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General notes

Technical Documentation guidelines


You can find herewith some generic information to simplify cunsulting of technical documentation:

1. Models of same range share the same exploded views, which report the richest set of spare parts:generally, a model does not necessarly have a

related spare part for each particular shown on exploded views.

2. Some spare parts can not be represented directly on the exploded views (instruction booklets, specific kit, etc...). You can find those codes in the

spare parts list with the same reference of particular where spares are installed or with references 099, 999. Instruction booklets, once managed,

appear with 000 reference.

3. On the higher right site of each exploded view there is a serial number which indicates the beginning of the production of certain range:some

models might have more than an exploded view for a given category, each distinguished by a different serial no.and linked to another spare parts

list, In this case, serial no. is required to supply the right spare part code. Exploded view to be considered is the one with a more recent serial no.

but previous than the one of the model that needs assistance.

4.Exploded views might require further updates even after publishing. Addition of new spares will go on following the already existing numeration

references. Revision number of an exploded view is shown into last four digits of serial number into upper right hand corner.

5.The spare parts list associated to an exploded view shows related codes of spares managed for a certain model; for each spare part other

informations are available:

REF: reference no of spare into a table; SUBSTITUTE: list of spare(s) which can replace a code but that keeps same functional characteristics

INDUSTRIAL CODE: list of variables of a model (shown into model label) where such spare is used; NOTICE: code of information(s) to refer to

complete technical intervention, track for changes or to find correct spare part code.

6. Some notices, into a same section are generic therefore cannot be directly linked to a spare part. In order to assist a model in the best way as

possible, it is helpful to pay attention to all notices and constantly verify documentation updates

7.Technical documentation cover shows model name and its commercial codes

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Legend: 111293c

AQS Aquastop electrovalve Mzbn/MTA zbn timer motor

B Buzzer N Neutral or Terminal Board

BC NC Spin cycle exclusion

BF Terminal board contact, motor fan and dryer

P Pressure switch

BP Buzzer PA High speed potentiometer

C Condensator PB Low speed potentiometer

CA Condensator PL Pure Wool

DV Switching device PM Motor Thermoprotector

EF/CL Electro-Valve Cold Water / Bleach PR Timer programmer or Pressure switch

EF/L Electro-Valve Cold Water / Wash PS Drain pump

EF/P Electro-Valve Cold Water / Prewash P1 1st level pressure cut-off switch

ER Exclude Heating Element P2 2nd level pressure cut-off switch

ET Thermostat disactivation R Heating element

EV Electrovalve Ras/RA Dryer heating element

EVA Dryer electrovalve RE Relay

EVC Hot water electrovalve RR Heating element

EVF Elettrovalvola acqua fredda RV Speed regulator

EVL Wash electrovalve S LED

EVP Pre Wash electrovalve SL Line LED

FA Antijamming filter SO Door LED

FD Delicate drying cycle thermostat SR Heating LED

FE Strong drying cycle thermostat ST Temperature selector

FRT Thermofusible Heating Element SV Speed Selector for Spin

I Inverter T Timer contacts

IA Switch On/Off TA Drying timer contacts

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