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Story by KK – Illustrations by Fraylim
A Crossed Fiction Story

Page 194

But if you like sports, why not go out for the cheerleading squad? I’m sure a
pretty little thing like you would get taken on the spot, and that way you can
still be involved in the school spirit, and I’m sure you have a boyfriend you
want to cheer on, don’t you?”

Carl’s face blushed brilliant pink to the tips of his ears. He was being cut from
the girls’ soccer team before the tryout was even over! And much more, the
coach thought he would be happier as a cheerleader in a skimpy uniform,
jumping up and down on the sidelines and cheering for real boys.

“Chin up, Candi, okay?” the coach said kindly. “You’ll feel better after you hit
the showers and think things over – pretty girls like you don’t like getting all
sweaty and dirty, anyways, I know. Thanks for trying out!” Carl could only nod
in abject misery before mincing over to the side-line to retrieve his bag. The
other girls all exchanged knowing smiles as he passed. As he took his bag and
marched back towards the school, he was trembling all over from humiliation.
He couldn’t believe it! He had once been a capable athlete at any sport he so
desired, but now he was completely unable to play sports as he once had.
‘Candi’ was a pretty blonde bimbo and nothing more. The thought made his
ears burn and his stomach feel sick to the very bottom. He had not only been
robbed of his manhood, but everything he had once enjoyed so much as a boy.

As he crossed the field, he couldn’t hold it in any longer, and began to sob girl-
ishly until tears were streaming down his face. He couldn’t decide which he
hated more, the fact that he was cut or the fact that he was crying about it
openly, just like a girl. Why was he so emotional now? Was it like his aunt and
mom kept saying, that he was really meant to be a dainty, feminine girly-girl all
along, and any success he might have had as a sports player was nothing but
dumb luck?

Feeling more upset and confused than he ever had in his life, Carl strode right
past a surprised-looking guy on his way into the locker room, setting down his
bag on the bench. The other occupants were giving him shocked looks, but
Carl was too upset to even register them as he pulled the practice jersey over
his head and threw it angrily – it barely made it more than a foot before flutter-
ing to the floor – and then shucking off his short-shorts as well. He was just
beginning to remove his bra when a strangled noise of surprise brought him
back to reality... He was completely surrounded by drooling teen guys, all pre-
paring for their own soccer tryout.

“Holy crap!” one of them said faintly. “Keep going! Please!” The other boys
were all nodding in dazed agreement, roving their eyes lustfully over Carl’s ex-
posed rack. Gasping, Carl picked up his bag and ran for the door, breasts
bouncing with each step. When he was finally in the safety of the correct locker
room, the girls’, his face was burning with embarrassment. He couldn’t believe
he had gone into the wrong room out of habit – hadn’t Miranda warned him
about that? And now every guy on the soccer team had seen him topless! Carl

Blondie’s Lost Year by KK


Page 195

changed as quickly as he could, even though he knew his mom would hate for
him to get any sweat stains on his pretty new top, reasoning that he could
shower at home, and hopefully beat any of the boys out of the change room, as
well. Feeling more miserable than he ever had in his life, Carl snuck out of the
change room as quietly as he could in clicking four-inch stiletto heels.

After removing his makeup, showering, moisturizing, and getting ready for
bed, Carl changed into the new lavender lingerie set his mom had recently
made him purchase. He sighed as he observed his feminine reflection in the
mirror, noting the way the underwire cups pushed his breasts together to make
them look even larger, and he tried to remember what his life had been like

Blondie’s Lost Year by KK


Page 387

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