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                            CSEC History Resource Guide
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Key primary and secondary resources for the study of CXC Caribbean

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2 CSEC History Resource Guide
This guide contains a
list of key
primary and secondary
resources (books,
maps, newspapers
) from the CSEC History Syllabus
that are available at the National Library of Jamaica (NLJ). Also contained are
additional resources, not listed in the syllabus, based on the 9 themes outlined in
the syllabus.
Some materials are available
online but for some are only available in print format
at the library.
See more on using the library
How to use this guide
The guide is formatted similar to the CXC syllabus, with the author
on the right,
and title and publication information on the left
and includes the library™s
call/classification #
. For example,
Greenwood, R.
A Sketch map History of the Caribbean
. Oxford: Macmillan
Education, 1991.
972.9 WI Gre
It is divided in three sections:
Section 1:
sources for general background reading
Section 2
: sources on the co
re section of the syllabus
Sections 3
: divided into the nine themes covered by the syllabus
Title & Publication
call/classification #

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13 Primary Sources
, Theodore.
Eighteen months in
with recollections of the late rebellion
. London: Whittaker, Treacher and Arnott, 1838.
This journal provides useful information about the Christmas Rebellion in
Jamaica 1831
from the
point of view of Theodore Folkes a visitor to
Jamaica from 1831 t
o 1832.
917.292 Ja Fouhe
Proceedings of the House of Assembly
October 31, 1734.
This letter written M
. Bladen (?) to Sir Walpole (?) regarding the threat of
the Maroons, and the militia™s
to defeat the maroons.
MS 1020
(multiple pages)
Substance of the debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday the 1
st and Friday the 11
of June, 1824 on the motion of Henry Brougham esq.
ecting the trial and condemnation to death by a court martial of the
Rev. John Smith, late
missionary in the colony of Deme
. London:
London Missionary Society, 1824.
(Digital Copy)
346.5 Sub
This publication contains useful information concerning the
ts and
the aftermath of the Deme
rara revolt of 1823. The
preface describes
events leading up to this slave revolt and the consequences.
and documents connected with the late insurrection in Jamaica
and the violations of civil and religious liberty arising out of it
. London:
Holdsworth and Ball, 1832.
(Digital Copy)
972.92 Ja Fac
This work contains correspondences and eyewitness™s accounts
about the
slave rebellion in Jamaica that took place in Jamaica from 1831 to 1832

and the subsequent attacks on the Baptist churches and missionaries
. Remarks on the insurrection in Barbados and the bill for the registration
of slaves
. London: Ellerton and Henderson, 1816.
972.98 Rem
Commentary on the causes and events
of the
Barbados Revolt of 1816
Letter from Lord Balcarres, to His Grace, the duke of Portland, in
justification of the Maroon War/
Private letter of A. L. Balcarres, Lt. Go
v. of
Jamaica to H. Dundas re Maroon War & report of Col. Walpole

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14 Let
written by Lord Balcarres, who was governor of Jamaica during
the second Maroon
se letter
s provide useful information about
the causes of the
2nd Maroon
War, 179?
MS 613
& MS 613a
Shepherd, V.
Rebel voices: testimonies from the 1831
-1832 emancipation wars in
. Jamaica Journal
-3 (2004): 54
-63. J538
Theme 4: Metropolitan Movement towards Emancipation
onses to revolts, attitudes towards slavery, anti
-slavery mo
vements, amelioration, British
Emancipation Act, apprenticeship, Emancipation Act
Green, W.A.
British Slave Emancipation: The Sugar Colonies and the Great
Experiment 1830
. New York: Oxford
University Press, 1991.
326.09729 WI Gre

-Willie, D.
Movement towards Emancipation
. Kingston: Jamaica Publishing House

Ltd., 2001.
Pam 972.90076 Ja Ham
Hayward, J. (ed.)
Out of Slavery: Abolition and After
. London: Frank Cass, 1985.

Williams, E.
Capitalism and Slavery
. London: Deutsch, 1972.
330.9729 Wil
Other Resources at NLJ not listed in the Syllabus
Apprenticeship and Emancipation
. Mona: Department of Extra
Extra Mural Studies
Studies UWI, 1971.

Pam 326. 8 Ja App

McDonald, R. A. (ed.)
Between slavery and freedom: Special Magistrate John Anderson™s

Journal of St. Vincent during the apprenticeship
. Kingston: Uni
versity of
the West Indies
Press, 2001.
972. 9844 Ja Bet
the complete text from the journal of Sp
ecial Magistrate John

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26 Simpson E., George
Religious Cults of the Caribbean
: Trinidad, Jamaica, and Haiti.
Rico: Institute of Caribbean Studies, 1970.
Primary Sources
Electors of
St. Andrew Vote for Marcus Garvey
. NLJ Manuscript

. A flyer which is encouraging members of the Jamaican public to vote for

Marcus G
arvey to represent them in the L
egislative Council.
Ms 1837
Garvey, Marcus
Centenary Celebrations and Seventh Annual international
Negro Peoples of the World
. NLJ Manuscript

An Advertisement of centenary
celebrations and seventh annu
convention in
Cross Road, Jamaica. In the program, there is also a section

in which it said Marcus Garvey would discuss issues such as social

development for the Entire Negro Race, Education system, and other

pertinent issue
s which speak to social and economic development
1837 No7
fiNWU Now Strongest West Indies Union
Trumpet Newspaper.
September 1958, print.
National Workers Union
Vital information about the works of the National Workers Union. It
on the growth of the N.W.U and more importantly the positive
strides that
the N.W.U
has achieved in alleviating the social conditions. It
speaks about the bargaining rights that they have won for their members,

successful strikes, wages through their work
that have been increased in

many different jobs such as shirt factory and bauxite workers among


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