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Name: Raijannah K. Ampuan Date: August
15, 2016
Teacher: Nurhaina A. Sinsuat Topic: Reaction

Heneral Luna: Full of Reactions

“Heneral Artikulo Uno.” This quotation really caught up my attention
since the very start of the Heneral Luna movie and it became my most
favourite part.

It knocked my senses to wander about the movie. So, I got curious
about why General Antonio Luna was named as Heneral Artikulo Uno.
Later on, I learned that it was all about the article which states that whoever
defies the General, he will be killed without due process of law through trials.

Also, I observed that that trash talks were really expressed by
numerous soldiers during that time. In the movie, some of the businessmen’s
attitude was shown such as having allegiance with the colonizers just for the
sake of power. I think that this scenario is similar to those people now who
sell drugs to gain money in just one click and seek for power in a dirty way.

On the other hand, I got inspired by the strong dedication and
determination of Garcia who became the “Deadshot” in the movie because
of a certain scene in which he was tasked to threaten a high official
American. Garcia’s braveness showed up as he volunteered to the command
of Heneral Luna. Like Garcia, we need to be brave enough to live for our
loved ones, family and the nation in general.

What marked in my mind the most was when Heneral Luna said that
the worst enemies weren’t the American colonizers, but ourselves alone. I
strongly agree with him because it’s true that a man’s worst enemy is
himself. It’s because of his desire to power which is a big contrast to
nationalism and patriotism.

The movie was great. It was intensely full of actions but the Director
put up some humour which made the movie more attractive to the viewers.
As I have observed, different emotions from the audience were expressed
because of their serious intention to watch the movie. As a whole, Henearl
Luna movie was really significant in our generation because it woke us up to
the reality.

As young individuals, we must set aside our own self-interests and we
need to control our desires. We must start practicing good deeds in our own
ways and patriotism will take place eventually. We need to discipline
ourselves because we are the hope of our country. We must build strong

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