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Beleška autora i priznanja

Ovo bi trebalo da bude dodatak već dovoljno dugom spisku priznanja

pridodatim knjizi Anno Drakula. Dela koja su se pokazala kao korisna

za Krvavo Crvenog Barona su: The Imperial War Museum Book of the First

World War, Malkolm Braun; Vampire: The Encyclopedia, Metju

Banson; Richthofen: A True History of the Red Baron, Vilijam E. Barous; Reel

America and World War 11763-3749, I. F. Klark; The Encyclopedia of Science

Fiction,Džon Klut i Piter Nikols; The Transylvanian Library: A Consumer's

Guide to Vampire Fiction, Greg Koks; Lugosi: The man Behind the

Cape, Robert Kremer; The Haunted Screen, Lote H. Ajzner; Rites of Spring:

The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age, Modris Ekštajns; A Nation of

Fliers: German Aviation and the Popular Imagination, Peter Friche; The Great

War and Modern Memory, Pol Fusel; The Blue Max, Džek D. Hanter; A War

Imagined: The First World War and English Culture, Semjuel Hanjs; The

Camels are Coming, Biggles in France, Biggles Learns to Fly, Biggles Flies

East, kapetan W. E. Džouns; Richthofen: Beyond the Legend of the Red

Baron, Peter Kilduf; From Caligari to Hitler: A Psychological History of the

German Film, Zigfrid Kračuer; Sagittarious Rising, Sesil Luis; 1914 - 1918:

Voices and Images of the Great War, Lin Mekdonald; The Golem, Gustav

Mejrink (Uvod Roberta Irvina); The Extraordinary Br. Poe, Volf Mankovic; The

Pocket Encyclopaedia of World Aircraft in Color: Fighters, Attack and Training

Aircraft 1914 - 1919, The Pocket Encyclopaedia of World Aircraft in Color:

Bombers, Patrol and Reconnaisance Aircraft 1914 - 1914, Kenet

Manson; Winged Warfare:

The Literature and Theory of Aerial Warfare in Britain 1859 —

1917, Majkl Paris; The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Majkl Pauel i Emerik

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