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Scope of civil engineering works
 Civil engineering is a professional engineering

discipline that deals with the construction and
design of public and private sector works such as
bridges, roads, dams and buildings.

 General civil engineers work closely with surveyors
and specialized civil engineers to fit and serve
fixed projects within their given site, community
and terrain by designing grading, drainage,
pavement, water supply, sewer service, electric and
communications supply and land (real property)
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CESMM; Section 7

Method-Related Charges

 Meaning: the sum for an item inserted in the BQ by a

 Two types:

 Time-related charges – a method-related charge for
work, the cost of which is to be considered as
proportional to the length of time taken to execute the

 Fixed charge- a method-related charge which is not a
time related charge.

 A tenderer may insert in the BQ the method related charges
as he may decide to cover items of works relating to his
intended method of executing the works, the cost of which
are not to be considered as proportional to the quantities of
the other items and for which he has not allowed in the rates
and prices for the other items.

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