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Navamsa is the 9th Varga. It is 1/9 th of a sign, and that is why the name Navamsa.
Nava = 9 Amsa = Division. Navamsa = 1 division out of 9 divisions.
Navamsa longitude = R x 9

Navamsa prediction is also based on the 7-fold system

[I] Stana (Place)

Saravali says – "Now I will say the lagna navamsa phala for signs starting from Aries. With lagna
navamsa we should know the color, shape and lakshana (nature of the native & significance of
the amsa).

The same method could be applied to Chandra navamsa and the navamsa of all other planets.
This sloka indicates that –

1) Color (based on navamsa sign and navamsa lord)
2) Shape (Swaroopa and geography)
3) Nature (character attributes of the native)
4) Significance assigned to the navamsa

Are the basic 4 methods used to extract the stana phala. Let us discuss the Shape (Swaroopa
concept in detail).
This is one of the basic rules to be followed in prediction based on navamsa. As said earlier, to
determine the stana phala for each navamsa several methods are used. One of them is assigning
Swaroopa. This has 2 variations.
i) Navamsa Swaroopa (assigning imaginary shape to the navamsa)

Saravali says – "The person born in the first navamsa of Aries will have a face similar to ram,
small nose, short arms, rough sound, half closed eyes, a slim body without handicaps".
Saravali assumes/assigns such imaginary shape to the individuals born in all navamsas.

ii) Navamsa Swaroopa based on navamsa number
This is another method of assigning navamsa Swaroopa. Here imaginary shape is assigned to individuals
born in different navamsa of each rasi based on the navamsa number with in that sign. For example, if a
person is born in the first navamsa of any sign, then he would be – "stingy, not bold enough in taking
decisions, sinner, wants to hurt others" says shadvarga phala prakash.

[II] Bhava (House)
The house (from natal lagna) in which the navamsa falls. For example if the amsa of the 2nd lord is in
12th, assets and bank balance etc can be predicted. Also if we want to speak about expense then in
which items the money would be spend would be indicated by the sign in which navamsa falls and the
lord of it.

[III] Graha (Planet)
The combination (uti) of planet is considered in navamsa as well. For example think that Ma is in the 5th
navamsa of Aries (which falls in Leo) and Mo is in the 8th Navamsa of Virgo (which falls in Leo). Also
think that Ju is in Leo. Then there is a Ma-Mo combination in Leo in navamsa. Normal prediction
(considering the mixing of significance) given for Ma-Mo combination can be given here as well. But no
predictions considering Ju-Ma or Ju-Mo should be given, since
Ju is in sign and others are in navamsa.

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[IV] Stana-Graha (Place-planet)
The traditional astrologers use the "Asraya rasi phala (prediction for placement of planets)" told for
planets in natal chart in navamsa as well. [No. Don't think of navamsa chart. I am speaking about
navamsa super imposed on natal chart and not about navamsa chart] But there are 2 other cute methods
for place-planet
prediction using navamsa.

i) Considering the House lord (House = Sign)
Saravali says "Without considering the lordship of houses, we can not move even a single step forward in
prediction". Shadvarga phalaprekash says – "If the navamsa of Su is in the house of Su itself then, he
would be wealthy and live a good life. But he would like quarrelling with others, taking the wrong methods
and approaches and the like. He will have many diseases as well". Similarly prediction for all the other
planets is also given.

ii) Navamsaka sign based prediction
Sphujidwaja hora says – "Navamsaka in Aries sign (any planet placed in navamsa allotted for
Aries sign) indicates, land, gold etc if Ma is strong. Navamsaka in Tarus sign indicates,
quadrupeds, women, wealthy people etc". For example, in a presena if Su navamsaka is in Aries,
then that sun could indicate gold, if the lagna lord is Su then the presna itself could be about gold.
In which sign that sun is placed is not important here. See the difference in use of the these
words as well-
Navamsa = 1/9th of a sign

Navamsaka = to which sign that 1/9th part is allotted. (in which sign that 1/9th part falls).
If Su is in Aries 9 deg, then Su in Aries 3rd Navamsa and the Navamsaka falls in Gemini. So Navamsa is
Aries 3rd Navamsa and Navamsaka is Gemini. These words are at times used almost in a similar fashion
as well. So take those words as having almost same meaning, but don't get confused.
While making Place-Planet predictions with Navamsa, remember that the basic significance o the planets
and signs remains the same. The only extra thing being that it is looked though a new dimension. Mihira
also speaks about the Place-planet based prediction with navamsa. For example, in Viyoni Janma
chapter of Brihat Jataka, he says – "If the lagnamsaka is strong then the color of that sign
would be the sign of the animal born at that time" Remember that the word lagnamsaka indicates the sign
in which lagnamsa falls. Taking another example from Varaha hora, let us think of the sloka "Ojarkshe
purushamsakeshu…". Mihira says "If Lagna, Su, Moon, Ju and there amsakas falls in male signs then it
would be a male birth". Here Male/Female variation of sign is considered. So it is a place-planet
prediction. See to the fact that Mihira is speaking about the Male/Female variation of 8 signs. They are –

• The sign in which lagna is posited.
• The sign in which Su is posited
• The sign in which Mo is posited
• The sign in which Ju is posited
• The sign in which the lagna navamsa falls (Lagna navamsa sign = Lagnamsaka)
• The sign in which the Su navamsa falls (Su navamsa sign = Suryamsaka)
• The sign in which the Mo navamsa falls (Mo navamsa sign = Chandramsaka)
• The sign in which the Ju navamsa falls (Ju navamsa sign = Gurvamsaka)

By the way there is a whole chapter (Chapter 17) allotted to navamsa based place-planet prediction, in
Varaha hora. Have a look at it.

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[V] Bhava-Graha (House-Planet)
Predictions are given considering the Navamsaka house (starting from natal lagna) in the
horoscope. For example, Mihira says –

"Koujamsesthe Sourina vyadhi yoni", meaning if the navamsa of Ma falls in 7th (from natal lagna) then
she will have some disease related to sexual organs". Brihal prajapatyam says –

Aste jeevamsake tatra bhargavena nireekshite
Ya jata tam vijaneehi yoni manojchakanwitam

Meaning, "if the navamsa of Ju falls in 7th from natal lagna and the Drishti of Ve falls in 7th then she will
have beautiful hip and sexual organs". Spot the fact that, since 7th house and planets are considered it is
a House-Planet prediction.

[VI] Stana-Bhava (Place-House)
Since house is always counted from natal lagna this system is not much important in navamsa-based
prediction. But we can locate some other cute uses of this. Remember that exaltation, debilitation etc is
also related to place. (Stana) Look at this sloka from Prasnamarga –

Daresasya navamsese moodhe neechari bhagake
Papandare papa drishte kalatrantarabhag bhavel

Meaning, if the lord of the sign in which the navamsa of the 7th lord falls is combusted, debilitated, in
enemy sign, between malefics or aspected (drishti) by malefics then, the native will have more than one
For example, think that Virgo is Lagna and the navamsa of the 7th lord Ju Leo. Then if Su (lord of leo) is
in Libra, he will have more than one wife. Here –

Ju = Daresa (7th lord)
2nd navamsa of Pi = Daresasya navamsa (Thus the Ju Navamsaka is Leo)
Su = Daresasya navamsesa (navamsa lord for Ju)

Notice that, in this sloka, exaltation, debilitation etc (and thus Place) and 7th house (and thus House) is
considered and also that the prediction is based on Navamsa. But such slokas are rare and is mostly
based on things like exaltation-debilitation (Place), Kendra-trikona (House) etc.

[VII] Stana-Bhava-Graha (Place-House-Planet)
Look at the Varaha Hora sloka "Vridho MoorkhaH Sooryajarkshamsake va" Meaning, "if the 7th house is
Cp or Aq and if the navamsa of Sa falls in that sign, then she will get an aged person with not much
education as husband". For example, if Lagna is Cn and the navamsa of Sa falls in Cp then her husband
would be an aged person. Notice that here – Cn (Place), 7th house (House) and Sa
(Planet) are considered. Also notice that it is a navamsa based prediction.
I think this explanation might have cleared the doubt – "how to predict with navamsa" at least to a certain
extend. Always remember that it is the 7-fold prediction system that is used both in natal chart and in
Vargas (amsas).

• The vargas (amsas) only modify the results shown by the natal chart.
• Drishti is not considered in Vargas (amsas).
This message is becoming too long and I have already covered the 7- fold system. So I stop

Vijayadas Pradeep:

Lots of info! Lagna having bhagya navamsa etc and 2nd lord having amsa in 12th as you have
said are important clues.

Vinita Kumar:

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