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Phil Hine

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being generated anyway. So all GoHu had to act as a kind of
�amplifier� as well as receiving rumours and beaming them in
my direction.

The Rumours
Since GoHu became active, the following tales have reached

back to my shell-like ears:

1. That I have a castle in the South of France (!)
2. That I own the Atlantis Bookshop in London (!)
3. That I am, in reality, Peter J. Carroll (!!)
4. That I was putting in a bid to buy a Goth nightclub in

Birmingham (someone actually rang me up to ask me if this
was �true�!)

5. That I apparently sodomize former Chaos International editor
Ian Read on a regular basis.(!)

6. That I am a blood-drinking �vampire� - this �fact� is
recounted in 2 books - Hearts of Darkness by John Parker (a so-
called �investigative journalist� who purports to examine modern
occultism - in the wake of the �Satanic Child Abuse� scare) and
The World�s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries - I forget the authors offhand,
but they are involved with ASSAP and the Society for Psychical
Research. This one stems from a short story which deals with
vampiric themes published in Chaos International, entitled �Droplets�.
As it was written in the first person, apparently some people
have chosen to believe it was me baring my soul. Oh dear!

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spasms. Symptoms such as these have been described by
Michael Persinger as possible side-effects of encounters with
Earth Light phenomena.

Unbeknown to me at the time, (which was later discovered
when I related this tale) two friends of mine who were members
of the West Yorkshire Earth Mysteries Group had experienced
a strange encounter at the then newly-uncovered Backstone
Stone Circle. Their experience included seeing Earth Lights,
small dwarf-like shades, and lines of energy around the stone
circle that they spent a night sitting in. It seems strange, on
reflection, that the appearance of the entity claiming to originate
from a newly-disturbed site seems to relate to their experience.
What this experience did do, was to lead me to making a more
intensive study of Earth Mysteries and Magic.


Paul Deveraux - Earth Lights Revelation, Places of Power
Fra. Choronzon - Chaos Invocation, Liber Cyber
H.P. Lovecraft - The Dunwich Horror
John Keel - Strange Creatures From Time & Space
Marlene Dobkin De Rios - Hallucinogens: Cross-Cultural

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