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TitleB00PWE81VE Strategic Storytelling
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Table of Contents
	Chapter 1: The Perfect Storm
Section 1: Persuasive Content
	Chapter 2: The Situation-Complication-Resolution Framework
	Chapter 3: McKinsey’s USPS Situation
	Chapter 4: McKinsey’s USPS Complication
	Chapter 5: McKinsey’s USPS Resolution
	Chapter 6: The Approach-Findings-Implications Framework
	Chapter 7: BCG’s USPS Approach
	Chapter 8: BCG’s USPS Findings
	Chapter 9: BCG’s USPS Implications
	Chapter 10: The Situation-Opportunity-Resolution Framework
	Chapter 11: Accenture’s USPS Situation
	Chapter 12: Accenture’s USPS Opportunity
	Chapter 13: Accenture’s USPS Resolution
	Chapter 14: The Pilot-Results-Scale Framework
Section 2: Data-Driven Design
	Chapter 15: To Slide or Not to Slide
	Chapter 16: Text
	Chapter 17: Graphs
	Chapter 18: Tables
	Chapter 19: Images and Diagrams
Section 3: Confident Delivery
	Chapter 20: Verbal Delivery
	Chapter 21: Non-Verbal Delivery
Final Words
Strategic Storytelling Quick Reference Guide
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