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TitleMastercam 2017 for SOLIDWORKS Tutorial (Lathe)
TagsSolidworks Tutorial Mastercam
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
	Tutorial Goals
		General Tutorial Requirements
General Setup
	Lesson Goals
	Getting Ready to Work
	Exercise 1: Loading a Machine Definition
	Exercise 2: Creating a Work Coordinate System (WCS)
		Lathe Coordinates
	Exercise 3: Setting Up the Stock in the Main Spindle
	Exercise 4: Defining the Chuck Jaws
Facing, Roughing, and Finishing the Outer Diameter
	Lesson Goals
	Exercise 1: Facing the Part
	Exercise 2: Roughing the Outer Diameter
	Exercise 3: Finishing
	Exercise 4: Backplotting the Toolpaths
Adding Grooves and Threads
	Lesson Goals
	Exercise 1: Grooving on the Outer Diameter: Multiple Chains
	Exercise 2: Grooving on the Outer Diameter: Rough Pass Only
	Exercise 3: Finishing with Plunge Cuts
	Exercise 4: Adding a Thread Toolpath
	Exercise 5: Verifying the Toolpaths
C-Axis Drilling Operations
	Lesson Goals
	Exercise 1: Adding a New Toolpath Group
	Exercise 2: Creating a C-Axis Drill Operation
	Exercise 3: Copying the Drilling Operation
	Exercise 4: Modifying the Drilling Parameters
Cutoff and Stock Flip
	Lesson Goals
	Exercise 1: Cutting Off the Part
	Exercise 2: Programming a Stock Flip
Machining the Inner Diameter
	Lesson Goals
	Exercise 1: Creating New Tools in the Lathe Tool Manager
	Exercise 2: Facing the Back of the Part
	Exercise 3: Drilling the First Inner Diameter
	Exercise 4: Drilling the Second Inner Diameter
	Exercise 5: Roughing and Finishing the Third Inner Diameter
	Exercise 6: Adding an ID Thread
	Exercise 7: Refining Your Verification Results
Post Output
	Lesson Goals
	Exercise 1: Renumbering Tools
	Exercise 2: Posting
	Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS Resources
	Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS Documentation
		Contact Us

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