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TitleFire in the Valley: The Birth and Death of the Personal Computer
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Foreword to the Third Edition
Preface to the Third Edition
Your Own Computer
1. Tinder for the Fire
	The Breakthrough
	Critical Mass
2. The Voyage to Altair
	Uncle Sol’s Boys
	Going for Broke
	All Hell Breaks Loose
	Putting It Together
	The Competition
	The Fall
3. The Miracle Makers
	After Altair
	Amateurs and Professionals
	Building One and Building Two
	Miracles and Mistakes
	est and Entrepreneur's Disease
	Death and Rebirth
4. Homebrew
	Power to the People
	The Homebrew Computer Club
	Wildfire in Silicon Valley
	Nostalgia for the Future
	Sixers and Seventy-Sixers
	Home Rule
	Homebrew Legacy
5. The Genie in the Box
	The Altair’s First Recital
	Pleasure Before Business
	The First Operating System
	Getting Down to BASIC
	The Other BASIC
	Electric Pencil
	The Rise of General Software Companies
	The Bottom Line
	Software Empires
6. Retailing the Revolution
	Spreading the Word: The Magazines
	Word of Mouth: The Clubs and Shows
	Hand-Holding: The First Retailers
	The Big Players
7. Apple
	Jobs and Woz
	Starting Apple
	Magic Times
	Trouble in Paradise
	Shooting for the Moon
8. The Gate Comes Down
	The Luggable Computer
	The HP Way and the Xerox Worm
9. The PC Industry
	Losing Their Religion
	Apple Without Jobs
10. The Post-PC Era
	The Big Turnaround
	Getting Really Personal
	Into the Cloud
	Leaving the Stage
	Looking Back
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