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TitleInternship Report on Internet Banking Services of Janata Bank Limited
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                            SUPERVISED BY
Department of Management Studies
Md. Sulayam
ID: M - 150202006
Session: 2015-2016
Department of Management Studies
Faculty of Business Studies
Jagannath University.
I must express my gratitude to all the executives and officers of Janata Bank Limited, REB Khilkhet branch, Dhaka.
1.2 Background of the study
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Tahmina Rita


Department of Management Studies

Faculty of Business Studies

Jagannath University.


Md. Sulayam

ID: M - 150202006

Session: 2015-2016

Department of Management Studies

Faculty of Business Studies

Jagannath University.


Date of Submission: 30 April 2017

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Letter of Transmittal

30 April 2017

Tahmina Rita


Department of Management Studies

Jagannath University.

Subject: Submission of Internship Report.

Dear Mam,

You will be pleased to know that I have completed Internship Report on ‘‘Internet Banking

Services of Janata Bank Limited’’.

Under the state of the report, I have been given relevant information from the employees of

Janata Bank Ltd for collecting primary data. I also have gone through various publications

relating with Janata Bank Ltd and its operation.

This report provides me an insight on the Internet Banking System of Janata Bank. In this

report I have tried to find out some problem areas related to Internet Banking of Janata Bank

Ltd and tried to find out some possible solutions to those particular problems.

I have enjoyed the preparation of the report because it provides me with the chance to put my

theoretical knowledge in a real life situation. If you need any kind of further information I

will be glad to provide accordingly.

I therefore pray & hope that you would be kind enough to me by providing acceptance of this

report and oblige thereby.

Sincerely yours,

Md. Sulayam

ID: M- 150202006

Session: 2015-2016



Department of Management Studies

Jagannath University.

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 Innovative thinking

 Free from corruption

 Improve on-line banking

 Introduction of mobile banking

 Broadening of deposit base

 Expedite cash recovery

 Making all branch profitable

 Improved training program

 Boost up foreign remittance

 Ensure chain of command

 Correct estimation of borrowers demand

 Proper valuation of security

 Customer preference

 Synthesis of mass banking and elite banking

 Avoid loan sanctioning bureaucracy

 Aware gender sensitivity

 Aesthetic infrastructure

Concerning the factors above JBL have the following objectives

1) To ensure inflow of funds at combinations of least possible cost.

2) To maintain a discreet credit policy.

3) To extend financial assistance to the citizenry, living at dispersed locations by

expanding the network of branches.

4) To practice stronger IT-driven initiatives that will meet the challenges and

requirements of the bank and its clientele.

5) To improve administrative and organizational structures in order to prepare the

platform for best practices of corporate governance.

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2.5 Ethical Principles

Bank deals with public money where ethical compliance is very important. JBL follows and

maintain ethical values in every sphere of its banking operation and customer services. The

core ethics of JBL business are as follows:

 Implement justice and fairness;

 Ensure optimal customer services;

 Maintain privacy and secrecy of customer’s information;

 Prevent money laundering and corruption;

 Protects and upholds corporate values;

 Maintain accuracy and transparency in financial reporting;

 Protect natural environment.

2.6 Code of Conduct

In accordance with the ethical principles the code of conduct of JBL employees shall:

 Act with integrity, competence and dignity;

 Loyal to the bank and bank’s interest;

 Maintain professionalism and ethical standards;

 Deliver professional service in accordance with JBL policies and relevant standards;

 Try to fulfill the customer needs in the best possible manner within the guideline of

corporate ethics;

 Keep all matters confidentially;

 Maintain knowledge of and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations;

 Never offered or accept illegal gifts or other facilities in order to achieve personal


 Not engaged in any unprofessional conduct involving dishonesty, fraud,

misrepresentation or commit

 Any act that reflects adversely on honesty, trustworthiness and professional


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complex technology, maintaining secured IT infrastructure, alternative mechanism in case of

failure of present security system.

The company can take the advantage of the reputation it has created in the market for itself

and become more competitive

The recommendations and suggestions given, if adopted will improve the position of the

company substantially and optimal profitability coupled with better service and satisfactions

for investors may be achieved.

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