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Quick transformation with
Gayatri Mantra


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Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 7

Doubt: If we only keep
thinking about Ishwar
as per Gayatri, how do
we manage our day to
day tasks. For example,
if instead of fighting in a
battle, the soldier thinks
of Ishwar will he not get

A: The doubt only comes
when we misunderstand
the characteristics of
Ishwar. This problem as
indicated would come only
to those who consider
Ishwar to be limited in
time and space. Those who
think that Ishwar is in a
person, body, structure
or above skies or sitting
on a throne would fail to
achieve both Ishwar and
success in mundane life
without using cheat-codes!
Because such a God is
different from rest of the
world. You can thus be
either Godly or worldly.

The concept of Ishwar, as
opposed to such a limited

God as described above, is
much more intuitive and
rational. The Vedic Ishwar
is everywhere. He is within
us and He is outside us.
He is in our books, our
clothes, plants, our body,
our enemies, our friends,
our food, our football,
our laptop everywhere.
Now obviously when such
is the Ishwar, thinking
about Ishwar does not
mean as explained in
the doubt. Since Vedic
Ishwar is everywhere and
without any agents, you
are not supposed to think
of anything or any person
specially or in addition to
Ishwar. Since Vedic Ishwar
is everywhere, worship
of Ishwar lies not in any
ritual of Puja or Havan
or Namaaz or Prayer
but each act as per its

In Vedic parlance,
meditating upon Ishwar
means to enhance our
understanding that it is

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Ishwar who is managing
the whole show and giving
us opportunity to reap
benefits as per our free
will. He is everywhere.
When a yogi progresses
with such heightened
understanding of world
around, worship of Ishwar
actually means putting
efforts to use every gift
of Ishwar in best possible
manner by use of our

So it is worship and
meditation of Ishwar when
a vedic soldier puts full
concentration in fighting
the enemy, or a Vedic
student puts all his mental
and physical energies to
study and understand the
concepts of his subject.
Doing whatever you are
doing in best possible
manner is the true worship
of Ishwar as per Gayatri
Mantra. And better the
focus, better the outcome.
More you understand that
its not the exam that you

are giving, or it is not the
war that you are fighting,
or it is not the workout
you are doing; it is your
worship of Ishwar for
a higher goal. It is your
exemplification of Gayatri

Reject all agents between
you and Ishwar,

Reject your attachment to
fruits of action,

Reject the belief that
destiny is not smiling on

Reject the belief that you
need to do any particular
ritual to please Ishwar or
change destiny,

Reject all those
predictions of palmists
and astrologers and their

Reject all those tendencies
of looking at planets
before starting a noble

Reject the feeling of you

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Mission Agniveer - Vision Vedas. 15

help clarify your concepts,
take full benefits from him
but never with blind faith.
Mortal Guru should never
supersede the Ultimate
Guru or Ishwar

Q: In which Veda does
Gayatri come?

A: We find Gayatri Mantra
in Rigveda 3.62.10,
Yajurveda 3.35, 22.9,
30.2 and 36.3. The
meanings of the mantra
are largely the same
with some differences
depending upon the
context of the Hymn or

Q: What if this Gayatri
recipe does not work for

A: The Gayatri recipe
on this post comes with
money-back guarantee!
Just kidding! But that
is how many self-help
courses sell. What we have
provided is a scientific

systematic process. It has
to work. If it does not, you
need to revisit Chapter
3,7,8,9 of Satyarth
Prakash. Comment here
for any doubts and we
would be glad to help.
Make sure you try to
maintain unity in thoughts,
words and actions. Avoid
meat, alcohol and vulgar/
romantic movies etc for
the period. Keep healthy
routine – thats it.

Remember that we are
trying to go towards our
original nature. Anything
unnatural may deter you.
But if laugh of an innocent
child makes you happy,
or you find it natural to
love your mother, or feel
obliged when someone
takes pain to help you
without selfish interests,
then you are human
enough to ensure that this
will quickly work for you!

Reclaim your ultimate

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