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                            The term Tara means the deliverer or savior, from the Sanskrit root tri, meaning “to take across,” as to take across a river, the ocean, a mountain, or any difficult situation.  The Goddess Tara is called upon in emergencies or at crossroads where we require guidance as to which way to turn.  Tara is the saving knowledge.  She is the Saviouress.  The idea of the Goddess as saving wisdom is as old as the Vedas, and is a common idea in many spiritual traditions.
Tara is the feminine form of Om or Om personified as a Goddess.  Tara is the unmanifest sound that exists in the ether of consciousness, through which we can go beyond the entire manifestation.  Tara is Om that has the appearance of the ether and which pervades the ether as its underlying vibratory support, but also transcends it.  Om is the unmanifest field behind creation, which is the destroyer as well as the creator of the universe.
Tara is the purifying force of the vital breaths.  Sound that manifests in the ether is the same as the Prana (life-force) that manifests in the ether.  Breath is the primal sound of life, and the sound of the breath is the original, spontaneous and unuttered mantra (So’ ham).  Both mind and Prana, as word and vibration, have their root in sound.  Hence the use of sound or mantra both purifies and energizes the mind.
Tara is the radiance of knowledge that arises from the differentiation of meanings through sound.  Different sounds serve as vehicles whereby different ideas or meanings flash forth.  Om is the underlying light that illumines these different sounds and allows meaning to flow through them.  All meanings exist to reintegrate us into the ocean of meaning that is pure consciousness itself.
Tara, like Kali, is deep blue in color.  She has matted hair, wears a garland of human heads, and has eight serpents for her ornaments.  She is dancing on a corpse, has four arms and carries in her four hands a sword or head chopper, a scissors, a severed head and a lotus.
	Bala Patala
	Shri Bala Paddhati
	Armour of Shri Bala Tripurasundari
	The 1,000 Names of Bala
	Shri Bala Stotra
Lalita Tripurasundari, the Red Goddess
Mahashodha Nyasa
	Mahashodha Nyasa
	Ganesha Nyasa
	Planet Nyasa
	Nakshatra Nyasa
	Yogini Nyasa
	Rashi Nyasa
	Pitha Nyasa
Shri Chakra Nyasa
	Shri Chakra Nyasa
	Nyasa of the Chakra Bewildering the Three Worlds
	Nyasa of the Chakra Fulfilling All Desires
	Nyasa of the All Agitating Chakra
	Nyasa of the Chakra Bestowing All Good Fortune
	Nyasa of the Chakra of all Objects of the Sadhaka
	Nyasa of the Chakra of All Protection
	Nyasa of the Chakra Destroying All Disease
	Weapon Nyasa
	Nyasa of the Chakra Giving All Siddhi
	Nyasa of the Chakra Consisting of Bliss
Shri Vidya Ratna Sutras
Shri Puja
Meditation on Lalita
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Page 53
Dhasha maha vidya

Shri Bhairava -- Listen Devi, I speak of the Armour difficult to get even for gods. One should
never reveal this high secret, which gives the wished for siddhi to a sadhaka. The Seer of the
Armour is Dakshinamurti. Pankti is the Metre. The Devi is Tripurasundari. Its application in
puja is the four aims of Mankind. She wears a pearl diadem, coiled earrings, armlets, a
necklace of gems; pearl finger rings; effulgent bracelets and other jewels; a golden hip girdle,
glittering anklets; her navel is adorned with a ruby, and she has a bracelet of shells, with a
Kala of the Moon on her forehead. She holds a noose, a goad, a book and a rosary in her
upper hands and the other hands.

May the Vagbhava Aim protect my head, and the Kamaraja Klim my heart! May the Shakti Bija
Sauh protect me in my navel, genitals and feet!

May Aim Klim Sauh protect my face, and Bala shield me in my siddhi! May Ha Sa Ka La Hrim
Sauh Bhairavi shield my throat, and may Sa Ka La Sundari shield me in the region of the

May Mahatripurasundari shield my brow, and the point between my eyes! Subhaga protect my
forehead! Bhaga shield my throat! Bhagodevi protect my heart! Bhagasarpini, shield my belly!

Bhagamala, shield my navel! Manobhava, protect my penis! May the auspicious Lady, the
Queen of Queens, the Mahadevi, shield my anus!

Mother of the Cosmos (Jagad Ambika), form of Consciousness, protect my feet! Narayani,
protect me at night! Shubhankari shield me in all my actions!

May Brahmani protect me in the East, and Vaishnavi in the South! May Varahi protect me in
the West, and Maheshvari in the North! May Kaumari protect me in the South East, and
Mahalakshmi in the South West! May Chamunda protect me in the North West, and Indrani in
the North East!

Mahamaya, protect me in Water! Sarvamangala, shield me in Earth! Varada, protect me in
Aether! Bhuvaneshvari, protect me everywhere!

This Armour is called "Names of the Goddess" and is hard to obtain! The pure person with
concentrated mind should arise and recite it at dawn.

Whoever does it knows no fear or disease. Nor is he afraid of death or anxious about sin. He
is never poor, nor is he vanquished by death. He dwells in the realm of Shiva, O Devi. I say to
You that this is most certainly true.

O Auspicious One, whosoever should recite this Armour having not been initiated into Shri
Vidya gains no fruit, but is struck by lightning.

The 1,000 Names of Bala

Shri Devi - Shri Natha Shankara, Bliss-Maker, speak! O Lord God, how may one obtain the
yoga-power of full devotion, O Ocean of Wine 1 If You have compassion for Me Shambhu,
reveal that which is well-hidden!

Shri Bhairava -- By devotion to Shakti one comes to know the entire vermilion ocean of Bliss,
the hidden essence of Bala. Dear One, I will speak to You of Her 1,000 Names. One should

By Dr Anand babu
Adyatmika scientific research center


Page 54
Dhasha maha vidya

well hide it, O One with Thighs like Plantain Stems, it is revealed out of deep and amorous
affection for You. Whoever meditates on how Devi is hymned immediately gains the whole
mass of happiness, and is the cause of Knowledge.

(Of this 1,000 Name-Hymn of Shri Bala Sundari, Bhargava is the Seer, Anushtubh is the
Metre, Shri Bala Tripura is the Devata. Aim is the Seed, Sauh is the Shakti, Klim the linchpin.
The application by reading it are the four aims of Mankind.

Rishi Nyasa :Hail to Bhargava the Seer on the head; Hail to Anushtubh the Metre on the
mouth; Hail to Shri Bala the Devata in the heart; Hail to the Seed Aim in the genitals; Hail to
the Shakti Sauh on the feet; Hail to the Linchpin Klim on the navel; Hail to the Application on
all the limbs.

Aim hail to the thumbs; Klim obeisance to the index fingers; Sauh hail to the middle fingers;
Aim hail to the ring fingers; Klim hail to the little fingers; Sauh to the front and backs of the
hands hail Thus the heart and other Nyasa are related. Meditation-)

Wearing red clothes, with a Kala of the Moon as Her ornament, effulgent as the rising Sun,
holding Book and Rosary, bestowing boons and banishing fears, I meditate on Bala on the
Red Lotus.

Pleasing and Supremely Blissful Vermilion One. Ultimate Treasure of the Path of Devotion.
Deep Left Thing. Manifestation of the Elements. Shankari. Shiva.

Boon Giver of Erotic Form. Essence. Auspicious Sphere of Action. Ocean of Ultimate Bliss.
Passionate. Actress. Graceful One.

Kala of Sexual Play the Colour of Blossom. Dalliance. Absolute. Kala.

Suitable Essence. Creeper Granting All Wishes. Eager-Goddess. Playing with Love's Arrow.
Truly Affectionate. Lovely Sweet Form.

Effulgent as 10,000,000 Suns. Cool as 10,000,000 Moons. Arrow Limbed One Shedding
Nectar. Means by which Heaven is Attained.

Gazelle Eyed. Charming. Walking Beautifully. Happy and Peaceful One. Empress. Queen.
Worshipped by Mahendra.

Lady Moving in the Cosmos. Ultimate Mover in the Cosmos. With Dishevelled Clothing.
Irresistible Shakti. With Tinkling Golden Anklets.

With Breasts like the Paradise Tree on Mount Meru. Bearing Goad and Noose as Weapons and
Giving Boons. Holding Arrows and Sugar Cane Bow in Her Two Beautiful Hands,

Face like the Disc of the Moon. With a Beautiful Crest Gem like a Little Moon. Having a
Vermilion Forehead Mark. Her Lovely Braided Hair adorned with Flowers.

Rejoicing in a Garland of Coral Tree Blossoms. Adorned with a Garland of Gems. Fond of Gold
Ornaments. Having a Beautiful Pearl Necklace.

By Dr Anand babu
Adyatmika scientific research center


Page 105
Dhasha maha vidya

27. Aim Hrim Shrim to Shri Mahatripurasundari in the Astra Missile Phat.
28. Aim Klim Sauh I worship the padukas of Mahatripurasundari.
29. Aim Klim Sauh I offer libation to the padukas of Mahatripurasundari.
30. Half Moon: West to NE, turn round, return to West. Circular:Right hand extended, head
bent. Staff: Rise, go back sane steps, fully prostrate. Eight Limbed: Touch ground with chin,
mouth, nose, jaw, eye, ear cavity. Terrific:Touch ground with skull cavity.
31. These Yoginis are of a bright red colour, very beautiful, making the gestures dispelling
anxiety and granting boons, with two other hands holding noose and good.
32. See elsewhere for meditation details.
33. They are red, restless with sexual desire.
34. The Kala Shaktis wear red, are red in colour, and carry noose and good.
35. They are of lovely symmetrical form with long hair.
36. Very beautiful, wearing red, full of desire, with dishevelled hair, carrying bow and five
37. They are white, dressed and adorned in white.
38. White and clear like the autumnal moon.
39. They are ruby, with four arms, holding book/rosary, curds, dispelling fear and granting
40. Aim Hrim Shrim Dram Drim Klim Blum Sah to the All Devouring Arrows, to the Arrows
Namah. I worship and libate the padukas of the Arrow Shakti, hail.
41. Aim Hrim Shrim Dham to the All Deluding Bow hail. I worship and libate the padukas of
the Noose Shakti. Hail.
42. Aim Hrim Shrim Hrim to the All Subduing Noose hail. I worship and libate the padukas of
the Noose Shakti. Hail.
43. Aim Hrim Shrim Krom to the All Paralysing Goad hail. I worship and libate the padukas of
the Goad Shakti. Hail.
44. Aim Hrim Shrim the Vagbhava Section in the Fire Chakra at the Kamagiri Pitha, the Self of
Mitrisha Nath, the Kameshvari Devi, the Self of Rudra, I worship and libate Her padukas, hail.
45. Aim Hrim Shrim the Kamaraja Section in the Sun Chakra at the Jalandhara Pitha, the Self
of Shashtisha Nath, the Vajreshvari Devi, the Self of Vishnu, I worship and libate that Shakti
'S padukas, hail.
46. Aim Hrim Shrim the Shakti Section in the Moon Chakra at the Purnagiri Pitha, the Self of
Oddyana Nath, the Bhagamalini Devi, the Self of Brahma, I worship and libate that Shakti's
padukas, hail.
47. Aim Hrim Shrim The Shri Root Section in the Brahma Circle at Oddyana Pitha, the Self of
Charya Nath, the Shri Mahatripurasundari Devi, the Shakti with the Self of the Supreme
Absolute, I worship and libate Her padukas, hail.
48. Aim, in my rosary, in my great rosary, the form of all Shakti in which dwell the four aims
(of mankind), bestow siddhi on me.
49. Glaum may You make no obstacles in the rosary!
50. Yam to the Yoginis, all letters of the Yoginis Hum Phat Svaha.
51. Ksham &e. Lord of the Soil, take! Take the incense and light offering Svaha.
52. Gam &c. to Ganapati, Boon Giver, Subdue All Living Things! Take, take the offering Svaha.
53. Blom hail to Vatuka. Come here! Son of Devi, Vatuka Natha, wearing a garland of skulls,
three eyed, fiery-faced, destroy! Destroy all enemies! Take! Take all the ritual accessory
offerings together! Svaha.
54. Spirits in the service of Kubera.
55. Species of malignant demon.
56. Flesh eating demon.

Meditation on Lalita

By Dr Anand babu
Adyatmika scientific research center


Page 106
Dhasha maha vidya

I bow to the goddess made of mantra, who consists of the 51 Ganeshas, the nine planets, the
27 constellations, the six Yoginis, the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the 51 letters of the
alphabet and sacred sites. Vamakeshvara Tantra

"Then one should meditate on Devi, resembling a lotus, like the early morning rays of the
Sun, like a hibiscus or a pomegranate flower, red as a ruby, or like kumkuma dissolved in
water, adorned with a bedazzling jewel in Her diadem, and by a dense mass of small bells,
Her mouth, like a line of black bees, amidst beautifully curved red lips, the circle of Her face
like the dawn or a day lotus, a curved half moon of nectar on Her forehead, Her eyes like
bows, and a beautiful brow, 0 Parameshvari.

"Her eyes are moving playfully to and fro, filled with joy and bliss, the roundness of Her
cheeks surpassing the curve of the lunar crescent. The slender line which is Her nose is like a
beautiful wanton shoot. Her upper nectar like lip is of the red effulgence of copper or coral.
Her smile is sweeter than honey, the quintessence of love. Her very beautiful chin is endowed
with all beauty.

"Her neck is shell-like, She has large, open eyes, arms as graceful as lotus stalks. Her hands
equal in appearance very beautiful red lotuses, and Her nails are brighter than brightness
itself. Her rising breasts uplift a slender pearl necklace, which resenbles a shower of nectar
on them. Her truly beautiful belly is adorned with three lines.

"Her charming begemned navel is like a stream. The roundness of Her hips is like a precious
jewel, She wears a girdle of pearls, and has beautiful buttocks. The circle of Her buttocks is
cleft by a line, Her hair like royal elephant goads. Isvari, Her very beautiful thighs are like two
beautiful plantain stems. Her two lovely legs are like two charming plant stems. Her
unblemished lotus feet are like the crest gem of Brahma.

"Her redness surpasses the redness of the China Rose, vermilion, or the pomegranate flower.
She is clothed in red garments, holding an effulgent noose and a goad. She sits on a red lotus,
and is adorned with red gems. She has four arms and three eyes, and She holds five arrows
and a bow. Her mouth is filled with various pieces of betel mixed with camphor.

"Her beautiful gazelle like body, smeared with red powder, is the vanquisher of the God of
Love. She wears the most beautiful kind of clothes, and is adorned with every kind of
precious gem. She is the Mother Who gladdens creation, the cause of happiness in the world,
causing all love in the world, creating the world, the Devi made of Mantra, great good fortune
Sundari, consisting of all wealth, eternal, supremely blissful, joyful." - dhyana from
Vamakeshvara Tantra. See also: Tripurasundari Lalita and

By Dr Anand babu
Adyatmika scientific research center


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