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TitleHerb of Immortality 2
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Table of Contents
                            Amanita Muscaria; Herb of Immortality
The Beginning Pg. 5
The Indo-Europeans Pg. 10
The Ancient World Pg. 12
Amanita Muscaria Legendary Herb of Immortality Pg. 13
Amanita Muscaria The Fruit of the Trees of Life Pg. 16
Amanita Muscaria Soma the pressed One And the Holy Grail Pg. 17
Amanita Muscaria The Living Bread Pg. 19
Amanita Muscaria The Healing Herb Pg. 21
Natural Science Pg. 33
Natural Science; Pharmacology Pg. 35
Natural Magic Pg. 37
The Resurrection Question Pg. 45
The Question of Wine Pg. 50
Natural Magic: Recreating the Grail Pg. 53
Growing the Eucharistic Bread and Wine in quantity Pg. 65
Gods, Books, Myths and Folktales Pg. 79
The Rig Veda Soma and the Holy Grail Pg. 80
Zoroaster the Prophet and the Mazda Religion Pg. 83
Mithras Pg. 85
The Bible Pg. 86
New Testament Bible Quotes Pg. 89
Dionysus Pg. 94
Odin; God of Wisdom Pg. 97
Alchemy and Hermeticism Pg. 99
Some Thoughts Pg. 113
The Names of a God, Part 1 Pg. 114
Names of a God, part 2 Pg. 121
Supplies and Info Pg. 127

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