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Chromotherapy – Healing by Color

Chromotherapy is a form of healing based on the principle that all illness is
manifested in a disturbed energy field (giving off light), and by the proper
application of color to this energy field, a correction can be achieved, and with
that correction comes healing.

Experienced and well trained chromotherapists use both color and light to
balance the energy fields, and claim to effect a reversal of negative reactions
manifesting in our composite physical, mental, and spiritual make up.

Although not yet proven by the modern scientific method, the chromotherapists
believe that their methods are indeed scientific, and instruments to verify the
results are not yet manifest. Furthermore, chromotherapists adhere to the belief
that colors do indeed bring about identifiable emotional reactions in people.

The treatment in chromotherapy is in the application of color and light to specific
areas on the body. The therapists believe that colors have both positive and
negative effects on the body’s energy fields; with some specific colors in
specified doses can effect the actual healing.

The therapists use a whole range of color carriers and emitters such as
gemstones, fabrics, prisms, light wands, and colored water in baths.

Here is a quick and easy guide, based on chromotherapists guidelines, as to the
meaning of specific colors and their role in healing:


Red is the color of life, associated with the sun and of fire. Red increases the
heart beat (pulse), raises blood pressure and the rate of breathing. Red would be
used to assist all circulatory functions and is used with confidence to fight
anemia, asthma, diseases of the throat, chronic coughs, and other related
illnesses. A person who emits an excess of red could be very dominating, cruel,
perpetually angry and anxious.


Orange is the color representing both empathy and sympathy. Chromotherapists
claim remarkable results in the use of orange to treat mental illnesses of
depression and pessimism. Orange is also used for the treatment of
cardiovascular diseases, appetite loss, and other diseases of the circulatory and
digestive systems. A person emitting an excess of orange is often confused, tired
and pessimistic.

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Yellow represents the sun. As the brightest of the colors that are commonly used
in color therapy, it reflects light in all directions, and gives the feelings of
detachment and liberation. Yellow cancels out feelings of heaviness or
oppression. Yellow is also employed to treat diseases of the glands or the
lymphatic system. It strengthens the nervous and immune systems. A person
emitting an excess of yellow is often confused and is both malicious and devious.


As green gives off a gentle harmonizing effect, it is the color associated with calm
and peaceful feelings. Green therefore is the color associated with concentration.
Green is used in the treatment of bronchitis, all manners of cough, arthritis,
rheumatism, and edema. It is also believed that green has a positive influence on
the treatments of all manners of cysts, diseases of the eye, and diabetes. Green
further is said to promote the glandular processes, promote relaxation of the
organs and stimulate general detoxification of the body. A person emitting an
excess of green is lethargic, insecure and jealous.


Blue is universally the color of both peace and the unknown. Blue is said to have
the power of putting our bodies and mind is a state of peace and rest. Thus blue
is used for relieving headaches, stomach aches and muscle cramps. Blue is also
used to treat the liver. Generally, blue is used against any form of pain. A person
emitting an excess of blue is usually doubtful, distrustful, anxious and


Indigo has a cooling color effect that assists in one’s intuitive powers. Indigo is
effective in the ailments of the ear, nose, throat, and mind. Due to its calming and
cooling effect, indigo is effective in cases of addiction. It is also said to help stop
bleeding and to help open wounds close. A person emitting an excess of indigo
is often violent, irrational and a slave to his or her habits.


Violet is universally considered the spiritual color, and thus the color associated
with meditation. Violet is used as an aid in acupuncture. Violet is further
employed in the treatment of the lymphatic system and spleen. As violet also has
a generally calming effect, it is used when a person is overly distraught and high-
strung. A person emitting an excess of violet is often fanatical.

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