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                            Martial Powers 2
		New Build
		New Powers
		New Paragon Paths
		New Builds
		New Powers
		New Paragon Paths
		New Build
		New Powers
		New Paragon Paths
		New Builds
		New Powers
		New Paragon Paths
		The Martial Outlook
		Combat Styles
		New Feats
			Heroic Tier Feats
			Paragon Tier Feats
			Epic Tier Feats
			Multiclass Feats
		Martial Practices
		Martial Backgrounds
		Epic Destinies
			Invincible Vanguard
			Legendary Sovereign
			Star-Favored Champion
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Richard Baker

Page 80

"Brin8 me vengeance, oh Bods, and make my enemies pay
in blood ."

Prerequisite: Rogue

You have been called different names-killer, mur­
derer, assassin-but none fit as nicely as whisperknife
does. You kill , but not for wealth and rarely for sport;
you kill for vengeance. In a perfect world, every­
one would die from old age, but this isn't a perfec t
world. Accidents happen, and wars claim soldiers
and innocents alike. Murderers snuff out lives on a
whim or with cold calculation, and the world keeps
on turning. Souls wriggle free from their meat to find
whatever awaits them in the Raven Queen's frigid
embrace. And who stands for these victims? Who
protects the people whom justice ignores? You.

You're a vigilante, taking up the cause of those who
can't find justice. You use your talents to hunt down
anyone who perpetrates crimes. You offer no mercy
or quarter, only the whispered name of the wronged
party and the silent slash ofyour blade.

Your preferred weapons are daggers, whether
thrown or held. You can hide them on your person
and retrieve them with ease. A dagger's short blade
allows you to be close enough to your prey to explain
why it has to die. And when you've said what you
need to say, you can watch as the life goes out ofyour
victim's eyes.

Dagger Threat (11th level): You don't provoke

~ opportunity attacks when you make ranged attacks Q.
with a light blade. Z

In addition, you gain Quick Draw (Player's Hand - 0
book, page 200) as a bonus feat, even ifyou don't meet lJ
the prerequisites. ~

Razor Action (11th level): When you spend an c(
action pOint to attack with a light blade, each enemy


adjacent to you takes damage equal to your Dexterity 3:

Advantageous Positioning (16th level): While
you are adjacent to a Medium or larger enemy, you gain
a +2 bonus toAC against ranged attacks, and you don't
grant combat advantage to creatures flanking you.


Vengeance's Pursuit Whisperknife Attack 11
After slashinn your foe. )'ouflip the Imife in your hand and pre­

pare to throw it.

Encounter. Martial, Rattling, Weapon

Standard Action Melee weapon

Requirement: You must be wielding a dagger.

Target: One creature

Attack: Dexterity vs. AC

Hit: 2[WJ + Dexterity modifier damage.

Effect: The first time the target moves or makes an attack

that doesn't include you as a target before the start of your
next turn, you can make a ranged basic attack against the
target as a free action. The target grants combat advantage
to you for this attack.

Whispered Vengeance Whisperknife Utility 12

When an ally sliffersfrom an enemy's attack, your thirstfor

vel18eance impels )'ou to close the distance and makeyour foe

pa),for the trans8ressiolJ.

Encounter. Martial

Immediate Reaction Personal
Trigger: An enemy hits an ally you can see with a melee attack
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you gain a + 2 pow­

er bonus to speed and a +2 power bonus to attack rolls
against the triggering enemy.

Hateful Knives Whisperknife Attack 20
I.eapi118 at yourfoe, you slash it so badly that it stumbles back

Daily. Fear, Martial, Weapon

Standard Action Melee or Ranged weapon

Requirement: You must be wielding a dagger.

Target: One creature

Primary Attack: Dexterity vs. AC

HIt: 4[W] + Dexterity modifier damage, and you push the

target 3 squares. You then shift 3 squares to a square adja­

cent to the target and make a secondary attack against it.

Secondary Attack: Dexterity vs. Will

Hit: The target grants combat advantage to you until the

end of the encounter.

Miss: The target grants combat advantage to you (save ends).

Miss: Half damage.

Page 81

"Aggression and hard fighting have their place, but they
don't always result in victory. I do not wade headlong into
combat without a strategy."

A WARLORD has many forms: the aggressive
and reckless leader, the canny battle captain, the bril ­
liant strategist, the willful commander. Each warlord
masters a different set of leadership techniques that
represents his or her command style. Through a com­
bination of courage, skill at arms, sound strategy, and
insight , the warlord inspires confidence and vigor
among his or her comrades.

As a leader, you understand that each person has a
role to play on the battlefield. You could be the kind of
commander who follows instinct and intuitively under ­
stands the ebb and flow ofcombat. You might employ
stealth and guile, letting sleeping dragons lie and avoid­
ing fruitless conflicts. Or perhaps you lead through
courage and ferocity, challenging enemy leaders to
meet you in single combat. Regardless of the type of
warlord you are, your insights help arm your compan­
ions with the weapons to overcome any obstacle.

This chapter broadens the options available to the
warlord class, adding new powers for class builds pre ­
sented in the Player's Handbook and in Martial Power.
In this chapter, you'll find the following material.

.. New Builds: Rely on your instincts to outwit
your enemies as an insightful warlord. or succeed
through maneuver and missile fire as a skirmish­
ing warlord .

.. New Class Features: Explore new class features.
such as the ability to boost your allies' senses, wear
shields. increase your allies' defenses. improve the
position ofyour troops. and wield ranged weapons .

.. New Powers: Outsmart your foes with tactical
insights and protect your allies with your battle
intuition. On the other hand. ifyou are without cau­
tion. you might instead charge into enemy ranks
and unnerve foes with your fury and audacity .

.. New Paragon Paths: Exploit your naturalleader­
ship with one of eight paragon paths. Lead a band
of ruthless warriors as a prince of knaves. study
the art of command as a white raven . or trust to
fate and luck as a captain offortune.

CHAPTER 4 I Warlord

Page 160

YOllr weatness was written in the stars at the hour ofyour
birth. When your tale is done, your imaae will live on in the
ni8ht skies.

Prerequisite: 21 st level, any martial class

You were destined for greatness from your earliest
days. As a child, you took to weapons with a natural
talent that astonished your tutors. In the early days of
your career, your skill, athleticism, and courage sur­
prised everyone. Later, your comrades came to expect
nothing less ofyou than the utmost.

You became aware of a force at work in your life,
an inexorable pull drawing you toward the most
daunting challenges and the greatest adventures.
Even insignificant decisions led YOll down the path of
danger, and against each adverSity, YOll triumphed_In
time, you realized that a star in the sky was bound to
your fortune.

When you suffer trouble or doubt, your star is dim
and low in the sky_ When you master your circum­
stances and defeat your foes, your star ascends and
grows brighter. On the occasions when your actions
and valor shake the thrones ofkings or the pillars
of the heavens, your star hlazes with a glory marked
by sages amI astrologers throughout the world. Your
star's passage through the constellations ofgreat
monsters matches your battles against dire foes, and
its journeys into signs ofwealth or fortune mark the
boons you receive.

The story ofyour greatness is written in the sky for
everyone to see. In time, the gods themselves perceive
the Significance ofyour star's ascension. from that
day on, mighty powers gather around you, and your
star is drawn toward its most dangerous passages and
most spectacular glories.

A Memory in the Stars: When you complete
your final battle, your star comes to rest. Lesser
stars array themselves around it, giving shape to a
new constellation-a representation ofyou to inspire
mortals for eternity. You are welcomed in the astral
dominions of the gods who favored you, honored for
your heroism and courage. Then you take a place
within your constellation, your eternal presence shod
ill stardust and crowned with brilliance. Your story
is passed on in myth as mortals give you a name- the
Swordsman, the Archer, the Captain, or the Hunter­
recounting stories of the hero who bestrides the skies
in starry glory.

Favored Warrior (21st level): Your Constitution

score increases by 2.

You gain a +2 bonus to Acrobatics checks and Ath­
letics checks.

Favored Tenacity (21st level): Whenever your
first attack roll with an encounter power misses, until
the end ofyour turn you can make a basic attack as a
minor action.

Resurgent Star (24th level): While you have at
least one healing surge, you automatically get a result
01'20 on any death saving throw.

Sign of Challenge (30th level): You gain the si8n
~fchaUen8e power.

Sign of Challenge Star-Favored Champion Feature
Your destiny, spun by your star's course, shows that you will be
the olle to destroy this foe.

Encounter + Martial
Minor Action Close burst 5
Target: One nonminion creature in burst
Effect: Whenever you attack the target, you roll twice and

use either result. Whenever you hit the target, each ally
you can see gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls against any
enemy other than the target until the end of your next


Sign of Hope Star-Favored Champion Uti lity 26
You have seen your future mapped out ill tire sky above, and YOIl
know you wOll'tfalter 110W.

Daily + Martial, Healing
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You regain one martial encounter attack power that

you have expended. and you can spend a healing surge.

C HAPTER 5 I Martial Options

Page 161



In the war against evil. some heroes turn to magic,

faith, or primal spirits. Your strength, however.

comes from within. Skill and agility. Cunning and
might. Bow and blade. These are the hallmarks of

the martial hero.

This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Roleplaying Game

supplement presents new options for martial

characters. including new powers. builds. feats, paragon

paths. and epic destinies deSigned for the fighter,

ranger. rogue. and warlord classes. Martial Power'" 2

also introduces two new rules systems-martial

practices and combat styles-that allow you to

create custom fighting techniques and play truly

legendary martial heroes.


&..D ~

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