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M&G PoliProtect APB

January 2010 Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Data Sheet

M&G PoliProtect APB Polyester Resin is a TPA-based polyethylene terephthalate copolymer resin with both an active
oxygen scavenger and a passive barrier incorporated into the pellets. The passive barrier is protected via BicoPET™
technology which incorporates the passive barrier into the core compartment of the pellets. It is a high molecular weight
polymer with a 0.85 intrinsic viscosity (IV).

M&G PoliProtect APB Polyester Resin is designed to provide highly desirable container properties. In addition to the
active oxygen scavenger and passive barrier that provides oxygen protection and carbon dioxide retention for package
contents, it also yields containers with sparkle, high strength and toughness.

The following table provides the Parameters that characterize the grade. Some Parameters are shown with values that are
specified to fall within certain limits. Other Parameters are shown as a single value that we regard as typical of the grade.
Minor differences around this typical value will not detract from the performance of the product. All Parameters are
measured, under laboratory conditions, by the M&G analytical method shown. Different methods or conditions of
analysis may give rise to different values. Purchased material may be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis or other
document, confirming that the product is within specified limits and is consistent with the other values for the stated

Parameter Unit Value Limits Test Method

Intrinsic viscosity (IV) dl/g 0.85 ± 0.02 M&G/QC-01

Acetaldehyde content ppm 1.6 Max M&G/QC-03

Color (L*-value) -- 65 Min M&G/QC-02

Color (b*-value) -- -7 Max M&G/QC-02

Melting point + °C 250 -- M&G/QC-06

+ Monitored on PET portion of feed resin only

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Supply Company Address Phone / Fax
M&G Polymers USA, LLC 450 Gears Road, Suite 240 Tel.+1 281 873-5780
Houston, Texas 77067
USA Fax +1 281 873-5787


M&G PoliProtect APB Polyester Resin and articles made from M&G PoliProtect APB Polyester Resin may be
covered under several granted patents or pending patent applications. The purchase or transfer of title of M&G
PoliProtect APB Polyester Resin does not grant the right to practice any of the issued patents or grant the future right
to practice under patents which may issues in the future. Please contact your M&G representative to discuss whether
M&G PoliProtect APB Polyester Resin and/or your application may be covered under existing or pending patents so
that granting of appropriate rights can be considered upon condition to be agreed.


M&G PoliProtect APB Polyester Resin is suitable for the manufacture of articles for numerous food packaging
applications. Since food packaging regulations differ from country to country, for information about the regulatory status
within the United States under FDA regulations or within Europe under EC and/or national regulations, please contact
your local account manager or our Product Stewardship and Regulatory Compliance Department in the US at +1 330 239-


Thermoplastic polyesters such as M&G PoliProtect APB Polyester Resin can undergo hydrolysis if moisture is not
eliminated prior to injection molding leading to a decrease in molecular weight and loss in mechanical properties of the
bottle, particularly top load performance, creep and impact strength. Moisture content of the resin must be reduced to a
level of 0.003% (30ppm) or less, prior to melt processing. Drying is best accomplished in a continuous high heat
dehumidifying type air hopper dryer with a regenerative desiccant bed using -20°F max (-29°C max) dew point air.
Typical drying conditions are an air temperature of 350°F (175°C), 4 to 6 hours residence time and a minimum air flow
rate of 1.0 ft3 per minute per pound of polymer consumed per hour. If longer residence times are utilized lower
temperatures should be used. An example might be 325°F (163°C) for 8 hours residence time.

Injection molding and Stretch blow molding
Injection molding temperatures should be maintained at the minimum levels needed to produce clear quality preforms.
In addition to temperature limits, care should be taken to avoid excessive shear during injection. Typical processing
temperatures are generally between 10°C and 30°C hotter than the Melting Point Parameter indicated on the front of this
Data Sheet, largely dependent upon injection barrel dynamics such as residence time and shear.

When stretch blow molding, preforms should be heated to minimum levels needed to produce clear, quality biaxially
oriented containers. Typical preform surface temperatures are generally between 90°C to 105°C, largely dependent
upon the equipment setup and efficiency.

Addition of Colorants
If colorants are to be used with M&G PoliProtect APB Polyester Resin please contact your M&G technical
contact as some colorants have been found to be detrimental to the active portion of the oxygen barrier. Your
M&G technical contact can determine if the colorant is on the list of tested colors.

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