boil before re-condensing? IS this in-fact
>what happens? Or does it just screw things up..

From what I know the reaction still works with meth HCl. You can read
this up in the Chemical literature - it's been known about for well
over 60 years.

>2. If you wanted to change methylamine.hcl into methylamine, you could
>disolve in water, make it basic with NaOH then what do you extract

Yes. But MeNH2 is very soluble in water. 1 part of water dissolves
1000 parts of MeNH2. It is not at all soluble in organic solvents.

>Chem references (online) are VERY short on detail when it comes
>to agents that methylamine is solutable in.

Look it up in a book - The Merck index should be available in your
local library. If you post obviously silly questions like this people

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