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Day 1

1) Number of carbon atoms in olvanil

2) Who discovered x-ray?

3) Amino acids in human protein

4) Definition of ozonolysis

5) Given dimensions of a peso bill (length & width). Assuming ½ billion of gold atoms can be spread

across its length, determine total mass.

6) Freezing point depression

7) Boiling point rise

8) Evaluate given structural formulas (paraffins)

9) Center of an atom

10) Balancing chemical reactions

11) Given density of Sulfuric acid determine its molarity

12) Given a high-rating octane fuel

-mileage (mi/gal)


-distance covered

Calculate CO2 produced

13) Blanket of pollutants

14) Pollutant produced from coal and petroleum

15) Nearest layer of atmosphere from earth’s surface

a) Troposphere

b) Stratosphere

c) Mesosphere

d) Thermosphere

16) pH problems (buffer)

17) pH problem:

Given NH4OH soln initially at 30 mL diluted to 400 mL then titrated with HCl. Compute pH

a) at the start

b) at the equiv point

c) after addition of 40 mL of HCl

18) Ksp problems (2)

19) Metabolic reactions

For 12 mold of ATP produced from every mole CH3COO
there are 7.4 kcal. For 1 gram of


20) Edman Degradation (sequencing of amino acids)

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