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Service is defined as all economic activities whose output is not a physical

product and is generally consumed at the time it is produced and provides added value

in forms such as Convince, Comfort that are essentially intangible concerns. Services

are characterized by Intangibility, Heterogeneous, Perishable, and Inseparability.

There is a phenomenal growth of services and the firms need to be specialized in the

services offered to satisfy customers. This requires comprehensive strategies, which can

be carried through marketing strategies. This leads to the development of "Service


We term marketing as a function by which marketing plans, promotes and

deliver goods and services to the customers. In the marketing of services, the

providers are expected to satisfy the users. When a customer buys a service in the

service market, he buys the time, knowledge, and skills resource of the provider.

The emergency of marketing concept in respect of services is growing. Service

organizations felt that applications of marketing strategies. While managing and

selling the service would make possible qualitative improvements. The perception of

services marketing gives emphasis on selling the services in the best interest of users.


"Satisfaction is the level of a person’s felt state resulting from comparing a

product’s perceived performance in relations to the person's expectations". If the

performance matches the expectations, the customers are satisfied; otherwise, he is

an unsatisfied customer. In today's competitive environment, companies are aiming for

total customer satisfaction Companies seeking to win in today's market must tract their

customer's expectations, perceived company performance and customer satisfaction.

For customer's expectations, perceived company performance and customer

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