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TitleB00PWE81VE Strategic Storytelling
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Table of Contents
	Chapter 1: The Perfect Storm
Section 1: Persuasive Content
	Chapter 2: The Situation-Complication-Resolution Framework
	Chapter 3: McKinsey’s USPS Situation
	Chapter 4: McKinsey’s USPS Complication
	Chapter 5: McKinsey’s USPS Resolution
	Chapter 6: The Approach-Findings-Implications Framework
	Chapter 7: BCG’s USPS Approach
	Chapter 8: BCG’s USPS Findings
	Chapter 9: BCG’s USPS Implications
	Chapter 10: The Situation-Opportunity-Resolution Framework
	Chapter 11: Accenture’s USPS Situation
	Chapter 12: Accenture’s USPS Opportunity
	Chapter 13: Accenture’s USPS Resolution
	Chapter 14: The Pilot-Results-Scale Framework
Section 2: Data-Driven Design
	Chapter 15: To Slide or Not to Slide
	Chapter 16: Text
	Chapter 17: Graphs
	Chapter 18: Tables
	Chapter 19: Images and Diagrams
Section 3: Confident Delivery
	Chapter 20: Verbal Delivery
	Chapter 21: Non-Verbal Delivery
Final Words
Strategic Storytelling Quick Reference Guide
About the Author
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How to Create Persuasive

Business Presentations

Page 80

Figure 11-5: Accenture’s USPS presentation slide #4

Figure 11-6: Accenture’s USPS presentation slide #5

Page 81

Figure 11-7: Accenture’s USPS presentation slide #6

Slide #7 (Figure 11-8) and slide #8 (Figure 11-9) provide a dense and traditional executive
summary. In reading the slides closely you get the full situation-opportunity-resolution narrative in
compact form. If you are going to do an executive summary, this is the way to do it. I would have
moved these two slides to the end of the presentation (or to the Appendix) and renamed the section
“Approach and Objectives.” Furthermore, I imagine that Accenture did not include the two “Key
Conclusions” slides (or at least did not speak to them) when they delivered the presentation since doing
so would have taken too long and given away too much.

Figure 11-8: Accenture’s USPS presentation slide #7

Page 160

About the Author

Dave McKinsey

Page 161



7 Ian Davis, David Keeling, Paul Schreier, and Ashley Williams. “The McKinsey Approach to Problem Solving.” A McKinsey

published staff paper. 2007.
8 BCG’s presentation also has an extensive Appendix not included here

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