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Choose the correct answers.

Mark: / 40 marks

1 The leaked out of my pen and ruined everything in
my bag!

a oil
b ink
c plaster
d watercolour
2 He denied taking the money but soon changed his

when video footage proved he was the thief.
a song
b music
c tune
d hymn
3 Once the album sold 100,000 , the band was

awarded a gold album.
a copies
b editions
c numbers
d reproductions
4 The choir members needed a lot of practice before they

could sing harmony.
a on
b with
c for
d in
5 In most bands, it’s the vocalist who gets most of the

attention from fans and the media.
a top
b lead
c first
d front
6 I was so bored with the phone conversation that I

on a piece of paper as my sister spoke.
a carved
b illustrated
c painted
d doodled
7 I wrote the lyrics to the song and my friend them to

some music.
a set
b fixed
c applied
d arranged

8 He made a bad decision; now he’s in trouble and
has to the music.

a look
b deal
c cope
d face

9 That’s a great song and it’s racing up the music
in countries around the world.

a lists
b charts
c ladders
d catalogues
10 I find James annoying because he’s always his

own trumpet about his success.
a carrying
b playing
c blowing
d using
11 The singer is contract to record three albums

for his record label.
a on
b in
c over
d under
12 The artist dipped his brush in the oil paint and

began painting on the .
a picture
b easel
c canvas
d palette
13 What a strange painting this is! Is the a chair or

a person?
a subject
b item
c topic
d theme
14 A good dance song has to have a strong, fast

that you can move to.
a pulse
b beat
c metre
d measure

Vocabulary and Use your English

Quiz 9

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Close-up C1 Second Edition
Quiz 9

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(___ / 20 marks)

Choose the correct answers.

1 This drawing is good. Who is the artist?
a much
b far
c pretty
d a bit

2 Jack isn’t to be a great painter.
a so original
b too original
c enough original
d original enough

3 It takes courage to perform live.
a sort of
b a great deal of
c more or less
d somewhat

4 You can buy CDs for as as 99 cents these days.
a little
b least
c a little
d less

5 Was da Vinci more successful Michelangelo?
a for
b from
c than
d that

6 In opera, the higher the note, it is to reach it.
a hard
b harder
c more hard
d the harder

7 Pavarotti was a wonderful opera singer, but when he
performed his favourite arias, he sang more beautifully.

a still
b very
c quite
d really

8 Which is band in the world? Is it the Rolling

a performing the oldest
b the oldest performing
c the performing older
d older than performing

9 Drawing isn’t as messy to do finger painting.
a as
b so
c than
d from

10 Those singers are the same; they both produce
terrible music!

a less and more
b more and more
c more or less
d less or more

11 Picasso was that his works are priceless.
a a such great artist
b such great artist
c so great artist
d such a great artist

12 When he began singing ballads, he became to.
a boring enough to listen
b too boring to listen
c enough boring to listen to
d such boring to listen

13 He’s a very good sculptor, but I think he’s getting

a almost
b even
c more
d kind of

15 Many art critics attended the of the artist’s new
work in Paris.

a show
b display
c exhibition
d demonstration
16 Generally, I don’t like cover , but this song is

almost as good as the original.
a variations
b variants
c varieties
d versions

17 Most people don’t pay much attention to the
acts at concerts, but lots of them are very good.

a opening
b opened
c opener
d open

18 Cubism was an early 20th century art that was
pioneered by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.

a goal
b purpose
c objective
d movement

19 The predominant colours in the landscape painting
were light and dark of green.

a hues
b shades
c tints
d strokes

20 When the gallery told Damien that they wanted to
buy his paintings, it was music his ears.

a in
b for
c to
d from

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Permission granted to photocopy for classroom use.

Close-up C1 Second Edition
Quiz 9

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