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TitleCure for Cancer - The Rick Simpson Protocol (1)
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Table of Contents
The Rick Simpson Protocol
Dosage Information
Why Are Maintenance Doses So Important?
Other Natural Things You Can Do That Could Help
Additional Tips for Lung Cancer Patients
Routes of Administration
Topical Use
Can You Combine Various Types of Administration of the Oil?
Smoking Cannabis
What Should Research Focus On?
The Rick Simpson Process of Producing Hemp Oil
Other Forms of Extraction
Producing the Highest Quality Oils Possible
Hemp or Marijuana?
Which Strain or Strains Should I Use To Make the Oil?
How to Determine Which Starting Material to Buy?
Cannabis Sativa versus Cannabis Indica
Outdoor Versus Indoor
What Type of Artificial Light Do You Get Best Results With?
What Do Patients Need To Know To Grow Hemp?
Are There Any Strains That Are Not Effective Against Cancer?
Would It Be Better or Safer To Produce the Oil Using Food-Grade Alcohol?
Solvents and Solvent Residue in the Oil
High THC or High CBD Oil?
Is It Safe To Use the Oil?
Replacement of Medications
Healing Cancer with the Oil
Can the Oil Be Used Along with Chemotherapy and Radiation?
Fighting the Damage Caused By Radiation
Success Rate for Cancer Patients?
Is It Ever Too Late To Start Using the Oil?
Are Some People More Difficult To Cure Than Others?
Treating Skin Cancer
Oil versus Chemotherapy
Cancer Testimonials
Information about Healing Other Illnesses
Skin Conditions
Ulcers, Warts, Moles
Chronic Pain
Back Pain, Scoliosis
Heart, Blood Pressure
Children and the Oil
Surgery or Oil?
PMS, Menopause
Body Weight Regulation
Anxiety, Paranoia
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Sleeping, Insomnia
Glaucoma, Restoring Eyesight
Rare or Not-So-Common Diseases and Illnesses
Animals - Testimonials
Quality of Life
Why Is It Called RSO?
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Cure for CanCer:
The riCk SimpSon

Rick Simpson & Jindřich Bayer

Page 69


“Hello dear Corrie... Just wanted to let you know that I gave the oil I had from my mom to a
friend’s friend who has breast cancer... She took for a month and it’s in remission... Some cancer
cells are dead in the tumor... And the doctor was amazed and positive and apparently if she
has better results next time the will start to do something about the oil. I’m am so so happy
and thanking God for letting me be able to give that information about the cannabis oil to this
woman.. :)) So wished my mom could have taken the oil everyday...”

“Hi Rick, I got some good news. My mother couldn’t stand any more psychically the cognition that
she’s got cancer in her breast, so she underwent the surgery. However, she ate 30g of the dose,
and she was drinking some herbal teas from some guy which has all sorts of medical herbs and
she put the bandages from these herbs also. Anyway, when doctors took that cancer out, it was
no more than 7mm big and of 100% tissue, only 1% was active, and malignant and in the dying
phase. 3 doctors were looking at this, and they said that they never saw something like that... So,
if she went more 1 or two weeks without the operation, everything would be gone. Now, she is
taking every day the oil for 1 and a half gram and she understands now that the operation was
completely unnecessary.

However, she’s much more calmer now then she was, because she was freaking out, so we
couldn’t talk her out of the operation... but now everything is good, and the herbs and the oil did
its job also. Anyway, the stupid doctors gave her 23 radio therapies, but she said she wouldn’t do
it and the doctor said between the lines that she’s right. It’s unbelievable how far these doctors
go. Everybody says hello, Rick. Thank you very much for recommendation, and give big thanks to
Jindrich once again.” Sasa

“Rick... a friend just had a brain tumour removed from his head... he has spots on his lungs...
they want him to have chemo and radiation... would taking the oil be a waste while on chemo
and radiation? Seeing how he is after the brain tumour was removed is remarkable, he is 80 %
better than he was last week with that thing in his head... I want to tell him not to do chemo and
radiation and do the oil but it’s not my choice...” Sharon

-- Sharon, it would increase his chances of survival. But in fact, the chemo will only cause that he
will have to eat 120-180g of the oil afterwards just to undo the damage. Of course, that is if he
survives the poisoning. Best wishes, JB

“For all you chuckleheads who think Rick Simpson is a fraud, you should know that Michelle Aldrich
just cured her stage 3 lung cancer with cannabis oil, provided by Valerie Corral and WAMM! Why
can’t the media and doctors start telling the truth for once?! Cannabis cures cancer, goddamit!!!
And the irresponsible people are the ones trying to hush up this reality, not people like me and
Tommy who want the world to know the truth about cannabis and cancer.” Steven

“Hi everybody, I got great news. The wife got her PET scan result Monday. She had cancer for 5
years after 6 rounds of chemo and one stem cell transplant, then it still came back. 6 months ago
she was supposed to do another transplant but it got cancelled because they could find no donor.
So she started on the oil. On Monday the doctor told us the cancer was gone. Thanks for the oil,
Rick. You are the man, thanks.” Luc

-- Thank you, Luc. Medical documentation would be more than welcome. She should stay on a
maintenance dose, I would eat as much oil as possible whenever possible. Have her stay away
from more scans, if possible. A Youtube video testimony would be great. Best wishes, JB

“The year 2013 is now gone and I am glad I can see 2014 which Doctors didn’t think I can see
the year 2013. But here I am still alive and well. A few people that I haven’t seen for several years

Page 70


said, wow, you’re still alive! Yes, I am still alive because I have been using the right herbal medicine
(Cannabis Oil) to kill my incurable GBM Brain cancer.

So Thank you God for showing me the way to heal. And Dr Tiew Han for your skills in Craniotomy,
Also Rick Simpson for sharing your knowledge about this God Sent OIL, and my wife Cinimin
Mansur for taking care of me, and my Angels for your humble help, and friends and my family for
their awesome support and love. Without you all, it’s impossible to see me healthy again. I feel so
lucky and blessed. And yes, I believe in Angels.

All the best everyone for 2014, try not to stress, be happy and stay Healthy.” Elia

“I would love to thank (xxx) for the oil that was donated for my cancer!! As of now, there is no
cancer to be found in my body!! It really works folks, the proof is all in my medical records! Thank
y’all so much and big props to the Tears!!!” Becky

“Thumbs up to Jindrich, he was absolutely right about topical application being applied directly on
the skin rather than on the bandage. The difference was like night and day.” Roland

-- Of course. Tinctures with 20-30-50% oil also work great, because they get under the surface
easily. In some cases, hemp seed oil (or shea butter) and hemp oil mixes are also very beneficial.
But logically, the more oil you get right on the wound, the better. JB

“I wrote before that we had success treating breast cancer. Now doctors said to the patient that
her results are so good that she has to go to work. The patient said THANK GOD and the doctor
said that she has to thank him not to god and I’m asking what for he didn’t do anything but keep
telling her that she has to take chemo and radiation... crazy doc...

But we took it to next level, we are healing someone’s face because it was destroyed with pills 5
years ago. This person had big problems with intestine and they think that it was cancer at first
and they give her some strong pills which than destroyed her face she was like a frog. Then they
said it could be Crohn’s disease and so on and so on.

My point is that this person was trying to heal her face for 5 years with no success. She put hemp
oil on her face for 5 times and again we can’t believe how her skin looks now. OMG she is so
happy now she can be herself again.

I try to take some pictures but in every 3 days but the skin healed so fast that I can’t show you
how did her face looked before, but with her permission we will in following days show her old
pictures (only her face skin) and new one so you people can see the difference...” Jasmin

“I’m a 39 year old woman with a 2 year and have met breast cancer. This oil is my medicine and
cure. These people so full of greed. They have no idea of the pain and anguish we and our families
go through. Just selfish greed. Karma.” Sally

“Well, two weeks... Doctor said I had a 2-3 cm tumor in my bladder. Wanted to take me directly
to the OR. Made it go away in less than 14 days. Confirmed by CT scan. Diagnosed on 2/15, CT
scan done on 2/29.” Gersh

“This CT scan was done 14 days after a 2-3 cm tumor was observed, via scope, in my bladder. In
only 14 days, using only essential cannabis oil, no tumor is observed in the bladder. Cannabis only
… 14 days... gone. Lawmakers please understand this. Don’t take away my medicine. This isn’t just
another way to get drunk. This medicine saves my life.” Gersh

Page 138


To deny hemp medicine’s use to the public is a crime and the police must stop enforcing laws
that were put in place against hemp’s use for medicinal needs. Hemp is simply a natural harmless
healing plant. So how could the police or anyone else think they have the right to deprive
someone with a serious medical problem from being allowed the free use of this substance? ”
Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer

Why iS iT CalleD rSo?
“Rick didn’t start calling it RSO, others did. It is a good term, as it leads people to Rick’s info on
methods and materials. Rick is rightly concerned about people calling oil that is not made with
his methods and recommended starting material qualities Phoenix Tears or RSO. He knows what
worked in his extensive experience treating patients, and he wants to make sure very sick people
get what he knows works, and not something that “might be as good” with the same name...”

“Without Rick and his video I would not have known it cures cancer... although I have been a
user and grower for about 27 years I did not know it had these qualities in it... now I do thanks
to Rick Simpson... and without his boldness and frankness we would all be living in the dark about
it... for that reason I think that RSO is a good name for the oil... but RSO must be made to RS
instructions... not some odors idea of what is best... if it’s not broken - don’t fix it.” Peter

“Jack Herer started calling it the Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. Rick did not want to call it that way
and it took some time to convince him that it is actually a good idea. The trick is that there are
many hemp/cannabis oils out there and there many ways of producing an oil or extract and many
patients have been tricked into buying oils or extracts of inferior quality.

RSO is produced using a specific method, from specific materials, and in a specific way, so it
should be called what it is – RSO. RSO is not BHO (butane honey oil), RSO is decarboxylated
and very potent and sedative. The best RSO is 95-98% THC, 1-2% CBD and extremely potent
and sedative. Most other types of extraction simply will not produce an oil that is decarboxylated
and so potent and require a lot of extra work. We usually process large quantities of cannabis and
Rick’s method is very efficient and streamlined for processing large quantities of cannabis. You can
process a pound of cannabis and produce the oil in less than two hours, using equipment that is
easy to find in most parts of the world. The point is to make the medicine as quickly as possible
so that the patient would not have to wait.“ JB

“I don’t CARE what it is called!!! Please call it whatever you want but don’t trash a man like Rick
who has saved thousands of lives and has given his entire life to spreading the word. It just isn’t
right!!” Donna

“I call it “hemp oil” all the time, because that’s what it is, it’s in the dictionary, just another word
for Cannabis. It’s an old fashion term, but a correct term none the less. We all know what he is
talking about.” Dion

“The magic is in the globular head of the trichome. Nowhere else does the THC exist on the
plant. The plant produces the THC to protect its reproductive parts. The closer you get to those
parts, the buds, the more trichomes. Therefore buds have the most medicine available. It’s science,
not speculation. Thanks again Rick for inspiring me to make the best oil I can. Beautiful clear
amber oil.” Toni

“As much as corn? We all disagree JB. Cheaper would be nice but c’mon now.” Rick

Page 139


-- Rick, if cannabis were grown on thousands of hectares of fields, how much would you want to
pay for it? 20 bucks a kilo? Or less?

You really have to start thinking in tons of cannabis rather than grams. The demand for the oil
will be so huge that it won’t be possible to grow all the plant in “medical greenhouses” only. The
most potent and sedative strains will have to be grown on millions of hectares of land, worldwide.

For instance, once ladies really grasp what the oil can do with the skin and wrinkles, they will
demand 20-30% of the best oil in all of their cosmetic products and all of a sudden there will
be demand for millions of tons of the best oil for cosmetics only. Then add a few more hundred
millions of tons of the oil for hospitals.

You need 5-8 kilos of dry bud to produce a kilo of the oil. One kilo of the oil will produce 5 kilos of
cosmetics products -- that is say 100 jars with 50g of the salve/cream/lotion/lipstick/facial cream/
shampoo. And one hundred jars of hemp salves/creams/lotions/lipsticks/facial creams/shampoos
is nothing, you can give that away easily in a day, you will always find someone who could use them.

So again, start thinking in tons, not in grams. I know that the current prices are much higher. I
am not happy with them and I will do anything I can to get the price of dry outdoor bud from a
field to about 10-20 bucks a kilo. Because that price would give employment and good work to
millions of farmers worldwide. And it would bring about a very positive change in the lives of all
of us. JB

“Let me sum up most of what is happening around the Rick Simpson Oil. The instructions tell
people to A, B, C and D. People read them and ask - if I do not do A, will B, C and D still work?
If I don’t do B, will A, C and D still work? If I don’t do C, will A, B and D work? What if I don’t do
D, will A, B and C still work? And what if I do A, B, C and D, differently, will it still produce the real

The general answer is: no, it will not. If you wish to produce the RSO, follow the instructions
at and in Rick’s e-books to the word. If you want to produce something
else, then follow other instructions. But please do not make us responsible when you produce
a different type of oil and the treatment fails and ends up with unnecessary death of a patient.

If you do A, B, C and D, the oil will work the best way possible. That’s why the instructions are
there. If you don’t, it won’t or might not work. It’s as simple as that, isn’t it?

What would you personally like to get if you needed the medicine? Something that has proven
to work so well or something else, just so that whoever made the oil could prove or disprove
his hypothesis or “method”? It’s your life that’s at stake. So be careful, think for yourself, and learn
from those who have walked this path before you. Best wishes to you. Jindrich Bayer”

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