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Chapter 5

In the past, humans only ruled half of Zetterlund continent, with the eastern land
beyond the Aubigne mountain range being uncharted grounds, dominated by
demon beasts.

With the silhouette knights as their main forces, humanity pushed the demon
beast back and ventured into the east beyond the Aubigne mountains. The
humans was doing well in the beginning but their invasion grounded to a halt.
The east of Aubigne is covered by the Bocuse sea of forest, with demon beasts
that can take on hundreds of silhouette knights lurking inside. Suffering huge
losses, retreated out of the forest.

There are vast plains of land at the foot of Aubigne mountain which is suitable
for agricultural use after developing it. To protect this piece of land, they expand
their territory to the edge of the forest and formed a country. This is the story
behind the founding of Fremmevira kingdom. There are still demon beast
wandering in the Bocuse forest, and might appear on a whim. To keep the
demon beast away, walls are erected along the borders and fortresses are set
up at the place where the demon beast shows up frequently... The entrance to
the Bocuse forest known as the 'rabidly road' (demon beast highway). Castle
walls are then erected between such fortresses. As it is physically impossible to
cover the whole borders with siege walls, it cannot deter demon beast that
approaches from places not covered by siege walls. The siege walls are
effective against titanic demon beast, and thanks to the nation's defensive
efforts, the kingdom remains relatively safe.

This happened during a certain quiet night.

Balguerie stronghold is one of the fortresses lying between the forest and the
borders of Fremmevira Kingdom. It is quite far from 'rabidly road', even visits
from mid size demon beast are rare, an outpost guarded by 10 silhouette

That night, the guards on duty felt there is something wrong with the unusual
silence in the Bocuse forest. The stars sparkles brightly in the night sky, there
are usually a couple of howls from demon beast on a night like this. But it is
unnaturally quiet tonight, they can't even feel the presence of the animals, as if
they have all evacuated. Although it is unnatural, there are no indication of
anything happening. Although they are baffled, they continued to do their

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knowledgeable and courageous. His etiquette are fine and his peers likes him.
More importantly, he was always on the front line during the battle with the

Ambrosius stopped Philip's words with a wave.

"Don't worry, I am not planning to do anything to him. It might be fine now, but
you says he is just 12 years of age. Having amazing power at such a tender
age... Since he is just a 12 years old boy, he might grow wild with his
exceptional strength. That's my worry."

Ambrosius is right to be worried. No matter how talented or pure in character,
people can change with the passage of time. Especially a 12 years old who is
moving into a rebellious and emotional age. If he grows arrogant because of his
talent, it will harm him in the end.

But inside Ernesti is a soul with 40 years of experience, so normal conventions
don't apply to him. But that is beyond their imagination, so they are worried that
Eru will stray from the right path in the future.

"If that's the case, what should we do."

"Since he doesn't chase mindlessly after glory, he might become a great
knight... We need to guide him. It might be unnecessary since Lauri is there.
Hmm, alright... Arrange for Ernesti to meet me."

After Ambrosius issues his orders, Joachim and Philip bows and acknowledge.

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