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BS 308-1.4:

Technical drawings —

The European Standard EN ISO 5455:1994 has the status of a
British Standard

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BS EN ISO 5455:1995

This British Standard, having
been prepared under the
direction of the Engineering
Sector Board, was published
under the authority of the
Standards Board and comes
into effect on
15 October 1995

© BSI 01-1999

The following BSI references
relate to the work on this
Committee reference TDE/4
Draft announced in BSI News
August 1995

ISBN 0 580 23771 0

Committees responsible for this
British Standard

The preparation of this British Standard was entrusted to Technical
Committee TDE/4, Engineering drawing practice, upon which the following
bodies were represented:

Atomic Weapons Establishment
British Gas plc
British Standards Society
Drawing Office Material Manufacturers’ and Dealers’ Association
Electricity Association
Gauge and Tool Makers’ Association
HEVAC Association
Institution of Chemical Engineers
Institution of Engineering Designers
Power Generation Contractors’ Association
Society of British Aerospace Companies Ltd.
University of Warwick

Amendments issued since publication

Amd. No. Date Comments

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BS EN ISO 5455:1995

© BSI 01-1999 i


Committees responsible Inside front cover
National foreword ii

Foreword 2
Text of EN ISO 5455 3

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BS EN ISO 5455:1995

ii © BSI 01-1999

National foreword

This British Standard has been prepared by Technical Committee TDE/4 and is
the English language version of EN ISO 5455:1994 Technical drawings — Scales,
published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). It is identical
with ISO 5455:1979, published by the International Organization for
Standardization (ISO).
This British Standard partially supersedes BS 308-1. It is envisaged that when
the full range of European Standards on technical drawing is implemented
BS 308 will be withdrawn.
A British Standard does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of a
contract. Users of British Standards are responsible for their correct application.

Compliance with a British Standard does not of itself confer immunity
from legal obligations.

Summary of pages
This document comprises a front cover, an inside front cover, pages i and ii,
the EN ISO title page, pages 2 and 3 and a back cover.
This standard has been updated (see copyright date) and may have had
amendments incorporated. This will be indicated in the amendment table on
the inside front cover.

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EN ISO 5455

October 1994

ICS 01.100.10

Descriptors: Scale (ratio), designation, engineering drawings

English version

Technical drawings — Scales
(ISO 5455:1979)

Dessins techniques — Echelles
(ISO 5455:1979)

Technische Zeichnungen — Maßstäbe
(ISO 5455:1979)

This European Standard was approved by CEN on 1994-10-14. CEN members
are bound to comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which
stipulate the conditions for giving this European Standard the status of a
national standard without any alteration.
Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning such national
standards may be obtained on application to the Central Secretariat or to any
CEN member.
This European Standard exists in three official versions (English, French,
German). A version in any other language made by translation under the
responsibility of a CEN member into its own language and notified to the
Central Secretariat has the same status as the official versions.
CEN members are the national standards bodies of Austria, Belgium,
Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy,
Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and
United Kingdom.

European Committee for Standardization

Comité Européen de Normalisation
Europäisches Komitee für Normung

Central Secretariat: rue de Stassart 36, B-1050 Brussels

© 1994 Copyright reserved to CEN members
Ref. No. EN ISO 5455:1994 E

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EN ISO 5455:1994

© BSI 01-19992


This European Standard was taken over by CEN
from the work of ISO/TC 10, Technical drawings,
product definition and related documentation, of the
International Standards Organization (ISO).
The Technical Board had decided to submit the final
draft for Formal Vote. The result was positive.
This European Standard shall be given the status of
a national standard, either by publication of an
identical text or by endorsement, at the latest by
April 1995, and conflicting national standards shall
be withdrawn at the latest by April 1995.
According to the CEN/CENELEC Internal
Regulations, the following countries are bound to
implement this European Standard: Austria,
Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,
Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg,
Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, United Kingdom.


Foreword 2
1 Scope and field of application 3
2 Definitions 3
3 Designation 3
4 Inscription 3
5 Scales 3
6 Large scale drawings 3

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EN ISO 5455:1994

© BSI 01-1999 3

1 Scope and field of application
This International Standard specifies recommended
scales and their designation for use on all technical
drawings in any field of engineering.

2 Definitions

ratio of the linear dimension of an element of an
object as represented in the original drawing to the
real linear dimension of the same element of the
object itself
NOTE The scale of a print may be different from that of the
original drawing.

full size

a scale with the ratio 1 : 1

enlargement scale

a scale where the ratio is larger then 1 : 1. It is said
to be larger as its ratio increases

reduction scale

a scale where the ratio is smaller than 1 : 1. It is said
to be smaller as its ratio decreases

3 Designation
The complete designation of a scale shall consist of
the word “SCALE” (or its equivalent in the language
used on the drawing) followed by the indication of its
ratio, as follows:

— SCALE 1 : 1 for full size;
— SCALE X : 1 for enlargement scales;
— SCALE 1 : X for reduction scales.

If there is no likelihood of misunderstanding, the
word “SCALE” may be omitted.

4 Inscription
4.1 The designation of the scale used on the drawing
shall be inscribed in the title block of the drawing.
4.2 Where it is necessary to use more than one scale
on a drawing, the main scale only shall be inscribed
in the title block, and all other scales adjacent to the
item reference number of the part concerned, or
adjacent to the reference letter of a detail view
(or section).

5 Scales
5.1 The recommended scales for use on technical
drawings are specified in the following table.

NOTE If, for special applications, there is need for a larger
enlargement scale or a smaller reduction scale than those shown
in the table, the recommended range of scales may be extended in
either direction, provided that the required scale be derived from
a recommended scale by multiplying by whole number powers
of 10. In exceptional cases where for functional reasons the
recommended scales cannot be applied, intermediate scales may
be chosen.

5.2 The scale to be chosen for a drawing will depend
upon the complexity of the object to be depicted and
the purpose of the representation.
In all cases, the selected scale shall be large enough
to permit easy and clear interpretation of the
information depicted.
The scale and the size of the object, in turn, will
decide the size of the drawing.
5.3 Details that are too small for complete
dimensioning in the main representation shall be
shown adjacent to the main representation in a
separate detail view (or section) which is drawn to a
larger scale.

6 Large scale drawings
It is recommended that, for information, a full size
view be added to the large scale representation of a
small object.
In this case the full size view may be simplified by
showing the outlines of the object only.

Category Recommended scales

Enlargement 50 : 1 20 : 1 10 : 1

scales 5 : 1 2 : 1

Full size 1 : 1

1 : 2 1 : 5 1 : 10

Reduction 1 : 20 1 : 50 1 : 100

scales 1 : 200 1 : 500 1 : 1 000

1 : 2 000 1 : 5 000 1 : 10 000

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