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Hey guys here is Dan Alex, and this is a new way to impress your audience with a presentation fast,

simple and strong impact.

This effect was designed specifically for situations of "street mentalism" or, why not, a real

situation from the stage.

I want to clarify that this method is 100% impromptu and I assure you it works great anytime and


the set-up is quick and the material can also be found at home, or if you are on the street you can

just find it and build it!

The Spectator does not agree with you, in fact there is no partner, no hidden thread, no complicated

machinery, nothing expensive or complicated.

Once you understand the system will be able to improvise this experience!

Do not get lost in small talk,

I want to teach this little secret immediately!

You're ready?

The Effect:
-The mentalist declares to have a small power called "suggestive touch" and call a spectator to go

on stage.

no matter whether it is male or female, adult or child, he ensures the proper functioning of the


Invites him to close his eyes and relax, then he says to focus on a point in his mind.

The Mentalist tells the viewer that at some point will have to touch the face, but as soon as the

viewer feel the "touch", the other spectators will see that the mentalist all the time never touched

the spectator on stage!

The Method:
- To obtain this result, you should have a "tiny Gimmick".

Is very simple to build it, in fact is nothing but a tiny piece of rubber band.

What you need is:

a rubber band, a black permanent marker and a pair of scissors (Fig.1).

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Cut a small piece of rubber band, as you can

see in (Fig.2).

Please, do not cut a piece large and showy, but

a piece necessarily small and indiscreet.

This will ensure that when the piece touches

him, in a distance of about 2 meters, the other

spectators, or the camera, they don't see the

piece of rubber band.

Looks good reference I gave to you in (Fig.3), the

piece of rubber band is discreetly tiny, buton

contact with the spectator face, I assure you that

you feel it.

In fact, the reaction will be visible, because the

spectator moves his head as if someone had

touched her face.

Got to this point, you must not do is color the

piece of rubber band in black with the aid of

permanent marker. (Fig.4)

Make sure that the piece of rubber band is completely

colored. This will help to hide it in the air when you

throw it against the face of the spectator.

If you can find a transparent rubber band, would be perfect, so you do not have to do is cut the piece

of rubber band without color it.

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How to throw it:
-Throw the piece of rubber band against the spectator face is very simple, just gesticulate or pretend

to touch the face of the spectator, obviously, without touching him!

I use the "pinch method", pretending to hit him with the

middle finger.

You can understand just by looking at the (fig.5).

This allows you to simulate touching the spectator but in

reality you will throw the little piece of rubber band with


This is the basic movement.

(Later we will call "Pinch position")

Ok, the piece of rubber band is secretly hidden between the index finger and the middle finger of

right hand as in (Figure 6)

While you are gesticulating, and explaining what will happen, secretly

put the piece of rubber band to the "Pinch position" (Fig.7)

Once in "Pinch position" does not have to do is

guide the trajectory of the piece of rubber band,

putting at the center of the nail the piece of rubber

band. (Fig.8)

Do not be afraid, I will leave after the exact

executions with various passages written!

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At this point, the spectator will have closed their eyes and will not see anything, and now with the

"Pinch Method" thrown against his face the piece of rubber band. (Fig.9)

(Preferably transparent in street situations)

The specialty of the effect is that there is no clean-up

because the trick itself provides the clean-up.

Once threw it against his face, thanks to the gravity

force, it will fall to disappear on the floor!

If the concept is not yet clear you can see the video

trailer to understand when it is thrown against his


I say again that this gesture will be discreet because

the audience will think that it's just a gesture, or better

yet, a magical gesture.

The method with the technique:



-Ladies and gentlemen this evening will witness an experiment that maybe, you

will upset!

Please, someone bring himself to come on stage with me here?

You sir?

Come here without fear, applause please!

What's your name?




-Dan! Nice to meet you! Listen to me John, now ask you to do things for me,

and you shall do, ok?

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- Ok, Put yourself in front of me, and relaxed, takes a deep breath and close

your eyes!

Now more relaxed and displays a point in front of you! You can do this?




- God! Now try to imagine that I touch your face! (Gesticulates and brings the

piece of elastic "Pinch Position") You can do this?




-Very god! Imagine that this is happening now! (Directs the piece of rubber

band to face of the spectator, and when you say "NOW" throw it against his


Open your eyes! Did you feel something?




-Can you say did you feel?


-I felt strongly that you touched me, here, on the cheek.


-Well, it will seem strange but, I have not touched you!

You may well ask everyone present that throughout this short time I have not

touched you!


-Impossible! Because I felt strongly that when you asked me to imagine that

you touch me I felt your touch!

This really happened?

Other spectators:

-He have not touched you!

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I sincerely hope that this effect enriches our repertoire of mentalism, and

why not, your personal repertoire.

I recommend, if you can use a transparent rubber band!

If there is still not clear after reading the PDF watch the video trailer,

maybe there will be more clear.

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