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Post Graduate Diploma in Management
Business Research Methods

Cases for Business Research Methods

Case: Apna Bazaar

The biggest Retail Chain in the city “Apna Bazaar” has 8 outlets. There are many sections in Apna Bazaar but the
case deals with only two sections: Toys and Grocery.

Problem of Toy Section

The toy section of Apna Bazaar sells 35 different varieties of toys. They have selected toys in such a manner that
the selling price ranges between Rs. 145 and Rs. 180. The manager of the toy section has come up with a proposal.
She wants to have one selling price for all toys. She wants to promote the toy section as “One price for any toy”. If
the price is fixed at Rs. 145 the Apna Bazaar will lose out and if it is fixed at Rs. 180 the customer demand may
decline drastically. Customer may buy similar toys from some other shop. Further, some customers buy only one
toy while many other customers buy more than one toy at a time.

The manger of the toy section randomly selected following ten orders from the sales data of past two months:

Sr. No.

Number of

Total Bill

1 2 312

2 1 160

3 5 850

4 8 1256

5 4 596

6 2 310

7 1 170

8 9 1368

9 5 835

10 3 534

The manger wishes to fix one selling price for all toys such that 95% of existing customers find it attractive and
keep on patronizing the retail chain. Help her to decide the selling price.

Problem of Grocery Section

The Grocery section is facing too many customer complaints. Consumers are complaining that the weights of
items such as pulses, salt, rice varieties & spices sold in polythene packs are less. Situation is getting out of
control. There are cases pending in consumer court. Apna Bazaar wants to constitute a high level committee to
advise them a course of action to identify the problem and solve.

Detailed analyses revealed that majority of complaints were involving goods sold in two sizes of polythene
packing: 200 gms and 1 kg. The chain sells eight different items in 200 gms poly packs and 6 different items in 1
kg poly packs.

Business Research Methods Cases 1 Dr. A. K. Dey

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