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TitleNo Game No Life - Volume 3 - A Half of the Gamer Siblings Seems to Have Disappeared
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                            Prologue - Data Load
	Part 1
	Part 2
	Part 3
Chapter 1 - Sky Walk/Disassociation Method
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	Part 2
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	Part 3
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	Part 4
	8 steps left
	Part 4
	Before The First Step
	Part 5
	[19th. Daytime]
	Part 6
Chapter 2 - Blue Rose/Directional Method
	Part 1
	Part 2
	Part 3
	Part 4
Chapter 3 - Killing Giant/Guiding Method
	Part 1
	Part 2
	Part 3
	Part 4
	Part 5
	Part 6
	Part 7
	Part 8
	Part 9
	Part 10
	Part 11
Chapter 4 - Rule Number 10/Convergence Method
	Part 1
	Part 2
	Part 3
	Part 4
Epilogue - True End
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Page 160

Part 6

In the midst of the sinking consciousnesses, Sora started to think calmly.

(Going through the late king's intelligence, and also the spying, speculating
what the game is is easy.)

It was indeed as what Sora had revealed, a [Video game].

The only difference as, this was a virtual game that involves the transfer of

The late king remembered this matter while playing in a [different world],
which was probably his limit.

(At that time the opponent was Hatsuse Ino, which was that old man.)

The record said that it was a [Body blowing game]——which meant it was
definitely a FPS[7] game.

After the last competition that was quite long ago, the opponent was also
changed to Hatsuse Izuna.

It definitely meant that there was a change in the game content, but.....——

(As this was an [Open] match for all to view, considering the characteristics
of the Werebeasts and their method of cheating, the game should not change

Indeed, under these conditions, the Werebeasts would always [Win].

(So, even if they were to change the venue and alter the rules. If we
responded to it rapidly and anticipate it carefully, this would definitely be a

Page 318


1. ↑ In Go, Joseki are studied sequences of moves in the corner areas of
the Go board, for which the result is considered balanced for both
black and white sides

2. ↑ Again, mature 18 or above 17 years old
3. ↑ refer to people who have girl/boyfriends and are popular with their

peers. Otaku terms
4. ↑ If you don't know, eight grader syndrome. Someone who act like a

know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have
special powers unlike others.

5. ↑ Shiro means white in Japanese
6. ↑ Ambiguous meaning, could mean white piece or Shiro
7. ↑ First person shooter, not that I ever need to explain.
8. ↑ Shrine gate, the π-shaped gates.
9. ↑ Non-player characters

10. ↑ A game that is similar to this
11. ↑ ....I hate this, Netorare (寝取られ), also referred to as NTR, is a

genre where the intent is to cause an emotion of deep jealousy or
distress in the reader by snatching a girl from a protagonist as such.

12. ↑ Tool-AssistedSpeedrun,

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