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RW-3 " " "McGraw Hill Site, Links to over 100 operations related articles "

RW-4 " " "Website of Production and Operations Management Society "



Broad Topic(Sub Topic) Chapters/Sections
of Text/reference

Other Readings,
Websites, Audio
Visual Aids,
software and
Virtual Labs

Lecture Description Learning Outcomes Pedagogical Tool
Demonstration/ Case
Study / Images /
animation / ppt etc.

Week 1 Lecture 1 Operations Management
(Introduction: Historical
milestones, Industrial revolution,
Post civil war period, Scientific
management, Human relation and
Behavioralism, Operations

T-1:Chapter one RW-1

Historical milestones in

Students would be able
to briefly describe the
historical evolution or

Case study What do
Operations and Supply
Chain Managers Do
Reference Operations
Management by Russel
and Taylor pg no 3

Operations Management(The
Service revolution, The computer
revolution, Operations as a

T-1:Chapter One Studying Operations

Students would be able
to identify three major
functional areasof the
organization and
describe how they

Lecture 2 Operations Management
(Operations strategies in a Global
economy, Today's Global Business
conditions, Growth of Service

T-1:Chapter Two Reality of global
customer service cost
challenges advanced
technologies Continued
growth of service
sectorsScarcity of
responsibility issues

Students would be able
to generalize the todays
global conditions and
how they demand for a
proper study of
operations Management

Case study Strategies
at the US Postal
Service and Dell
Reference Operations
Management by
Norman gaither pg no

Detailed Plan For Lectures

LTP week distribution: (LTP Weeks)

Weeks before MTE 7

Weeks After MTE 6

Spill Over 2

Page 13

AT No. Objective Topic of the Academic Task Nature of Academic Task


Evaluation Mode Allottment /
submission Week

study 1

To make students
understand the
concepts taught by
knowing their
application in
Organisations in
real life

Case Presentation and Analysis to be done in groups of 3 to 4
students. Preferably to be taken in Tutorials . Cases are
mentioned in Tutorial Plan . More cases can be referred from the
Case Map of Stevensons Book given at the Harvard Educator
Website. One Group to be covered per week .

Group Presentation 8
Marks , Written
Analysis of approx
2000 words 7
marks , Viva during
or after the
Presentation 5

1 / 15

study 3

To enable students
to grasp the basic
concepts from the

Quiz to be taken in the sixth week covering all the topics covered
prior to it .

Individual Quiz will consist of
35 Questions .
Maximum marks
will be 30 and time
to attempt will be
30 mins

9 / 11

study 2

Developing the
Ability to solve

Test of Numerical problems on Control Charts and Inventory
Control Problems. Six Problems of Five Marks each .Three from
Control Charts and three from Inventory Control.

Individual Max Marks 30 and
Time allowed 45

3 / 6

Plan for Tutorial: (Please do not use these time slots for syllabus coverage)
Tutorial No. Lecture Topic Type of pedagogical tool(s) planned

(case analysis,problem solving test,role play,business game etc)

Tutorial 1 Latour, Almar. Nokia Handles Supply Shock with
Aplomb as Ericsson of Sweden Gets Burned. The Wall
Street Journal. Dow Jones & Company, Inc., 2001.

Case analysis

Tutorial 2 The four things that a service Business must get right
HBR Article

Case analysis

Tutorial 3 Numericals Problems of Reliability and Productivity Problem solving

Tutorial 4 National Cranberry Cooperative HBS
#688122. From Case Map
Describes the continuous flow process used to
process cranberries into juice and/or sauce.
Requires student to analyze process flows to
determine where the bottlenecks are and to decide
how, and whether, to expand capacity

Case analysis

Tutorial 5 John Crane UK Ltd Case Case analysis

Tutorial 6 Quiz of 25 Questions and 30 Mins Duration . Max
marks 30


Tutorial 7 To Move or not to Move . Cathay Pacific Airways Case analysis

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