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                            ISO WD 7250-3
		1 Scope
		2 Normative references
		3 Worldwide and Regional Design Ranges
		4 Procedures for Establishing Design Ranges
			4.1 Worldwide Ranges
			4.2 Regional Ranges
		5 Worldwide Design Ranges
			5.1 Relationship between ISO TR 7250-2 and ISO 7250-3
			5.2 Missing or sparse Data
			5.3 Worldwide Design Range Table (normative)
		Annex A  (informative)  XXXXX
		Annex B  (informative)  XXXXX
		Annex C  (informative)  XXXXX
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ISO TC 159/SC 3 N 416
Date: 2013-01-14

ISO/WD 7250-3

ISO TC 159/SC 3/WG 1

Secretariat: DIN

Basic human body measurements for technological design — Part 3:
Worldwide and regional design ranges for use in ISO product standards

Élément introductif — Élément central — Partie 3: Titre de la partie


This document is not an ISO International Standard. It is distributed for review and comment. It is subject to
change without notice and may not be referred to as an International Standard.

Recipients of this draft are invited to submit, with their comments, notification of any relevant patent rights of
which they are aware and to provide supporting documentation.

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ISO/WD 7250-3

Copyright notice

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development process is permitted without prior permission from ISO, neither this document nor any extract
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ISO 15535: General requirements for establishing anthropometric databases

ISO 20685: 3D Scanning methodologies for internationally compatible anthropometric databases

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ISO/WD 7250-3

Annex A



There are occasionally business reasons to develop products for a more focused, regional market. In this
Annex a method for creating regional design ranges from individual member body data presented in ISO TR
7250-2 is illustrated. Two examples are presented here: One is Europe, where anthropometric standards are
used to help show conformity with European legislation; the other is Asia, since Asian markets are among the
fastest growing in the world. Note that regional design ranges are informative in nature.

In general, regional ranges should be derived from only the member body data presented in ISO TR 7250-2
for reasons described in Paragraph 4.1. In the case of defining regional ranges for the European region,
existing CEN and ISO standards were used as a starting point (e.g. EN 547-3:1997, EN ISO 14738:2002, EN
ISO 15534-3:2000). Where individual European member body data in ISO TR 7250-2 exceed the published
CEN standard ranges, the ISO TR 7250-2 limits were used to update the European design ranges.

At this time European data are available only for Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. It is possible that these
example design ranges will need to be extended when anthropometric data from other European member
bodies are submitted for inclusion in ISO TR 7250-2.

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Annex B



Place-holder for separate sex annex, if we decide to do that.

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ISO/WD 7250-3

Annex C


The statistical values included in this standard are from national populations supplied by ISO Member Bodies.
In some countries, there may be other anthropometric data available, sometimes for a fee. Examples of some
of these sources are:

Germany: Size Germany

Japan: Size JPN

Republic of Korea: Size Korea

United Kingdom: Size UK

United States: CAESAR

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