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Journal of j~

llorbcrlanb JRescarcb
.. · Vol. XLVIII, No. 3 May-June 1992

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0897..039 .. ) Is a publication of Borderland Sciences Research
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Contents are @1991 by BSRF, Inc. The Journal Is published
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Tom Brown, Michael Theroux, Jorge Reslnes,
Peter A Undemann, Dorotheos C. E. Cody,

Larry Spring. R. F. Dlrec:to
Cover art by Michael Theroux

ThoUJht Sclentllc Fonam uslnathe lmqlnatlonand Intuition
to probe beyond the borders of human perceptions.
Donation• of pertinent material• are accepted for
publication In thll Journal.

Inc. II a non-profit organization of people who take an active Interest
In observation of their physical, mental and spiritual environment -
• personally, Jlobally, and unlvenally. Subjects of Inquiry on this
Bordertand between the Visible and Invisible Manifestations of
Reality Include: Archetypal Forms and Forces of Nature and the Use
of thelmaalnatlon and Intuition to Perceive Them, Ether Physics and
Etherial forc:M,LJi'ttand Color, Radlonlcs and Radiesth•ia, Dowslnt.
OrJone Enerv. Nlkola Tesla & The Elecuic:aJ Sciences. Vlktor
Schauberpr& Waw-T echnolo&Y, Octaves of the Elemena, Electricity
& The EvoMrwSoul,lnidadon Sdenc:e&AdYanced Human Perceptions,
Hollow Earth Mysteriea,Anomaliea & Forttan Phenomena. Hypnoala.
Photoanphy of the Invisible. and Unidentified Rylna Objects.

wu founded by N. Meade Layne In February 19 .. 5 with dle ilauance
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of Information •

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~nr.h.erla:nb ~s.ea:rtly

Volume XLVIII, No.3
May-June 1992


Tom Brown [1]

Michael Theroux [2r3]

Jorge Resines [4-6]

Some MWO/RCO Questions Answered

Tom Brown [7-8]

Peter A. Lindemann [9-11 1

Dorotheos C. E. Cody [12-13]

Peter A. Lindemann [14-15]

Larry Spring [16]

R. F. Directo [17-211

Michael Theroux [22-24 1

Letters, Received, Contacts,
News From The Borderlands

Page 16

The sun has always been the greatest
source of energy on this planet. But for many
reasons, solar power has not made a major
contribution to our modern energy usage. The
biggest problem is availability. As a power
source, the sun is there only half of the time on
ideal days, and less during inclement weather.
But there are other problems as well. Many
involve a lack of innovative development.

Solar power really only became a viable
product with the development of the photo-
voltaic cells used by NASA for powering
satellites in earth orbit in the 1960s. But,
while over 90% of satellites are powered by
solar energy, very few homes or other build-
ings here on earth are solar powered. The
reasons are clear. A $9,000 system from the
REAL GOODS catalog (a very good source)
produces only about 2. 7 KWHs of electric
energy on a sunny day. Here in Oregon that
electricity, purchased from our friendly Util-
ity, would cost less than 15 cents! I'd have to
run the system for 60,000 days or 164 years to
pay for it. What's more, 2.7 KWHs of elec-
tricity is only a fraction of what I usually use
in a day. Let's face it, this is not being

But Tesla, in his masterful article "The
Problems oflncreasing Human Energy'', first
published in 1900, says that the sun'srays beat
the earth with the equivalent of 4 million
horsepowerpersquaremile. Well, that sounds
like a lot, but let's break this down so it is
easier to see what it means in a practical sense.
A mile is 5,280 feet. A square mile is this
number squared, or 27,878,400 sq. ft. If we
divide the 4 million hp by our 27+ million sq.
ft. we get .143 horsepower per square foot.
Using standard conversions (which we know
are not absolute maximums) this comes to
about 107 watts of electric power available
per square foot. Our REAL GOODS system
mentioned above, produces power at a rate of
about 12 watts per sq. ft. That's only about
11% of Tesla's calculation. Surely, there
must be something better.

And there is! What's more, you have one
in your kitchen. It's called a heat pump.
Usually these systems go by other aliases,
such as' 'Refrigerator'' or'' Air-Conditioner'',
but really, they are just heat pumps. Have you
ever noticed that it is warmer behind your

refrigerator? That's because it pumps the heat
out ofthe inside and gets rid ofit on the outside
in back. The inside ofyourrefrigerator is used
as the SOURCE of the heat and the outside is
used as the SINK for the heat. As you might
expect, the warmer the SOURCE area is and
the cooler the SINK area is, the more effi-
ciently the heat pump works. Even the casual
observer may notice right away that the refrig-
erator is doomed to be relatively inefficient
because it runs in a situation where the source
area is cold and the sink area is warm. For the
most part, heat pumps have always been used
in these low efficiency situations. Even as a
home furnace, the heat pump is drawing heat
from the outside, usually when it is cold, and
using it to warm up the house. But even in this
less than ideal mode, the heat pump uses less
to heat the same home with ordinary electric

The question is, what would happen if we
put a heat pump in a really efficient situation?
What would that look like? Well first of all,
the SOURCE area would be hot and the SINK
area would be cold. To accomplish this, we
could solar heat the source area and put the
sink area about 15 feet underground where it
is about 55 degrees and capable of absorbing
tremendous amounts ofheat. Next, we could
devise a heat engine system that ran on the
heat exchange process. All this sounds straight
forward enough for someone to have tried
already. The fact is, it has been tried.

Back in the old "Energy Crisis" days of
the 1970s, an investment group was formed in
the State ofW ashington with just such a plan.
They raised a lot of money and assembled a
technical team of highly qualified engineers,
machinists, and heat pump experts. On a cold
day in February, 1976, they tested the system
for the first and last time. It was the most
efficient solar energy system ever constructed,
to my knowledge. Here is what they had.
They used a newly developed parabolic re-
flector system to heat the freon, which is the
working fluid in most heat pumps. The vapor-
ized freon was used to power a specially built
six cylinder radial engine to produce shaft
torque, which was the output of the system.
They had 12 solar parabolic panels of8 sq. ft.
each for a system total of 96 square feet of

Page 14, May-June 1992 Journal of Borderland Research

solar collecting area. On the day they tested
the unit, the outside temperature was 20 de-
grees, but the sun was out. When brought up
to full power, their specially built engine was
able to deliver approximately 350 horsepower,
measured on a dynamometer! That breaks
down roughly to about 3-112 horsepower per
square foot of solar collector, or 2,611 \Yatts
per sq. ft! They had demonstrated a practical
way of powering a small neighborhooa from
the roof of a hot tub gazebo. This system was
over 20 times 1>_5tter than Tesla had calculated
was possible and over 200 times better than
the photovoltaic systems commercially avail-
able today.

So, what happened to this technical break-
through? Unbelievable, but true, the fund
raisers of the group were siphoning off invest-
ment capital to buy land and the FBI had been
watching them closely. The technical team
couldn't understand why they were being
delayed constantly by the fund raisers who
could only raise funds during the research and
development stage of the project. Finally, in
a sneak move to finish, the technical team
worked around the clock for days, culminat-
ing in the test of the system. The next morn-
ing, the FBI raided the installation with war-
rants charging the fund raisers with fraud. The
equipment was confiscated and the technical
team dispersed. I got this story from a former
member of the technical team.

In spite of the intrigue involved, this solar
assisted heat pump system is a proven method
of large scale "Free Energy" there for the
taking. It could be redeveloped for less than

This brings me to the topic of a different
solar assisted heat pump system being advo-
cated by that notorious salesman named Den-
nis Lee and his company C.O.N.S.E.R.V.E.
Financial Services. He has surfaced again,
this time operating out of Seattle, Washing-
ton, after spending some time in jail in Cali-
fornia. He is currently selling an information
package for $59.95 that includes video tapes
and printed materials of systems that were
developed years ago. He has never delivered
an operating free energy system to anyone,
but he has raised million$ of dollar$ to do it.
His literature looks great and all you have to
do is call an 800-number to fmd out. Well,
don't bother. The video tapes show nothing
that is scientifically conclusive and the rest is
just Dennis Lee ranting about all the injustices
he has been subjected to. Having seen this
man operate on a large crowd, I believe that
most of the "injustices" he has been sub-
jected to were self-induced. He is primarily a
''sales type'' of personality with only limited
technical understanding about the systems he
is promoting. I saw him constantly exagger-

Page 17

· ate, misstate, or otherwise garble most of the
~< technical discussion involving specific effi-
. · ciencies or timetables when the equipment

would be available. Also, the technical pack-
age I bought from him did not contain all of
the information he claimed it did. I personally
believe that Dennis Lee has hurt the ''Free
Energy'' movement in general and the inter-
est in solar assisted heat pumps in particular.
This is best illustrated by the fact that when I
called one of the companies that build the
''flat plate evaporators'' that his system uses

. and told them that I was involved with Dennis
Lee, they hung up! They didn't even want my
business. Dennis Lee promotes the use of
their product constantly, and they hate it.
Either they are doing very well, or it says
something about Dennis Lee. I've included
this information because I hope to stir up
interest in solar assisted heat pumps while

. helping you steer clear of Dennis Lee and his
company C.O.N.S.E.R.V.E. Financial Ser-

And if all this controversy is not enough,
let's get into all the bru-ha-ha about FREON.

. As most of you may know, freon is one of

. those nasty chemicals, CFC's, that is suppos-
edly destroying the OZONE layer in the upper
atmosphere. While this may be true, it is not
clear why the media continually ignores other
potential sources of chlorine and bromine in
the upper atmosphere. Confidential sources
tell me that the solid rocket boosters used by
the NASA Space Shuttle are a chlorine based
compound and that each launch laces the

· upper atmosphere with large amounts of ozone
destroying chlorine. To be sure, most of the
destruction of the ozone layer has happened

. during the period of the Space Shuttle flights.

. While I haven't gotten to the bottom of this, it
is interesting to see that just as the best use of
freon is being discovered for lise in solar
assisted heat pumps, it is being rapidly with-
drawn from commercial availability. IfCFC' s

"/ are contributors to the destruction of the ozone,
· · :~ their production must stop. In that case, I hope
· . that other compounds can be developed with

very low boiling points to replace them so that
development of solar assisted heat pumps can

Until that time, we may have to look else

where for efficient heat engine technology.
For instance, back in the 1970s, Ford Motor
Co. developed a four cylinder Stirling ( exter-
nal combustion) engine that out performed
their 350 cubic inch V -8 in every way. It had
4 cylinders with a 200 cubic inch displace-
ment and used hydrogen gas as the working
fluid. It had only half as many moving parts
and produced 190 hp at 1800 rpm. It got 75
miles per gallon on regular gasoline, but could
be adapted to burn any combustible liquid,
from kerosene to martinis. Ford even pub-
lished a book on the test results which I have
seen. As you may have already guessed, this
excellent heat engine was never mass pro-

So, what is a heat engine? Heat engines
are really very simple. The principles for their
operation were fJISt published by a French
physicistnamedNicolasCarnotin 1824. They
run on a mechanical energy to heat exchange
process known today as the Carnot Cycle. In
general, it works like this. Some working
fluid is heated and allowed to expand, deliver-
ing some useful work. Then the working fluid
is cooled, compressed, and delivered back to
the heater for re-expansion to start the cycle
over. Some of the heat of expansion is "con-
verted'' to mechanical work as a useful output
because the working fluid requires less work
to compress when it is cool than the amount of
work it can deliver under pressure when it is
hot. This is essentially how the heat pump
systems work. Heat engines usually operate
with a working fluid that is repeatedly heated
and cooled, expanded and compressed in a
closed cycle. Heat is simply transferred to and
from the working fluid from the outside of the
engine. That is why they are sometimes called
external combustion engines when run on
fossil fuels, because the fuel is burned outside
of the engine. But the internal combustion
engine that powers your car is also a heat
engine, and it operates on most of the same
principles. The main difference is that the
"working fluid" is a combustible air/fuel
mixture that can only be used once and then
discarded. This is an example of an open-
cycle heat engine.

It is also possible to imagine an open-
cycle heat engine that uses the sun as the

source ofheat and ordinary air as the working
fluid. While the efficiency of such a system
will be far below our solar assisted heat pump
described before, it will allow us to get away
from problem chemicals like CFC's and go
"lowtech" allatthesametime. One example
might look like this. A large chamber is
created underground to cool incoming air. Air
is then drawn from this cooling chamber and
compressed 10:1 by a Tesla turbine style
pump and delivered to an area that heats the air
with solar energy. The ho~ compressed air is
allowed to reach a certain presSure and then is
released through a second Tesla turbine for
power production. The power turbine drives
the compressor turbine and some other output
appliance, like a combination starter motor
and output generator. As a stationary power
plant, size is not a significant factor, so the
unit could be designed to move large volumes
of air slowly to reduce losses to friction. This
would also allow for efficient cooling and
heating of the air. The system is mostly
passive, uses air as the working fluid and has
only two moving parts, the turbines. The
efficiency of such a solar engine might be
increased even more by further cooling the
incoming air With a fme mist of water before
compressing it. This would also help to
increase the pressure at the hot end with the
greater likelihood of added steam production.
A typical 5 hp turbine uses about 40 cubic feet
of 100 psi air per minute at 3000 rpm. If the
cooling and heating areas had 200 cubic feet
of capacity each, the air would have 5 minutes
to cool ofT and another 5 minutes to heat up.
The temperature difference between these two
areas could easily attain 200 degrees on a
sunny day to drive the system. I could go on
and on describing this system, but I think you
get the general idea.

There are lots of other possibilities for
heat engines using solar energy that don't
need special compounds like freon. Some are
even ''low tech'' like the example just given.
Well, that's enough for now. But, if any of
you energy buffs out there have a good idea,
let us know. We would be glad to evaluate
your project, offer advice, or direct you to
others who share your interests. 'Til next
time, keep thinkin'.

journal of Borderland Research May-june 1992, Page 15

Page 31

Jorge Resines has done a translation/re-
view of this article which is available
from BSRF for $4 + appropriate tax &
postage. Jorge was somewhat disap-

. pointed in the material, but does a very
good analysis of what is available. Dia-
grams of the instrument are included.
Thanks go out to both Martin and Jorge!

* VECTOR FLEXOR Fold-a-Form,
from Tobi Toys, Rt. 1, Box 56, Elizabeth,
AR 72532. Thisisafundevicecomprised

· of6" dowels connected with rubber joints.
A large number of different geometric
fonns can be made, an icosahedron to a
triangle, by bending and folding the Flexor.

: . This is quite an educational tool to use for
. ; ; understanding the relationships between
.· .. ~· :. various geometric fonns. Don't know the
·:·} price, probably in the $10 range, but would

recommend this to anyone for hours of
enjoyable geometric figuring.


· • PARADOX- Newsletter of the Center
for Treatment and Research of Experi-
enced Anomalous Trauma. $20.00 pub-
lished fourtimes a year from RimaLaibow

· M. D., Director, TREAT, The Center for
TREAT, PO Box 728, Ardsley, NY 10502-

. 0728.

Two recent incidents have uncovered a

.. previously unknown phenomenon of the
:>··most serious gravity.
~ ::,~l 1. At Duquesne Electtic a worker threw an
'::t;i electrical switch into a closed position,
: which prOduced a short-lived electrical

2. An employee at UPS flipped open the
colored lense of his welding helmet to
better position the welding rod. He inad-
vertently struck the metal to be welded
producing an electric arc.

. TACT LENSES. Upon returning home
from work, they removed the contact


The electric arc generates microwaves
that instantly bond the cornea of the eye to
the lens, by drying up the fluid between
the eye and the lens. TinS TRAUMA
As this phenomenon was unknown, no
Federal, State, or local safety and health
agency has regulations on this matter but
they are pursuing the investigation and
hopefully will take immediate action.
In the meantime, it is suggested that no
contact lenses be worn by anyone who is
potentially subject to an electrical spark-
ing situation .
John Voss, Commonwealth Electric Co.
Lincoln, Nebraska
(Credit: Dennis Ballard)

ments of Bismuth are manufactured from
a homogenous melt of Bi and an insulator
substance between the electrodes. The
process fonns true room-temperature su-
perconductors! No need for liquid N, He,
etc... This is very simple technology but
industry hasn't acted on it yet. Here is an
elegant revolutionary sleeper! One ar-
ticle & complete U. S. Patent -- 15pp
available for $2. For more info contact
Rex Research, P. 0. Box 19250, Jean, NV
89019. (Credit: R. A. Ford)

* HUEYTOWN HUM - A mysterious
hum emanating from the rolling hills
around the small town of Hueytown, Ala-
bama, has kept residents awake at night
and set dogs to howling. The erratic
''Hueytown Hum'' resonates for as long
as three days before going away for hours
orevena weekatatime. Savina Bradbury,
a high school math teacher, said it sounds
like ''the hum of a fluorescent light tube
about to go.'' Some residents believe it
could be a natural phenomenon, while
others blame it on huge ventilation fans
installed in nearby coal mines. In an
interview with a local radio station, a
more pragmatic Hueytonian said his home-
town hums ''because it doesn't know the
words.'' (Source: Earthweek ·A Diary of
the Planet, Aprill7, 1992.)

* New Science and Technology Expo,
Sunday, July 26th, 1992,9 AM-9 PM San
Mateo CA. Demonstrations and exhibits
of MWOs, Light Boxes, Dowsing, Inert
Gas devices, Air Ionizers, and more. Con-
tact Mike Thau at (415) 341-2360.

* International Tesla Symposium, July
23-26, 1992, Colorado Spqpgs, Colorado.
Contact Steven Elswick, 17 East Las Ve-
gas, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (719)

CRYSTAL FAIR, Sept 26-27,1992, at
the Fort Mason Center, Laguna and Ma-
rina Blvd, San Francisco, admission is $4.
Presented by the Pacific Crystal Guild
(P.O. Box 1371, Sausalito, CA 94966,
phone ( 415) 3 83-783 7) this event features
gems and minerals, metaphysical healing
tools, crystals, and jewelry. Over 50
exhibitors. ~!.

The LfO Newscllpplng Service will
keep you Informed of all the latest
United States and World-Wide LfO
reports (I.e. little known photogophlc
cases, close encounters and landing
reports, occupant cases) and all other
LfO reports, many of which ore carried
only In small town and foreign

Our lfO Newscllpplng Service
Issues are 20-page monthly reports,
reproduced by photo-offset, contain-
Ing the latest United States and
Canadian lfO newscllpplngs, with our
foreign section carrying the latest
British, Australian, New Zeolanc::l and
other foreign press reports. Also
Included Is o 3-5 page section of
Fortean clippings (I.e. Bigfoot and
other monster reports). let us keep
you Informed of the latest happelngs
In the lEO and forteon fields.

For subsalptlon Information and
sample pages write today to:

Route 1 - Box 220

Plumerville, Arkansas 72127

J~urnal of Borderland R~search May-june 1992, Page 29

Page 32

P. 0. BOX .. 29 * GARBERVILLE, CA 95 .... 0-0429 *U.S.A.



. .

Bulk Rate
U.S. Postage


Permit 3

TL.e LaLL.ovsL Multi le Wave ·Oseillaior
EDrlier this centuty Geo~geS Lalchovsl<y desaibed researches lndlcatlng that living ceUs can be regenerated by applying energy fields of multiple wavelengt

This was done with cosmic rod lations 'ringing' wires coiled around plants, and also with refined electrical f~elds 'ringing' specially designed antennas. Lakhovsl<y's origi
work Into these subtle forces of nature lnduded the effects of sunspot cycles on plant and animal health, the nature of cancer and how it appears In dusters over an
which have soils that reflect cosmic rodlatlons, thereby causing Interference patterns, and how diseased cells would tum to a state of health when specifiC natural
electrical fields were applied In a proper manner. NlkDia T esla provided research notes on his work with electro-theropy, and Lakhovsl<y was Introduced to this throt
Professor D'Arsonval. Lakhovsl<y, a brilliant scientist, combined this knowledge with his original work and produced a device known as the Multiple Wave Osdlla1

The Multiple Wave Osdllator Is an ongoing research project ofliS.R.F., started In 19631 Many designs of electrical wave generotors have been built since 1
day's o(Tesla and Lakhovsl<y. The records ofL.akhovsl<y's researches leave many questions as to the exact nature of the electrical generator and antennas an~
Is a question of resounding debate on the current pages o(The)oumal of Borderland Research. Our current research file on Lakhovsl<y's work is available In b
book. and video format.

A completely new and updated edition released in 1992! This informative workbook began as an article in The lou mal of Borcler!and Research in I~
and has grown to I~ well-packed pages of schematics, diagrams. research notes, patents, pictures, ideas and suggestions for advancement and refinem4
of the art. This is the only source which contains the many diverse opinions as to the actual construction details of Lakhovsky's original MWOs. T
handbook contains far more information on the construction of Multiple Wave Oscillators than Lakhovsky's own writings. and this new edition conta
many new circuit diagrams on Lakhovsky's Radio Cellular Oscillators! You may have heard of different types of devices- this book shows you how
build them all, with reports from researchers who have. From simple experiments with copper coils stimulating the growth of plants to different ty1
of electrical circuits and antenna patterns used in cellular regeneration research this is THE MWO book for experimenters and researchers. Did you 1m
that certain antennas will produce multiple wavelengths without any electrical stimulationl Includes reference section on Frequency-lndependentAntenr
which may tum out to be the key to Lakhovsky's hidden secrets.
#80092. ISBN 0-945685-03-3, perfectbound ................................................................................................................................................................................ $17 .'

An exploration of the concepts Georges Lakhovsky pondered during development of his MWO. This video describes his far-reaching researches into 1
nature of health, the relationship of life and cosmic energies, and how to correct imbalances of energy with applied energetic fields. Many different tyJ
of MWOs have been built over the years. This video takes an overview of the entire area of research in orderto guide future experiments. A demonstrati
is given of various MWOs in the Borderland collection describing the unique characteristics of each type of device. Many ideas and leads for the seri<
researcher. #V0031, 30 mins. VHS. ISBN 0-945685-95-5 ........................................................................................................................................................... $29.'

_ PosTAGE & HANDLING: Add $2.75/first, 75c/additional, Californians add 7'A% sales tax

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