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TitleAutodesk - Autodesk Revit 2014 Family Guide - 2013.pdf
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Table of Contents
Workflow: Creating a Loadable Family
	Understanding the Family Editor
	Planning a Loadable Family
	Flexing the Family Framework
	Testing the Family
Choosing a Family Template
	Creating a Family from a Template
Choosing a Category
	Cuttable Families
	Non-Cuttable Families
	Creating Family Subcategories
Creating the Family Framework
	Defining the Family Origin
	Laying Out Reference Planes
	Defining Priorities for Reference Planes
	Using Reference Lines
	Controlling Angular Dimensions with Reference Lines
	Dimensioning Reference Planes and Lines
Creating Family Parameters
	Family Category and Parameters
	Labeling Dimensions to Create Parameters
	Creating Family Types
	Creating Instance Parameters
	Adding Shape Handles to a Loadable Family
	Using Formulas in the Family Editor
	Adding Metadata to a Family
Creating Family Geometry
	Constraining Family Geometry
	Automatic Sketch Dimensions
	Visibility of Automatic Sketch Dimensions in the Family Editor
	Duplicating Parameterized Elements
	Assigning Family Geometry to Subcategories
	Managing Family Visibility and Detail Level
	Setting Family Geometry Visibility
Annotation Labels
	Editing Multi-parameter Labels
	Building a Label
	Shared Label Parameters
	Label Parameter Options
	Edit Label Unit Formats
	Label Type Properties
	Label Instance Properties
	Applying the Label to a Tag in a Project
	Applying the Label to a Title Block in a Project
Lookup Tables
	Managing Lookup Tables
	CSV File Structure
Revit MEP Components
	Light Source
	Part Types
	Working with Connectors
	Placing a Connector
	Selecting a Primary Connector
	Orienting a Connector
	Linking Connectors
	Unlinking Connectors
	Deleting a Connector
Advanced Loadable Family Techniques
	Nesting and Sharing Component Families
		Nesting Restrictions
		Nesting Families with Interchangeable Components
	Creating a Family with Nested Components
	Creating a Family with Nested and Shared Components
	Creating a Nested Family with Interchangeable Components
	Associating Family Parameters
	Associating Parameters for Model Text
	Loading Generic Annotations into Model Families
	Adding a Generic Annotation
	Creating a Work Plane-based Family
	Creating Vertical Families
Creating Specialized Families
	Creating a 2D Line-Based Detail Component Family
	Creating an Annotation Symbol Family
	Creating a Callout Head Family
	Creating a Curtain Wall Profile
	Creating a Detail Component Family
	Creating a Division Profile Family
	Creating an Entourage Family
	Creating and Modifying Lighting Fixtures
		Creating a Lighting Fixture with One Light Source
		Creating Lighting Fixtures with Multiple Light Sources
			Sharing a Lighting Fixture Family
			Creating Track Lights
			Creating a Chandelier
			Specifying an IES File for a Light Source
			Modifying a Lighting Fixture Family
			Defining a Light Source
			Parameters for Lighting Fixtures and Light Sources
	Creating a Profile Family
	Creating an RPC Family
	Section Head Family
	Creating a Structural Column Family
	Creating a Truss Family
		Creating a New Truss Layout Family File
		Adding Truss Family Parameters
		Sketching a Truss Family Layout
	Creating a Type Catalog

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