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TitleEnergy Production Using Speed Bumps
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gears rotate in opposite directions. So that the shafts will rotate with

certain R.P.M. and these shafts are connected through a belt drive to the

generators which convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

N.B: The two pinions rotate in opposite directions to harvest the energy in the

two ways of movement of the rack (Upward and Backward).

N.B: We can also improve the

speed of rotation in order to

improve the generated

output using more this

complicated rack-pinion

mechanism, with small and

large sprockets.

The electrical output can be improved by arranging many speed bumps in

series. And the generated power can be amplified and stored by using

different electrical devices.

Speed Bump


Generator’s Shaft

Belt Drive




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The following is a picture illustrating how would be a perfect power plant:

*** *** ***

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