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TitleGospel of Barnabas - Truth, Lies and Historicity
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Survey and Commentary: Translation By :
By Dr. Omar Zaid

The Gospel Of Barnabas :
Truth, Lies and Historicity

Lonsdale and Laura Ragg

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In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficient, Most Merciful

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Chapter 68 -
Reward or Punishment

You ask me to tell you what God will give us in paradise. Truly I say to you that those who
think of the wages do not love the master. A shepherd who has a �ock of sheep, when he sees

the wolf coming, prepares to defend them; contrariwise, the hireling when he sees the wolf
leaves the sheep and �ees. As God lives, in whose presence I stand, if the God of our fathers

were your God you would not have thought of saying: “What will God give me?” But you
would have said, as did David his prophet: What shall I give to God for all that he has given to


“I will speak to you by a parable that you may understand. �ere was a king who found by the
wayside a man stripped by thieves;, who had wounded him to death. And he had compassion

on him, and commanded his slaves to bear that man to the city and tend him, and this they did
with all diligence. And the king conceived a great love for the sick man, so that he gave him his
own daughter in marriage, and made him his heir. Now assuredly this king was most merciful;
but the man beat the slaves, despised the medicines, abused his wife, spoke evil of the king, and
caused his vassals to rebel against him. And when the king required any service, he was wont to
say: “What will the king give me as reward?” Now when the king heard this, what did he do to
so impious a man?” �ey all replied: “Woe to him, for the king deprived him of all, and cruelly

punished him.”

�en Jesus said: “O priests, and scribes, and Pharisees, and you high-priest that hear my voice,
I proclaim to you what God has said to you by his prophet Isaiah: “I have nourished slaves

and exalted them, but they have despised me.” “�e king is our God, who found Israel in this
world full of miseries, and gave him therefore to his servants Joseph, Moses and Aaron, who

tended him. And our God conceived such love for him that for the sake of the people of Israel
he smote Egypt, drowned Pharaoh, and discom�ted an hundred and twenty kings of the Ca-

naanites and Madianites; he gave him his laws, making him heir of all that [land] wherein our
people dwells.

“But how does Israel bear himself? How many prophets has he slain; how many prophecies has
he contaminated; how has he violated the Law of God: how many for that cause have departed
from God and gone to serve idols, through your o�ence, O priests! And how do you dishonour
God with your manner of life! And now you ask me: “What will God give us in paradise?” You
ought to have asked me: What will be the punishment that God will give you in hell; and then
what you ought to do for true penitence in order that God may have mercy on you: for this I

can tell you, and to this end am I sent to you.”


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Chapter 69 -
Priests Who Prefer This World

As God lives, in whose presence I stand, you will not receive adulation from me, but truth.
Wherefore I say to you, repent and turn to God even as our fathers did a�er sinning, and

harden not your heart. �e priests were consumed with rage at this speech, but for fear of the
common people they spoke not a word.

And Jesus continued, saying: “O doctors, O scribes, O Pharisees, O priests, tell me. You desire
horses like knights, but you desire not to go forth to war: you desire fair clothing like women,

but you desire not to spin and nurture children; you desire the fruits of the �eld, and you desire
not to cultivate the Earth; you desire the �shes of the sea, but you desire not to go a �shing; you

desire honour as citizens, but you desire not the burden of the republic; and you desire tithes
and �rst fruits as priests, but you desire not to serve God in truth. What then shall God do with

you, seeing you desire here every good without any evil? Truly I say to you that God will give
you a place where you will have every evil without any good.”

And when Jesus had said this, there was brought to him a demoniac who could not speak nor
see, and was deprived of hearing. Whereupon Jesus, seeing their faith, raised his eyes to heaven
and said: “Lord God of our fathers, have mercy on this sick man and give him health, in order

that this people may know that you have sent me.”

And having said this Jesus commanded the spirit to depart, saying: “In the power of the name
of God our Lord, depart, evil one, from the man. �e spirit departed and the dumb man spoke,

and saw with his eyes. Whereupon every one was �lled with fear, but the scribes said: “In the
power of Beelzebub, prince of the demons, he casts out the demons.”

�en Jesus said: “Every kingdom divided against itself destroys itself, and house falls upon
house. If in the power of Satan, Satan be cast out, how shall his kingdom stand? And if your
sons cast out Satan with the scripture that Solomon the prophet gave them, they testify that I

cast out Satan in the power of God. As God lives, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is without
remission in this and in the other world; because the wicked man of his own will reprobates

himself, knowing the reprobation.”

And having said this Jesus went out of the Temple. And the common people magni�ed him, for
they brought all the sick folk whom they could gather together, and Jesus having made prayer
gave to all their health: whereupon on that day in Jerusalem the Roman soldiery, by the work-
ing of Satan, began to stir up the common people, saying that Jesus was the God of Israel, who

was come to visit his people.


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Chapter 221 -
Jesus’ Final Message to Barnabas

Jesus turned himself to him who writes, and said: “Barnabas, see that by all means you write
my gospel concerning all that has happened through my dwelling in the world. And write in a

similar manner that which has befallen Judas, in order that the faithful may be undeceived, and
every one may believe the truth.” �en answered he who writes: “I will do so, if God wills, O

Master; but I do not know what happened to Judas, for I did not see it.”

Jesus answered: “Here are John and Peter who saw everything, and they will tell you all that
has passed.” And then Jesus commanded us to call his faithful disciples [so] that they might see

him. So James and John called together the seven disciples with Nicodemus and Joseph, and
many others of the seventy-two, and they ate with Jesus.

�e third day Jesus said: “Go to the Mount of Olives with my mother, for there I will ascend
again to heaven, and you will see who shall bear me up.” So they all went there except twenty-
�ve of the seventy-two disciples, who for fear had �ed to Damascus. And as they all stood in

prayer, at midday Jesus came with a great multitude of angels who were praising God: and the
splendour of his face made them greatly afraid and they fell with their faces to the ground. But

Jesus li�ed them up, comforting them, and saying: “Do not be afraid, I am your master.”
And he reproved many who believed that he had died and risen again, saying: “Do you hold

me and God for liars? I said to you that God has granted to me to live almost to the end of the
world. Truly I say to you, I did not die; it was Judas the traitor. Beware, for Satan will make

every e�ort to deceive you. Be my witnesses in Israel, and throughout the world, of all things
that you have heard and seen.”

And having said this, he prayed God for the salvation of the faithful, and the conversion of
sinners and [then], his prayer ended, he embraced his mother, saying: “Peace be to you, my

mother. Rest in God who created you and me.” And having said this, he turned to his disciples,
saying: “May God’s grace and mercy be with you.” �en before their eyes the four angels car-

ried him up into heaven.


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Chapter 222 -
Jesus’ Ascension

A�er Jesus had departed, the disciples scattered through the di�erent parts of Israel and of the
world, and the truth, hated of Satan, was persecuted, as it always is, by falsehood. For cer-

tain evil men, pretending to be disciples, preached that Jesus died and rose not again. Others
preached that he really died, but rose again. Others preached, and yet preach, that Jesus is the
Son of God, among whom is Paul deceived. But we - as much as I have written - we preach to

those that fear God, that they may be saved in the last day of God’s Judgment.




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