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TitleCircle of Isis - Ancient Egyptian Magick for Modern Witches
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Ellen Cannon Reed

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Bes: Bes, God of joy and protection, brings the gift of
humor, of joy, of healing laughter. (Small item of

Meshkenet: In the name of She who is the foundation on which
birth takes place, I bring a foundation on which this
child may stand firm throughout life. (A tiny chip of

Anpu: Anpu, Guardian of Souls, gives the ability to see
the truth. (A small candle.)

Priest: What deity have you chosen to protect this child?

Parents name deity. Amulet is brought forth and held toward cen-
ter of circle. If a God has been chosen, Priestess reads the follow-
ing; if a Goddess, the Priest. The other will read the words of the
Priest/ess: _________________ , let your power enter this

amulet. Let the words written here be your words,
let their truth be your truth, and the voice which
speaks the words be heard by all as your voice.

Priest/ess reads amulet.
All envision the power of the deity entering the amulet. The name
of the God or Goddess may be chanted or sung, or a song may be
inserted here.
The amulet and a small symbol of the deity shall be placed in the
bag that is placed around the child’s neck.
If godparents have been chosen, they should be called forth at this
Priestess: Before the Gods, will you, __________________ ,

take upon yourself for this child’s spiritual upbring-
ing, and if need should come, for his/her physical
well-being, as though he/she were born from your

Goddessmother responds.

(Deity name)


Page 161

(godfather)Priest: Before the Gods, will you,______________ , take
upon yourself for this child’s spiritual upbringing,
and if need should come, for his/her physical well-
being, as though he/she were grown from your seed?

Godfather responds.
The godparents step back into the circle.
Mother now comes before altar and prays in these words, or
words of her own choosing.

My Lady Aset, Mother of All, Mistress of Magic,
help me to raise my child with love and wisdom,
leading him/her in the right ways. Be ever by my
side that I may be the mother to my son/daughter
You are to me.

Father steps forward and prays in these words, or words of his
own choosing.

My Lord Asar, Father of all, Lord of Life and
Death, into my hands you have given this child.
Guide me that I may guide her/him to full growth.
Strengthen me that I may ever be a source of
strength to her/him. Be ever at my side that I may
be the father to my son/daughter You are to me.

Priestess: , what vows will you make to this
child, who, though he/she comes to you in this small
body, may have carried you in her/his arms in an-
other life.

Mother makes vows.
Priest: , what vows do you make to this small

spirit who may be even older and wiser that any here?

Father makes vows.
Priestess: This child, born to our brother and sister, is now

under the protection of the Gods. Can we do less?
Let us each promise our love and protection to
this small one.



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Ellen Cannon Reed has been Wiccan since 1975. High
Priestess of the Coven of Sothistar since 1977, author of The
Witches Qabala, The Witches Tarot (book and deck), The Heart
of Wicca, and Circle of Isis, she was also editor of Pagansong,
a Pagan songbook. Founder, with her husband, Chris, of Pa-
cific Circle, a Pagan Association, Ellen continues to be active
in the Los Angeles area Pagan community. She spends her
time pursuing her interest in storytelling, reclaiming that per-
formance art for both adults and Pagans. Ellen says, “I’m ei-
ther a traditional iconoclast or an iconoclastic traditionalist. I
never can figure out which.”

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