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For all product orders/enquiries please contact Qiology
Email: [email protected]

Phone: +61 405 044 576

Qiology is a proud distributor of BioGeometry® Products in
Australia, New Zealand and the South-Pacific Regions.

BioGeometry® products are highly recommended for those wishing to enrich their

lives through Qualitative Environmental Energy Exchange Balancing.

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BioGeometry® is the patented science of using the energetic principles of geometry to qualitatively balance
biological energy systems and harmonize their interactions with the environment. Balancing the activities of
daily life, achieving harmony with our inner and outer environments, humanizing modern technology, inte-
grating science and spirituality, and discovering the unified scientific reality behind all religions is the work

of the science of BioGeometry®.

BioGeometry® is a science that deals with the Energy of Shape; it uses shapes, colours, motion, orientation
and sound to produce a vibrational quality that balances energy fields. BioGeometrical shapes are two or

three-dimensional shapes specially designed to interact with the earth’s energy fields to produce balancing
effects on multiple levels on biological systems. They were developed and patented by Egyptian Architect and

Scientist Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim (D.Sc./Dipl.Arch.-ETH, Zurich).

BioGeometry® was founded by Dr. Ibrahim Karim after more
than 30 years of research. Dr. Karim’s breakthrough research
identified a unique energy effect found in the energetic centres
of all living systems. The natural function of this energy effect is
to provide balance, or “centering,” to the different energy-quali-
ties or effects within any living system. This one centering energy
effect is detected through three specific energy-qualities that it
manifests (the higher harmonic of ultra-violet, the higher har-
monic of gold, and horizontal negative green: all measured using
the scientific principles of Vibrational Radiesthesia) and has
been termed the “BioGeometry 3” or “BG3.” This BG3 energy
- quality is responsible for maintaining the energy structures of
all living systems, including the balance of the different ener-
gy-qualities involved. BioGeometry® uses proprietary shapes,
which interact with the peripheral energy fields of the body, to
amplify the resonance of this highly beneficial BG3 energy -
quality for general energy-quality balance, as well as to
harmonize energy interactions with the environment.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim, Founder of BioGeometry®

What is BioGeometry® ?

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BioGeometry® Energy Balancing Charging Tray:

The BioGeometry® Energy Balancing Charging Tray is designed with specific angular relationships and geo-
metrical ratios to produce an energy-balancing field in the central area inside the shape. The tray charges
objects placed on it, such as food, water, and medicine, with a natural energy-quality balancing (BG3) effect
that balances biological subtle-energy functions. In turn, this effect is introduced into the body’s energy system
through the charged object. The charged object is then more compatible to the body’s subtle-energy functions.

Instructions for use:

1. Place the object to be charged in the central area inside the Tray.
2. The object should be left on the Tray for the longest time possible, and returned to the Tray after use.

Note that the energy-balancing charge will dissipate if the object is removed from the Tray for more than a
couple of hours, so it is best if it is placed back on the Tray (for even a couple of minutes) before use.

Product Dimensions: 15.5cm x 8.7cm

BioGeometry® Clearing Plate Tool:

The BioGeometry® Clearing Plate Tool is used to remove detrimental energy impregnation from a variety
of objects, including BioGeometry® devices and BioSignature Jewellery, all other jewellery items, crystals,
drinks, food and medications.

Simply place an object on the plate for 1-2 minutes, to clear detrimental energy impregnations.
Instructions for use:

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Qualitative Environmental Energy Exchange Balance (QEEEB) “L” Stickers:

QEEEB “L” Stickers superimpose the natural energy–balancing and transmuting quality of BioGeometry®
onto the items and objects they are placed on via the balancing BioGeometrical usage of angle.

QEEEB Stickers are clear plastic self-adhesive "L"-shaped Stickers. The 66-degree angled “L” is designed for
maximum BG3 effect on all electro-magnetic sources. The 90-degree angled “L” is for general BG3 gener-
ation, psychic and emotional protection, as well as for applications along 90-degree angle frames such as
windows and computer screens. Generally speaking, all BioGeometry® “L” Shapes are also powerful emitters
of the Higher Harmonic of Gold, and help to cancel one highly detrimental aspect of the Infrared segment of
the 12-fold spectrum of vibrational energies studied in Vibrational Radiesthesia.

It is recommended that the 66-degree Electro-Magnetic Protection "L" Stickers be placed on all electrical
appliances in the home/office/clinic.

QEEEB “L” Stickers are available in 3 different sets:

• The 66-degree Electro-Magnetic Protection Set comes with 10 pairs of 66-degree Stickers
• The 90-degree General/Psychic/Emotional Protection Set comes with 10 pairs of 90-degree Stickers.
• The Combo Set includes 5 Pairs of 66-degree Electro-Magnetic Protection Stickers and 5 Pairs of 90-de-

gree General/Psychic/Emotional Protection Stickers.

Instructions for use:

Remove the plastic covering from the adhesive on the back of the QEEEB “L” shaped Sticker and apply on a
clean, dry surface anywhere on the selected object.

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BioGeometry® Tools:

Djed-Wadj Combination Pendulum/Emitter:
This is a very special and powerful Pendulum/Emitter made from wood, created by Dr Ibrahim Karim,
based on a combination of two ancient Egyptian Sceptres commonly seen in the hands of two specific Neters
(Egyptian Deities that symbolize the laws and powers of nature)- Ptah (Djed Sceptre) and Sekhmet (Wadj
Sceptre). The Sceptres represent two Archetypal energies. The Djed Sceptre, also known as the “Pillar of
Osiris” represented stability and resurrection. The Wadj Sceptre represents a bundle of plants, tied above and
below, symbolizing prosperity and growth. Each Sceptre by itself has it’s own form of energy emission and
Archetypal quality, but when the two Sceptres were combined in a specific way (the Djed-Wadj Combination
Pendulum/Emitter), a completely new energy emission and Archetypal quality was formed, creating a power-
ful tool that emits a more dispersed emission of BG3 from its wide base.

As this Pendulum emits BG3 from its base, it can be used as a harmonizing emitter on the chakras and acu-
puncture points as well as to charge things with the BG3 quality, yet as it has a wide base, it can be placed on,
and left on objects to directly expose these items to BG3 emissions for a sustained period of time.

The Djed-Wadj Combination Pendulum/Emitter is more commonly used as an emitter, but may also be used
as a Neutral Pendulum.

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BioGeometry® Product Price List

The 3-Cube Home Energy-Balancing Kit:

AUD$360 Ex GST. AUD$396 Inc. GST

The 1-Cube Home Energy-Balancing Kit:

AUD$200 Ex GST. AUD$220 Inc. GST

BioGeometry® Energy Balancing “Silent Sound” CD:

AUD$105 Ex GST. AUD$115.5 Inc. GST

BioGeometry® Energy Balancing Charging Tray:

AUD$37 Ex GST. AUD$40.7 Inc. GST

BioGeometry® Clearing Plate Tool:

AUD$12 Ex GST. AUD$13.2 Inc. GST

Qualitative Environmental Energy Exchange Balance
(QEEEB) Stickers:

Electro-Magnetic Protection -
“L“ 66 Sticker Pack-10 Pairs

General/Psychic/Emotional Protection -
“L” 90 Sticker Pack- 10 Pairs

“L” 66/”L” 90 Combo Set-
5 Pairs of “L” 66 & 5 Pairs of “L” 90

All sticker Sets:

AUD$35 Ex GST. AUD$38.5 Inc. GST

BioSignature Pendant in Sterling Silver:

AUD$180 Ex GST. AUD$198 Inc. GST

BioSignature Ring in Sterling Silver (Small/Medium/Large):

AUD$120 Ex GST. AUD$132 Inc. GST

“L” 66 Electro-Magnetic Protection Pendant in Sterling

AUD$40 Ex GST. AUD$44 Inc. GST

“L” 90 General/Psychic/Emotional Protection Pendant in
Sterling Silver:

AUD$55 Ex GST. AUD$60.5 Inc. GST

Cell Phone Harmonization Sticker:

AUD$40 Ex GST. AUD$44 Inc GST

BG16 “BG3” Pendulum/Emitter (Small):

AUD$70 Ex GST. AUD$77 Inc. GST

IKUP Pendulum/Emitter (Small):

AUD$70 Ex GST. AUD$77 Inc. GST

Djed-Wadj Combination Pendulum/Emitter (Wood):

AUD$44 Ex GST. AUD $48.4 Inc. GST


Back To A Future for Mankind by Dr Ibrahim Karim (coming soon). Currently available for purchase at Amazon.

Postage Costs:

Small Items - Registered Post Delivery Australia-Wide: $16.50 Inc. GST

Medium/Large Items - Registered Post Delivery Australia-Wide: $22 Inc. GST

Small/Medium/Large Postage to an address outside Australia:

Customer must request an international postage quote with their order.

Personal Energy Balancing:Home/Office/Clinic:

BioGeometry® Tools:

All orders within Australia incur GST. All international orders are GST exempt.

Prices are current as of January, 2014 and are subject to revision.

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