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God created the world

Genesis 1

As you are knocking on doors, point out parts of nature and comment on how
beautiful God’s world is. Share that we will talk about how it all began today.

Please note:This portion of the lesson is given to help in teaching the
lesson. Please read through the story and read it in the Bible. Do NOT
read from this piece of paper. Instead, make a note sheet and place it next
to the story in the Bible.

Turn to the very first book in the Bible. It is called Genesis. The word Genesis means
beginning. Today we are going to see what happened in the beginning of the world.
In the beginning, on day one, God created the heavens up above and the earth. The
earth was empty, so God made light (called day) and dark (called night). That was on the
first day.
On the second day, God made the sky.
On day three, God created the land (or earth). He also made the seas and oceans.
Then He said, “Let the earth grow plants, and trees, and fruit.” God looked at the world
and knew that it was good.
Next day (four), God made two large lights in the sky. One during the day (Can you
guess what it is?) The Sun! And He made one large light at night (the moon!). God also
made stars to shine in the night sky. God looked at His creation on the fourth day and
knew it was good.
On the fifth day, God designed birds to fly above the earth. He also made sea
creatures to swim in the sea. God saw what He made and He knew it was good.
On day six, What do you think God made? (See if they can guess) God made the

Name what God created on each day
Understand that God loves us and created us just like we are
See that Jesus cares for us too

For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ Jesus.
2nd Corinthians 1:20

For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ Jesus.
2nd Corinthians 1:20

Welcome Time

Bible Story

Teachers: This new unit is designed to help your children understand some of the stories in the Old
Testament. Each lesson will have both Old Testament and New Testament passages.

PLEASE remember to always include the New Testament verses—this helps each child see how God’s
ultimate plan was fulfilled in Christ!

As you teach
the story,
have the kids
repeat what
happened on
each day
before you
say what
happened on
the new one.
what they are

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animals. Name some animals that God created.
God also made man and woman on the sixth day. He looked at everything that He had
done and He smiled—He knew it was good.
On day number seven, God rested. He looked at the earth and was proud of it. He had
made a beautiful world.
In the New Testament John 1:1-2, the Bible says that Jesus was with God in the very
beginning. He was right there helping make the world. Wow! Isn’t it awesome to think that
Jesus was there. Then when the time was right, He came to this world to live with us. He
even died for us so that we can go to Heaven if we believe in Him. Can you believe that
Jesus loves you THAT much! He does and wants to be your best friend too. Will you
believe in Jesus and trust Him today?!

Teachers—there is an exciting way to present this lesson using ice cream or
cool whip. See the “Creation Concoction” sheet. It’s guaranteed to help your
kids remember the story and have tons of fun too.
Also, be prepared to answer questions about where God came from. Help them
understand that part of believing God is trusting Him and just believing what
He said—that He was in the beginning. Be ready for evolution questions
too. Public schools leave God out of creation. Please explain that the Bible is
true and tells us that God created all things!

Circle up and show the children the verse. As a ball or bean bag (or wad of
paper) is thrown to a person, they must say the next word of the verse until it is
complete (with the reference too).

Pray for the new year and how we can do things to show that we believe in Je-

Make the “Creation Concoction” if you have time (there are varieties of snacks
in the Mission that you can use). (see last page for details)

Learning Activities

Memory Verse

Prayer Time

Snack Time/CleanUp

Planning for Lesson 2
Adam and Eve

Genesis 2-3

Page 4

Hands-On Activities

God Created the World

Make the yummy “Creation Concoction.”

Make a creation booklet to remember when God made everything.

Take a nature walk (if it is nice outside) and look at things God made. As you
pray, thank God for these things.

Make thumbprints and share how God makes everyone’s thumbprints different;
no two are the same. Now, using your thumbprint, make animals with the print
being the body of the animal.

It’s the beginning of the new year. Share how many people try to do better at
things, or try to quit bad habits. Talk about some things that God may want them
to change or improve.

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