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Table of Contents
                            The Supernatural Ways of Royalty
	Table of Contents
	Part I - Our Royal Call
	1 - The Plight of Pauperhood
	2 - Castle Tramps or Palace Princes
		— Suffering Loss —
		— Tragedy to Trash —
		— Learning to Love Yourself —
		— Never Enough —
		— The Adventures of Eddie —
		— A Kingdom of Finances —
	3 - Dungeons and Dragons
		— POWs —
		— We Become What We Imagine —
		— Reacting to the Past or Responding to the Vision —
		— Bound by Unforgiveness —
		— Unforgiveness Invites Tormentors —
		— Captives and Prisoners —
		— Forgiveness Restores the Standard —
		— Another Prison Door —
		— Liberty to Captives —
	4 - A Royal Flush
		— When God's Royalty Touches Our Past —
		— The Pathway to Humility —
		— My Personal Story —
		— I Don't Do Introspection —
		— Revising History —
		— How We Think —
		— How God Thinks About Us —
		— The Best Kept Secret —
		— Bibliography —
	5 - Lizards in the Palace
		— What's Your Name? —
		— Names Are Prophetic Declarations —
		— Acting Out of Our Identity —
		— Transformed From Sinners to Saints —
		— A New Heart and a New Mind —
		— Trying to Do the Right Thing But —
		— Faith Is the Catalyst of the Spirit Realm —
	6 - Training for Reigning
		— Raised as Royalty —
		— Laying Our Lives Down for Others —
		— Raised as a Princess —
		— Calling Out Greatness in Others —
		— Calling Out the Greatness in Our Families —
		— Our Commission —
	7 - Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner?
		— Slaves Versus Friends —
		— Those Who Walked With God —
		— His Restraint for Our Friendship —
		— Testing Our Hearts —
		— True Intimacy —
	Part II - Introducing the Attributes of Royalty
	8 - Superheroes in the Sanctuary
		— The Battle of the Superheroes —
		— God Lives Outside of Time —
		— Predestined for Glory —
	9 - All the Way Down to the Top
		— Who Is Your Daddy? —
		— Pride Versus Exaltation of God —
		— Heroes of the Generations —
		— False Humility —
		— The War Around Us —
		— Humility Described —
	10 - Honor—The Yellow Brick Road
		— It's a Family Affair —
		— Honor Joins the Generations —
		— Honor Expresses Value in Others —
		— Failure of Honor in Leadership —
		— Changing the Structure —
		— Changing the Heart —
		— Maintaining a Royal Culture —
		— Evangelism Through Honor —
	11 - Royalty Is Dying to Be Together
		— Born Into a Family —
		— My Own Covenants —
		— The Fatherless Generation —
		— True Covenant —
	12 - Defending the Decrees of the King
		— Heroes of Justice —
		— A Justice of Restoration —
		— True Spiritual Power —
		— Personal Empowerment —
		— False Manifestations —
		— The Weapons of Our Warfare —
	13 - The Dogs of Doom Stand at the Doors of Destiny
		— Dying to Make History —
		— Losing the Fear of Death —
		— Defying Death —
		— Refuse to Be Intimidated by the Elements —
		— Courage in the Market Place —
		— Dying in Faith Rather Than Living in Doubt —
		— The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave —
		— True Victory —
		— Recounting the Testimonies of the Past—
		— Dealing With the Dragon Lady —
		— The Kingdom Is No Place for Cowards —
	Part III - Introducing the Authority and Responsibility of Royalty
	14 - His Majesty's Secret Service
		— Royal Responsibility and Authority —
		— Born to Rule the Worlds —
		— Training Nations for Peace —
		— The Earth Was Given to the Sons of Men —
		— Transforming Cities —
	15 - Passing the Baton
		— Inheritance —
		— Revelation —
		— Personal Transformation —
		— Testimony Is the Spirit of Prophecy —
		— The Tragedy of Revival —
		— Unoccupied Realms —
		— Exceptions to the Rule —
		— Receiving and Leaving Our Inheritance —
		— Honoring Our Fathers —
		— Our Final Privilege —
	16 - Building Strategic Alliances With Heavenly Allies
		— Affecting the Invisible Realm —
		— Joseph —
		— David —
		— Favor With the Invisible —
		— Covering One Another —
	17 - Preserving the Planet
		— The Doomsday Prophets —
		— True Righteousness Is Salt —
		— A Lack of Faith and Distorted Core Values —
		— Re-Presenting Christ —
	Prince and Pauper Test
		Part 1
		Part 2
Document Text Contents
Page 2

The message in this book is so potent that it could incite a revolution
of thought, heart, and action in the Body of Christ! We've experienced a
Reformation in the Church, but now it's time for a Kingly Invasion to come
forth. Kris Vallotton's goal is to demolish the "slave mind-set" and thrust
true believers forward into authentic faith, power, and impact. The
Supernatural Ways of Royalty will change your life!

—James W. Goll
Co-founder of Encounters Network

Author of The Seer, The Lost Art of Intercession,
and The Coming Prophetic Revolution

Kris Vallotton is one of the most remarkable people I have ever
known. I expected his book to be remarkable and indeed it is. It is
impossible to detect the borders of his life, message, and mission. In Kris
all three comprise one stunning and beautiful adventure. The reader is
assured here of a life-changing experience. Enjoy!

—Jack Taylor
President of Dimensions Ministries Melbourne, Florida

The Supernatural Ways of Royalty is destined to become a classic and
is very timely in a world where there is little to hope for. This book is filled
with hope that transports one from the darkness of distress to is
a must-read.

—Dr. Myles Munroe
CEO, Bahamas Faith Ministry

Author of Rediscovering the Kingdom

Kris Vallotton is a pastor with an unusually powerful prophetic gifting.
He is also a friend—a friend of God, a friend to Heidi and me, and an
intimate, intensely valued friend to ministry school students and hungry
seekers of God everywhere who have experienced the joy of being touched
by God through Kris's heart.

Readers of this book will be moved in the depths of their beings by

Page 120


It seeks to deal with the problems of the heart by taking away the
opportunity for them to manifest. Changing the structure never touches the
root issues, it is just another form of control. Therefore, no matter what the
leadership structure is, abuse will happen. When we recreate a structure to
cure a heart issue, the antidote is often worse than the disease.

In the Book of First Samuel 8, the elders of Israel changed their
government structure instead of dealing with the issues of the heart. The
elders of Israel had previous history dealing with Eli's sons who were both
wicked. Eli was the judge who ruled over Israel before Samuel. At this
point in the story, Eli and his sons were long gone and Samuel, who took
Eli's place as judge, is about to die, so he appoints his two sons to rule over
Israel. The problem is that Samuel's sons were also both wicked. The
elders of Israel have a "been there, done that and seen the outcome"
attitude. They do not want wicked people to rule over them again, so they
ask for a king to rule instead of a judge.

On the surface, considering their options, it seems like they're making
a noble request of Samuel. God's answer is almost stunning. He tells
Samuel, "They have not rejected you but they have rejected me from being
King over them" (1 Sam. 8:7). Was God saying that He didn't care that
Samuel's sons were wicked and that they still had permission to rule over
Israel anyway? I don't think so. God was mad because they changed the
leadership structure instead of dealing with the issues in their hearts. Eli's
sons needed to be confronted for their wickedness. Samuel and the Elders
should have removed them from leadership instead of changing their entire
governmental system to avoid the conflict that confrontation causes.

The Shepherding Movement was probably one of the most dramatic
and recent examples of abusive authority in the Church. The cause of the
abuse was that fatherly principles were given to elder brothers. Remember
the attitude of the elder brother in the story of the prodigal son that we
talked about earlier in this book? The elder brother said to his father, "You
killed the fattened calf for him but you haven't even given me a goat."

Page 121

Honor—The Yellow Brick Road 121

His dad responded, "I killed the fattened calf for him, but you own the
farm!" (Luke 15:11-32).

So many leaders in the church today are more like the elder brother
than the father in the story of the prodigal son. They believe lies about
themselves, the Father, and their brothers, so they compete with the very
people they're supposed to be leading. Still being paupers, their insecurity
creates a desperate need to reinforce their power over their sons instead of
empowering them.

True fathers honor their sons and desire to see their sons prosper and
outgrow them. This elder brother attitude is what destroyed the
Shepherding Movement. The leaders of the movement taught fatherly
principles, but the recipients of the teaching were jealous and insecure.
Many have refused to see that the problem was not so much the teaching
but the misapplication of it as the result of unresolved heart problems in
leaders. (There were other problems in the Shepherding Movement as well,
but most of the problems were rooted in control.) Again, much like the
elders of Israel in the days of Samuel, many have changed the structure
instead of dealing with the issues of the heart.


Instead of changing the system, Jesus taught us to change our hearts.
At a dinner where people were scrambling for the seats of honor, He drew
a stark contrast between their hearts and a heart of honor and humility that
reflects God.

He began speaking a parable to the invited guests when
He noticed how they had been picking out the places of honor
at the table, saying to them, "When you are invited by
someone to a wedding feast, do not take the place of honor,
for someone more distinguished than you may have been
invited by him, and he who invited you both will come and say
to you, 'Give your place to this man,' and then in disgrace you
proceed to occupy the last place. But when you are invited, go

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