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In itslearning, all users are assigned to a profile. The profile decides the role of the user.
Common roles are system administrators, administrators, employees (teachers), learners

(students, pupils) and guests.

Profiles are given different access rights and permissions. Some profiles are allowed to do things that others
are not allowed to do. For example: A teacher can add assignments and tests in a course, while learners

are limited to answering and taking tests and assignments.

There are three groups of profiles:

 Site: The site profiles contain a set of profiles that describe what rights and permissions the profiles have

on the site. The default profiles are system administrator, administrator, employee, student, guest and

 Course: The course profiles decide what functions the different profiles have access to in the courses.

The default profiles are administrator, teacher, student and guest.

 Project: The project profiles decide what functions the different profiles have access to in the projects.

The default profiles are project manager and project participant.

Site profiles

When you click the Profiles link in the administration overview, you see a large table with available

functionalities. They are explained in the table below. The green tick mark indicates that the function is
available for the profile, while the red 'X' indicates that the function is unavailable.


Language This item allows you to change the profile name for all supported languages. This is
useful if your site wants to use a system of profile names that departs from the defaults,
such as by changing 'Staff' to 'Teacher'.


Visible to Visit this topic to learn more about the 'Visible to' privacy setting.

Communicate to See this topic to learn more about the 'Communicate to' privacy setting.

Receive communication

Visit this topic to learn more about the 'Receive communication from' privacy setting.

Profile settings

Security level Indicates the security level of the profile. Advanced profiles have the highest security
level. For example: System administrators have 100 and Guests 10. Note: The
security level

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appearance of itslearning according to their requirements. The same applies to text sizes, which can be
changed using the browser settings.

itslearning and assistive technology

itslearning constantly undergoes expert evaluation. By combining such evaluation and user testing, we have
assured the quality and verified the function of facilities and aids used in conjunction with itslearning. User
tests have been carried out with blind and visually impaired itslearning users.

itslearning has been through several rounds of testing with facilities for tactile presentation (Braille writing)
and also with aids for serial navigation that are used by the blind and the dyslexic. We have also tested
different forms of magnification and alternative visual presentations that may be of interest to the visually

The following table lists the assistive technologies used during expert evaluation and user testing:

Product name and version Primary target group

ReadIT version 2 Dyslexia, low vision

Jaws version 5.10 and 6.20 Blind

HAL Blind

SuperNova Blind, low vision

Lunar / Lunar + Low vision

ZoomText / ZoomText Xtra Low vision

Accessibility functions in browsers and combinations with adaptations by Windows are also tested, and can
be used successfully if necessary. In addition to these, see the itslearning general technical requirements for
more information on browsers and other necessary technology. A manual for learners and teachers who use
itslearning with assistive technology is under construction. This will provide more details on how itslearning
can be used with assistive technology.

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Logs and statistics

License statistics

This function provides you with statistics about your site and the supplementary licenses (extra modules)
your site currently has:


Users total The total number of users that have a user account in this site.

Users online The number of users that are currently online in this site.

Users online last 24 hours The number of users that have been online the last 24 hours.

Users online last week The number of users that were online last week.

Users online last month the number of users that were online last month.


Storage on disk The total storage your site currently has on disk.

Storage in database The total storage your site currently has in the database(s).

Storage total The sum of Storage on disk and Storage in database.

Supplementary licenses

Module/license name The names listed here vary from site to site. If you have
extra modules, such as Library or plagiarism control,
they are listed here.

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