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Dynamic Trading™

Dynamic Traders Group, Inc.
Tucson, Arizona

Robert C. Miner

Dynamic Concepts In Time, Price and Pattern Analysis

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Dynamic Trading
By Robert C. Miner


Chapter 1 - Introduction To Dynamic Trading
What You Will Learn In This Chapter 1-1
Where We Are Going and What We Will Accomplish 1 -2
It's Time You Made A Change 1-3

Chapter 2 - Getting Started With Dynamic Trading
The Three Dimensions of Market Activity 2-1

The Objective of Technical Analysis 2-3

What A Trader Must Know To Be Successful 2-7

Waves or Swings of Similar Degree 2-12

Chapter 3 - Pattern and Practical Elliott Wave Analysis
What You Will Learn In This Chapter 3-1
Elliott Wave Basics 3-5
Wave Labeling and Notation Conventions Used In This Book 3-6
A Summary Of The Elliott Wave Principle 3-10

The Rules and Guidelines Illustrated 3-11
Trading Implications of the Rules and Guidelines 3-19

Impulse Waves 1, 3 and 5 3-23
Impulse Wave One 3-24

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Dynamic Time Analysis

More Dynamic Time, Price and Pattern Examples

Dynamic Time Projections Target July 20 High Weeks In Advance
The chart below shows some of the time projections for a high that fell
near July 20, 1998. How valuable is this timing approach?

This is not an after-the-fact example. Shortly after the June 16 low. I
placed the time and price targets for a Wave-5 top on our web site. The
time target for the top was the relatively broad zone of July 16-24. The
final top was made July 20 and was followed by the largest decline in over
ten years!

The Dynamic Trader Weekly Report used the very short-term swings
from the intraday data to project the top would be complete by mid-day on
July 20. The extreme high was made just before noon on July 20!

The bar-histogram below the chart is the relative scores of the
Dynamic Time Projection report in the Dynamic Trader program. These
time projections are made from the June 16 low. The highest score is made
on July 20 which was the exact date of the high,


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Dynamic Trader - Chapter 5

Time Retracements
As the S&P declined from the July 20 high, the minor corrective highs
were made on the time and price retracements.

The first correction was complete on the 38.2% time retracement and
the second was complete one day before the 50% time retracement.

"When time and price coincide, change is inevitable!" A very low-risk,
high profit potential trade opportunity is when a market makes a time and
price retracement or projection of the same ratio. Both of the corrections
shown above were made at the same time and price retracernent ratios.


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Robert Miner's DYNAMIC TRADER WEEKLY FAX REPORT- March 1. 1991 - Page 5 of 10
Trading Strategies and Recommendations For The Week Of March 3-7

Gold (April)
Support (2/28H): 358.7
Resistance (2/12L): 364.4-366.6, 370.4, 379.0

Gold has provided another signal of a major trend change to bullish by closing above the prior swing
high of 359.7. The current rally appears to be completing a minor W.5 signaling a minor top is due soon
followed by a correction to the advance from Feb. 12. The current rally has reached the Ideal price
objective for a minor wave-five of 364.4-365.6 where W.5=100% W.1 and 61.8% W.1-3. This price zone
also includes the 50% retracement from the Nov. high.

The ideal time to initiate intermediate term positions is on the correction to an initial advance. It
appears gold should be near the top of an initial advance. If 38%+ correction follows, it will be the ideal
opportunity to initiate intermediate term long positions.

Last Week's Trading Activity: No new trades last week.

Short Term Traders (L-345.30, 2/13: Adjust the protective sell stop 10 359.7 one tick below Friday's low.
Almost all of Friday's advance took place in the last 30 minutes of trading. A lack of follow through to this
buying spree signals a temporary top and the completion of the minor five wave advance is probably

8-58 The Real World Of Dynamic Trading

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Follow-up Comments On Gold To The March 1,1997 Report

A long trade recommendation from a prior report was filled on Feb. 13, one day
following the wide-range, outside-day low. Gold rallied straight up to the ideal
price projection to complete a minor five wave advance. The protective sell-stop
on the long position was adjusted to one tick below the low of the last bar shown
on the chart on the previous page (Feb. 28 low).

The next trading day, March 3, was a key-reversal-day. This was an ideal signal
for a stop-and-reverse to a short position. The nature of a weekly report could not take
advantage of this timely signal. The protective sell-stop at 359.7, one tick below the
Feb. 28 low, was elected two days later on the gap-down open of 357.6 for a profit of

Dynamic Trading - Chapter 8 8-59

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