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TitleFirst Information Report and Its Scope
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 Aare 5ct/ The Code of Criminal Procedure' 196.

 <ur <as Aasu/ Criminal Procedure Code 0in - volumes'

8th :dition' -E1E.
 ,.<. Aasu/ Commentar$ on Criminal Procedure' 9th :dition'

 +.,. Chandrase(haran Pillai/ R.*. +el(ar’s Criminal

Procedure' :astern Aoo( Compan$' ?uc(now' -E18.
 Ratanlal and <hira#lal/ Criminal Procedure Code' adhwa

and Co. ,apur' 19th :dition -E18
 3 C 3ar(ar / The ?aw of Criminal Procedure' <wivedi ?aw

5enc$'-nd 0Reprint' -E1E'
 oodro"e/ Commentaries on Code of Criminal Procedure'

- vols. 6rd :d.' -EE9.

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