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Making A Fortune
From Fixed Odds Financial Trading

Vince Stanzione

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24 | Making A Fortune From Fixed Odds Financial Trading

sell the bet and salvage some of my stake. I can also make a profit if I
sell the bet before it has paid out. If the bet has moved in my favor, it
is possible that my sell back price is higher than my purchase price.

Whilst a good feature to have on the whole, bets should be run
to expiration to obtain maximum returns.

Double Bets
Double bets offer a very good return and are ideal for bets
lasting 1 to 7 days.

A Double Up bet is used when you think a market will go up
and a Double Down when something falls. Just in case you
are thinking “Why don’t I place an UP and DOWN bet on the
same market, I am bound to win?” No you will not! Whilst
the return is 100% the price is modified slightly to reflect the
BetOnMarkets commission, so the market has to move a few
points before one of your bets make a profit.

You could have two (or more) double bets running at the same
time on different markets. For example a Double Up on Gold and
a Double Up on EUR/USD.

As the Euro strengthens against the USD, Gold normally goes
up as Gold is priced in USD and that makes it cheaper for those
holding EUR to buy Gold.

It is not possible to sell back Double bets before expiration.

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Chapter 2: Ways to back the market | 25

So let’s look at an example on Gold

The GBP1000 is how much I wish to win. I can change this from
GBP10 to GBP25,000.

I then select “falls” (down), the other option being “rises” (up),
and the I press PRICE THIS BET.

The price is GBP500 so my return is 100%. The current spot
price is GBP817.81, however the price which is being offered
(below) is GBP816.99.

This means that I will need Gold to drop at least 0.82 for the
bet to pay out. Compare this to other forms of trading: it’s an
excellent 100% return for a very small move.

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