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22Annual Vol.2

a collection of free content friday material from 2011-2012

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First Appearence in FCF Vol. 021

AED - ‘Automatic Electronic Defi brillator’
CU: 2

+50% to ‘Perception - First Aid’ checks on patients suffering cardiac arrest. Must be purchased with
‘Rare’ descriptor, or raided from a ‘Medical Facility’, Police Station or Shopping Mall.

Cleanser/Disinfectant, Industrial Grade
CU: 1
Degradation: 1

This can be used to effi ciently clean gear, but it is far too powerful to be used on humans or
animals. Each use of this gear will count towards the 1 Resource per CU required to undertake a
‘Sanitization’ mission to clean equipment.

Disinfecting Cleanser
CU: 1
Degradation: 1

Each use of this gear will count towards the 1 Resource required to undertake a ‘Sanitation’
mission to clean a character.

CU: 1
Degradation: 0.5

Negate the need for a ‘Str - Endurance’ check when eating the same type of food. If a character ne-
glects to take them and is forced to make a ‘Str - Endurance’ check, the character counts as having
had proper nutrition up until the point they needed to make the ‘Str - Endurance’ check for purposes
of determining the Diffi culty of the penalties associated with malnutrition.

Haz-Mat Suit
CU: 2
Defense: 2
Covers: all-enclosing
BR%: 30%

This all-enclosing suit will increase the Diffi culty of all Perception and Strength-based checks
by 1, but will render a character immune to the effects of the ‘Rancid’ Horror Trait. A character
wearing this can still become Rancid, but they themselves will not take penalties for it until the
gear is removed. A ‘Sanitization’ mission can be undertaken while this gear is still being worn.


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First Appearence FCF Vol. 021

Prerequisites: Rancid gear or
character, -2 Scenario Points
Time: 1
Resource: 1
Objective: Spend required Time and
Resource cleaning

Success: Remove any ‘Rancid’
qualities a character or single CU of
gear might have. Cleaning gear with
multiple CU will require additional
Time and Resource (1 of each per
CU). When undertaking this mission
on a character, increase the Time
requirement from 1 to d3.

This mission can also be taken if a
character wishes to make Natural
Healing as if they had spent time
in one higher level of sanitation
(‘Unsanitary’ to ‘Clean’, ‘Sanitary’ to
‘Very Sanitary’ etc).

Stronghold Upgrade: Sanitary
Prerequisites: Viability 3, 5
Time: 10d6 Time
Objective: 50% + bonuses from
‘Handyman’ or some similar Type

Success: Create ‘Sanitary Shower’
in your Stronghold. A Sanitary
Shower will reduce the Scenario
Point penalty to 1 and reduce
the Time requirement for any
‘Sanitation’ mission to (effectively)
0, although it is not instantaneous.
A character will still need to spend
several minutes for the Sanitary
Shower to work. The Resource
requirement still remains, however.




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From August 2011 to August 2012, Hunters Books has continued its tradtition of
providing all of digital content distributed as part of Free Content Friday into one
volume. This can benefit new players to catch up on what they’ve been missing and for
veteran players to have a quick reference of the material they’ve faithfully downloaded
each month, re-edited and categorized for ease-of-reference.

This annual includes:
• New Missions

• New Types

• New Opponents

• New Hazards

Outbreak: Undead..
Annual vol.2
Another year of compiled digital content!

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