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How to Build a Magneto Magnetizer

Scientific phenomena include fascinating mysteries in such
fields as electricity, electronics, chemistry, and so on. These areas
of scientific study have been extensively explored over the years
and many of the mysteries have been solved. Although the phenom-
enon of magnetism has been explored in great depth, it still remains
very much a mystery.

Magnetism is absolutely vital in modern technology. We know
how it acts. We can create magnetism in materials that were not
formerly magnetized. We can use magnetism in countless devices and
mechanisms. But when pressed for a clear definition of exactly what
magnetism is and why it acts the way it does, we can only offer
theories and analogies that compare magnetism to electrical and
electronic principles that are better understood. Like gravity, mag-
netism remains mostly a mystery. Although we can't diagram it or
illustrate it in a definitive way, we can put it to work and use it.

If you have a particular interest in magnets, you can build this
simple device to create new magnets and recharge weak ones. Al-
though specifically designed to recharge magnets used in engine
magnetos, this device can be used for producing or restoring mag-
nets in a great variety of shapes and sizes so long as they are
made of alloy steels.

A limitation of the magnetizer described here is that it will most
likely not be adequate for charging the ALNICO magnets found in
modern equipment. Such magnets require far greater magnetizing force
than can be generated with the type of power supply described. Nev-
ertheless, this magnetizer can be of great use to the restorer and of
great interest to the experimenter.

This is a relatively simple device. Only ordinary mechanical skills
are required to build it. The metal core is of very heavy steel,
however, and some machining operations will surely be required.
While it would at first appear that the machining might be accom-
plished with a hacksaw and a file, all but the most dedicated builder
will surely resort to a lathe or milling machine.

Once built, you'll realize that this magnetizer is worth many
times the cost of building it.

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